Here are the Automobilia results for our June Auction.
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Lot Hammer Price
595 RAC Queens Silver Jubilee car Badge. In 2-colour enamel and chromium plate, by Manhattan-Windsor. Limited edition, No. 125/1000, NOS with fittings, Certificate, mounting Instructions and Compliment Slip, in velvet lined fitted case. £150
596 LONDON Motor Club car Badge. In 3-colour enamel and chromium plate. Appears very little used and possibly in original box. £80
597 Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents. Medal for 'Safe Driving Competitions 5 Years Drivers Award', by Fattorini & Sons Ltd, Birmingham. With red enamel triangle, original ribbon, 1960 date bar and pin clasp. Also additional date bars for 1951, 1952, 1953, 1954, 1955, 1961, 1962 and 1963. £10
598 Pair period Gentleman's fleeced lined black leather Gauntlets, by HUTCHINSON, London, together with a similar brown leather pair. (2 pairs) UNSOLD
599 Large early brass WOLSELEY Threshold Door Plate, 22 inches long. £25
600 KBM 75 Registration Number, on Retention Certificate. UNSOLD
601 SIMMS No. 1 double glass bowled Fuel Filter, alloy bracket with tube sight glass and nickel plated fittings. Overall 6 ½ inches tall. Very high quality and unusual period item. £50
602 ZENITH brass bodied Fuel Filter with unusual fluted glass bowl. £120
603 Harlequin pair 'divers helmet' Rear Lamps. Chromium plated, spade mounted, with rear red lenses and two clear side lenses. (2) £140
604 LUCAS Junction Box, RJF 92 L12 370 16A, NOS in box. £170
605 Pair BREXTON CarTrays. Folding adjustable Rexine covered trays, 14 x 8 inches, with metal brackets to hook over front seats. Very unusual, suit any quality period car. (Pair) £20
606 'Viceroy' WILMOT Calometer, early short stem type, c1925, 5 inches tall with bevelled glass, one marked FREEZING: COOL: NORMAL: BOILING. Mounted with 'Speed' Wings on MORRIS Radiator Cap. All nickel plated. £110
609 'Viceroy' WILMOT Calormeter, 7 inches tall with bevelled glass, one marked FREEZING: COOL: NORMAL: BOILING. Mounted with 'Speed' Wings on MORRIS Radiator Cap. All nickel plated. £80
610 'Viceroy' WILMOT Calormeter, 7 inches tall with bevelled glass, one marked FREEZING: COOL: NORMAL: BOILING. Mounted with 'Speed' Wings on MORRIS Radiator Cap. All chromium plated. £90
611 'Viceroy' WILMOT Calormeter, 7 inches tall with bevelled glass, one marked FREEZING: COOL: NORMAL: BOILING. Laurel Wreath brass Rims and mounted with 'Speed' Wings on MORRIS Radiator Cap. £100
612 MORRIS Bullnose type Smoker's Companion by The WILMOT Mfg. Co. Ltd. Birmingham. Nickel plated, with 'Morris' inscribed Vesta Case. £160
613 MORRIS Cowley 1930 enamel Radiator Badge, NOS. £40
614 Early (tail down) MORRIS Cowley enamel Radiator Badge, together with similar later example and Morris Light Van Badge. Enamel a/f. (3) £55
615 Two early (tail down) MORRIS Oxford enamel Radiator Badges, each with very good enamel. £100
616 Dashboard Suppliers Plate, Silver plate and Maroon and White enamel, 'Supplied By WHELLER & BRISTOW Motor Agents Yeovil. Use Only MORRISOL "Sirrom"'. With raised centre St. Christopher badge and mounting lugs, 2 inches diameter. £100
617 Two LUCAS Type 150 Mirrors, 5 ½ inches diameter, black enamel finish with brass rims and correct mounting stalks and fittings. Also two spare Lucas mounting stalks and fittings. Suit MORRIS Oxford etc. (4) £130
618 Six various MORRIS Motors Threshold Door Plates, all 10 ½ inches long. (6) £100
619 Three plated brass Door Handles, c1920s/30s, with Bakelite inserts and escutcheons. Suit Coupe etc. (3) UNSOLD
620 Nine Various Choke Controls, including nickel, chrome and black enamel finishes, together with some fittings etc. Suit ALVIS, AUSTIN and others. (Qty) £110
621 Two BOYCE MotoMeters, Gem Models, with bevelled glass and chromium plated finishes. One mounted on period Radiator Cap. Appear in good working order. (2) £120
622 BOYCE MotoMeter, Junior Model, with bevelled glass, nickel plated rims and black enamel finish body. Mounted on period Radiator Cap. Appears in good working order. £70
623 BOYCE MotoMeter. Quantity mainly Midget and Gem Model spares including complete Units, Glasses, Rims, Discs, Bodies etc. (Qty) £40
624 The MENTOR. Dashboard mounted Battery Charge Indicator, 12 volts, lights when fully charged, 2 ½ inches diameter, black enamel finish. Suit AUSTIN. £50
625 SMITHS MA flange mounted Oil Pressure Gauge. Silver 2 inch dial with 0-40 lbs scale and nickel plated case. £70
626 Eight various Horn Buttons including LUCAS, CAV and KLAXON types. (8) £90
627 SMITHS Industrial Moving Coil type Rev Counter. Black, 4 inch dial with 0-3,500 RPM scale, chromium plated rim and dashboard mounting bracket, together with similar 0-4,000 example, less case. (2) £20
628 Very High Quality ZENITH Fuel Filter, with glass bowl and 'banjo' connectors. Appears unused NOS. Suit BENTLEY etc. £280
629 Circa 1920s Interior Light. Bakelite surround, star cut opaque glass and pull switch, 4 ½ inches square, together with a similar circular example, nickel plated rim with domed opaque glass. Suit MORRIS Saloon etc. (2) £25
630 Pair solid nickel 'Railway Carriage' type Loop Door Handles, with (non locking) locks and interior door release handles and escutcheons etc. Suit Edwardian or early Vintage cars. (Pair) £80
631 Quantity early glass tube type nickel plated Fuel Gauges and Spares, some NOS. Suit MORRIS Bullnose, CLYNO etc. (Qty) £280
632 LUCAS Vacuum Wiper Motor, Type No. 30, c1930. Finished in black enamel , with chromium plated band and Wiper Arm and Blade, together with three similar examples, less arms and blades. (4) £80
633 Early LUCAS Vacuum Wiper Motor. Finished in black enamel, with Wiper Arm and Blade, c1924/25, together with another nickel plated example, less arm and blade. (2) £60
634 Two ENOTS brass Off/Main/Reserve Taps and another similar. Suit MG M-Type etc. (3) £40
635 CYPRUS AA Badge, No. 369C, together with a similar British example. (2) £61
636 Two LUCAS 12 volt Type CFI Cut-Outs, with brass covers, together with a similar 6 volt example. (3) £120
637 TERRY Valve Spring Tool, nickel plated, stamped 'For MORRIS Cowley Cars'. £100
638 Eight LUCAS Type D20 Dashboard Lamps. Finished in black enamel. Suit MORRIS Bullnose etc. (8) £160
639 SMITHS MA Speedometer, type PN, with 3 inch black dial, 0-100 mph scale and total mileage windows. With plated flange rim (4 inches total diameter), and dashboard mounting clip. Appears in sound condition. £210
640 SMITHS MA Speedometer, type N, with 3 inch black dial, 0-80 mph scale, trip and total mileage windows. With black enamel flange rim (4 inches total diameter), and dashboard mounting clip. Appears in sound condition. £140
641 NOS 12 volt LUCAS Switch Panel. Circular face plate, 5 ½ inches diameter, finished in black enamel and fitted with Ammeter with cream/white dial, with +/- 16 scale and centre zero and nickel plated rim. Face plate with two 3-position switches marked 'D', 'M', 'Off' and 'S', 'Off', 'H'. Also with accessory plug point. £80
642 Four BOYCE MotoMeters, Universal Models, one with original AUSTIN logo disc, all a/f, together with spare Thermometer and four spare Rims to suit. (9) £80
643 AUSTIN Radiator Badge, nickel finish and with original fixing screws, together with 'Austin Six' script Badge, two 'Austin' script Badges and quantity various Radiator and Petrol Caps. (Qty) £80
644 LUCAS circular Switch Panel, 4 inches diameter, fitted with Ammeter with silver dial and +/- 16 scale with centre zero. Face plate with two 3-position switches marked 'Off', 'M', 'D' and 'Off', 'S', 'H', together with another two examples. (3) £260
645 Restored and dismantled pair LUCAS 'King of the Road' Sidelights, c1920s, 3 inch diameter lenses, black enamel finish with mounting studs etc. (Pair) £160
646 Clayton DEWANDRE Vacuum Gauge. Silver 2 inch dial, with 0-30 scale, in nickel plated flange mounted case, together with another example with white dial and black enamel flange mounted case. (2) UNSOLD