Here are the Automobilia results for our June Auction.
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Lot Hammer Price
647 Higginsons Patent Petrol Gauge, by AUTOVAC Mfg. Co. Ltd. Black 2 inch dial, with 0-12 inches scale, in nickel plated case with plunger, mounting bracket and screws. £210
648 Four LUCAS 12 volt Cut-Outs. All with brass covers, dating between 1928-1936, two with correct original finish. (4) £160
649 Pair solid nickel 'Railway Carriage' type Loop Door Handles, drop type, with Escutcheons etc. Suit Edwardian or early Vintage cars. (Pair) £90
650 Early LUCAS Vacuum Wiper Motor, c1925. Nickel plated with wiper arm and blade, together with another example less wiper arm and blade. (2) UNSOLD
651 LUCAS 12 volt Switch Panel, 4 ½ x 5 ¼ inches, fitted with Ammeter with silver dial and +/- 16 scale with centre zero. Faceplate with two 3-position switches marked 'D', 'M', 'Off' and 'S', 'Off', 'H', together with spare Faceplate and Ammeter (glass a/f). (3) £100
652 Two small LUCAS Switch Panels, 4 ¼ inches diameter, fitted with Ammeter with silver dial and +/- 16 scale with centre zero. Faceplate with two 3-position switches marked 'Off', 'M', 'D', and 'Off', 'S', 'H', together with spare Faceplate and four spare Ammeters (one glass a/f). (7) £160
653 Two LUCAS 12 volt oval Switch Panels, 7 ½ inches across, fitted with Ammeter with cream dial and +/- 16 scale with centre zero. Faceplate with two 3-position switches marked 'D', 'M', 'Off' and 'S', 'Off', 'H'. One appears NOS. (2) £190
654 Eight LUCAS Dipper Pumps. With both plated and black enamel finishes. (8) UNSOLD
655 Four TAPLEY Meters. Two single scale Gradient types, one black dial one white dial (one with rear window), and two twin scale Lbs Per Ton and Gradient, one black dial one white dial. (4) £100
656 ENOTS Aston Fuel Cap, to fit 2 ¾ inch pipe, together with a similar example, to fit 2 ½ inch pipe. Both chromium plated. (2) £45
657 EUREKA Oil Gauge, black 2 inch dial with 0-160 scale, convex glass and chromium plated rim, together with similar JAEGER example, 0-160 scale, nickel plated rim and illumination slots. (2) £80
658 ROYCE LIMITED & WAKEFIELD CASTROL – A late 19th Century Mantel Clock, the ornate highly polished black slate case with bronze Corinthian columns and pediment motif and surmounted by a bronze mounted military figure of Napoleon, the pale yellow dial signed for the retailer 'Jay's, London & Paris', and with steel hands and visible working Brocot escapement for the French 2 train movement. A rectangular brass plaque to the case is engraved 'This Clock and Ornament is Presented to Charles Cheers Wakefield by Royce Limited, Trafford Park, Manchester, as a Mark of Esteem, March 22nd 1903'. UNSOLD
659 CHALMERS CARS & WAKEFIELD CASTROL - A late 19th Century American Wall Clock, the 2 train movement with 12-inch brass dial with steel fleur-de-lys hands and engraved 'Chalmers Motors, 127 Long Acre, London' and with glazed brass bezel, the mixed wood drop-case with mother-of-pearl roundel inlay and carved support brackets, lower pendulum access door with rectangular brass plaque having elaborate engraved trade mark of 'The Long Acre Autocar Co. Ltd, Chalmers Six-Cylinder Motor Carriages, Quality First', and an ivorine inlay inscribed 'Presented to The Lord Mayor of London, Sir Charles "Cheers" Wakefield'. Case height 16 inches, overall height with surmounting figure 22 inches, case width at base 18 inches. £520
660 'NANNY' CASE - A very high quality Vintage black Morocco Leather Travelling Case made specifically for a child's nursemaid by the first class firm of J.C. Vickery, Regent Street, London, 'Makers to Their Majesties The King & Queen', the interior lined and fitted for and containing a branded 'Thermos' Flask, a pair of square Lidded Containers, Beaker, Funnel, all bright plated, and glass Feeding Bottle relief moulded for Maw, Son & Sons, London, and volume graduations from 2 to 18 tablespoons, the detachable top also marked 'Maw, London, England, 36846' presumably for a patented or registered design, and with 2 cleaning Brushes. The lid is further fitted for and contains a plated Teaspoon, part of a Dummy (a/f), and a plated Case containing its original superb Thermometer marked 'The New Combination Sterilizing Thermometer', and marked for baby's food and bath temperatures, milk sterilizing, etc. The Case measures 11 ¾ x 10 ¾ inches, and has carrying handle, a working lock and 2 keys. Case and contents are in 'as new' unused original clean and bright condition, and we make no apology for describing in full what must be a rare survivor from the vintage period. Footnote: Maw's was established before 1828, and the form of their title changed over the years, that used on the feeding bottle is listed as early 20th Century to the 1920s. £95
661 A rare humorous German coloured saltglaze pottery nodding head Figure of a red nosed motorist or chauffeur in long decorative coat, cap and knee breeches and holding a goose, 7 ½ inches tall. Circa 1900, the head nods when touched. £50
662 A very large high quality well detailed vintage period Stork Mascot, nickel plated and signed 'PAITKEN' French, mounted on contemporary octagonal radiator cap, 10 inches overall length x 6 ½ inches high. £280
663 A heavy period French gunmetal radiator Mascot of a stylised racing car signed 'H. Payen', c1920, length 4 ½ inches. See 'Mascottes Automobiles', Michel Legrand, example 582. £110
664 A Vintage Royal Automobile Club of Victoria member's Car Badge, deep relief cast on both sides of a 4 inch diameter circle on a 2 ¼ inch length mount and screw, all plated, and with centre enamel roundels, a stylised letter 'V' over a winged veteran car, and the opposite roundel the Australian flag. The mount stamped by makers Stokes & Sons, Melbourne, and engraved with membership number 23120. A high quality piece, slight edge knocks, possibly re-plated and slight restoration to roundels enamelling but in very crisp condition and a high quality and very attractive example. £40
665 A very fine quality vintage French 60 mm circular glass Art Deco Medallion with deep intaglio frosted St. Christopher figure, excellent crisp condition. (See 'Mascottes Automobiles', Michel Legrand, example 332 dated 1930-1935, stated to be by IRSA, Paris).
666 A vintage Dashboard Watch in oval brass case with gilt dial, top winder, 2 ½ x 1 78 inches, a/f; another in 2 inch circular nickel case and with decorative dial signed Sandoz-Vuille 8 days, side winding crown missing, a/f; and a small American clock 2 ¼ inch diameter, a/f dismantled. (3) £30
667 About fifty COOPER racing car Badges, 2-inch diameter plated or highly polished alloy, as new unused, believed made in the 1970s. (50) £120
668 A Walking Cane, the carved wood grip in the form of a vintage touring car, overall length 34 inches. £40
669 A very fine German Lidded Stein, the base inscribed 'Ludwig Bauer 1887-1889, the porcelain body with deep coloured decoration of military figures, a building, Coat-of-Arms, a tethered hot air balloon and dirigible outside a hangar and a list of names, the base with lithophane of a naked lady, the cast pewter lid with raised decoration and inscriptions and with lion thumb piece and surmounted by the Imperial Eagle. 10 ½ inches overall. £300
670 Early leather Motoring Apron, together with similar period leather motoring hood, silk lined (a/f), of excellent quality. (2) £90
671 Edwardian leather Foot Muff, lined and in excellent condition. £12
672 A ROYAL DOULTON Collector's Plate with humorous Edwardian car scene and tramp demanding money, titled 'Blood Money'. 10 ¼ inch diameter. £105
673 Set of four French BOCH Collector's Dishes, 'Les Sports', with humorous coloured period figures of mountain climber, fishermen, swimmers and cyclists with appropriate descriptions. 9 ¾ inch diameter, excellent condition. (4) £45
674 Original BUGATTI Radiator Cap, chromium plated, inside thread diameter approximately 65 mm. £180
675 Group of original vintage enamel & nickel Lapel Badges – ISOTTA-FRASCHINI by Saa. Gero, Milan; another having winged radiator with monogram 'CF' or 'FC' by A. Chobillon, Paris; another by Duseaux, 'ACT' with golfer; ROLLS-ROYCE Chauffeurs Lapel Badge; Reg. Mead BENTLEY Specialists Suppliers Plate, in chromium plate and black enamel; TATRA Lapel Pin and a small Bentley Badge. (7) £100
676 A period EPNS wheeled Cruet and a vintage car spelter Cruet (both incomplete and a/f); a French pewter Ashtray with vintage car moulded decoration and a small MOBIL pewter Ashtray with veteran car decoration. (4) £12
677 A chrome plated pedestal Dish inset Coventry & Warwickshire Motor Club medallion, and engraved 'Golden Goblet 1949, G.B. Hewitt'. 8 inch diameter; a turned wood shallow Bowl with nickel label 'VSCC Elstree 1945, 2nd 2000cc Super Sports, A. RIVERS FLETCHER', 5 ½ inch diameter; and a wooden Stand 4 ¼ x 3 inches decorative embossed plated panel engraved 'H.M.C. 4th Welsh Rally, 3rd Class IV, J.P. Taylor'. (3) £20
678 A French single-train Clock with balance escapement, 3 inch off-white dial, in brass Edwardian Oil Lamp, and with Key. £30
679 A rare vintage period Calormeter by MAXANT, Paris, 60 mm circular solid nickel case, the open rear with engraved temperature scale 40 to 100 degrees for a now missing glass thermometer tube, the front mounted with medallion of St. Christopher in blue & white overlay glass 37mm diameter and with rope-edge bezel. £140
680 Spare Glasses for Oil Carriage Lamps – (2) Flat Blue with cut star motif, approx 2 ¾ x 2 ½ inch, and (2) 3 x 3 inch; (2) Oval Convex with Red centre, approx 2 7/8 x 2.3/8 inch; (2) Oval Convex Plain, approx 2 78 x 2 ½ inch; and (2) Oval Convex Plain, approx 2 78 x 2 38 inch; (3)Thick Plain Bevelled 3.½ x 3.⅛ inch; (3) Convex Curved Thick Glass with green stripes, length approx 4 inch tapering to approx 3 38 inch, curved height approx 3 916 inch centre tapering to approx 3 ¼ inch sides; Thick Plain Bevelled (1) length 6 inch, height centre 3 1116 inch curved top tapering to approx 3 ¼ inch, and (1) length 6 inch, height centre 2 316 inch tapering to approx 1 58 inch. (17) UNSOLD
681 Fur-type Motoring Rug 70 x 44 inches, Harrods label, a/f. UNSOLD
682 Fur-type Motoring Rug 64 x 48 inches, a/f. UNSOLD
683 A Ladies' quality Fur period-style Motoring Helmet. £70
684 A pair of large Driving Gloves, wool-lined and with rabbit skin and leather exterior. UNSOLD
685 ALFA ROMEO - A small enamelled Coachwork Plate 'Carr'a Alfa', 2 inch length. £200
686 Early ROYAL AUTOMOBILE CLUB Associate Badge, stamped ELKINGTON 22 Regent St SW, with Member No. B15 and SHROPSHIRE AUTOMOBILE CLUB brass centre and enamel Shield. Enamel slightly a/f. £300
687 Important SS JAGUAR Mascot by DESMO, 7 ½ inches nose to tail. This mascot first appeared in 1937, production of the SS Jaguar having commenced the previous year, but Sir William Lyons never liked it and he commissioned F. Gordon Crosby to produce an 'improved version'. His streamlined stylised 'leaping cat' was introduced post-war and used for many years, but his inspiration was obviously very much this early version. Now extremely rare and sought after. Mounted for desk display. £190
688 Original and unusual seated Hare Mascot, stamped 'AEL Copyright'. Chromium plated, 3 ½ inches tall, with mounting stalk. Suit ALVIS owner etc. £130
689 AA Badges. Five various pre and post war examples including large early example, 6 inches tall, Member No. 893451, two chromium plated similar examples, Member Nos. 67250H and 45169N and two later Badges. (5) £55
690 RAC Badges. Five various examples including two Associate Member Badges, both with enamel Union Flag centres. (5) £50
691 ROLLS-ROYCE Spirit of Ecstasy Mascot, 4 ½ inches tall, stamped 'Rolls-Royce Motors Limited' and on 3 ½ inch mounting rod, together with BENTLEY Radiator Badge, ALVIS Steering Wheel Horn Push, MORRIS and STANDARD Badges. (5) £140
692 AUSTIN HEALEY Club 6-colour enamel and chromium plate car Badge, marked GLADMANS NORMAN Ltd, together with JAGUAR Drivers' Club enamel and chromium plate car Badge, marked PINCHES, London and with Member No. 4441, ROVER P6 Owners Club enamel car Badge, SUNBEAM TALBOT Owners Club enamel and chromium plate car Badge (enamel a/f), with Member No. A2001, The Model 'T' FORD Register of Great Britain brass car Badge and Midland Rover Owners Club enamel and chromium plate car Badge. (6) £150
693 Car Badges. 'H.M. Queen Elizabeth II Crowned 2nd June 1953' enamel and chromium plate, a/f, together with 'Elizabeth-II-1953-Coronation God Bless The Queen' chromium plated with enamel Union Flag centre, Safety: Courtesy St. Christopher, 7-colour enamel, a similar alloy example, Road Haulage Association, 'The Kenning Group of Companies', Welsh Pony & Cob Society, all enamel with chromium plate, and two others. (9) £100
694 BOYCE MotoMeter (a/f), mounted on FORD Model T 'Dogbone' Radiator Cap. £90
695 Pair early egg shaped Sidelights, 2 ½ inch bullseye lenses, 4 inch long bodies with mounting feet and finished in black enamel. (Pair) £90
696 Early JAR brass circular Mirror, 5 inches diameter, bevelled mirror glass and with original mounting bracket. £75