Here are the Automobilia results for our June Auction.
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Lot Hammer Price
747 Small Rear Light, 3 ¼ inch diameter, American made. Suit FORD Model A etc. UNSOLD
748 BOA-CONSTRICTOR 'Signal' brass Bulb Horn, with flexible brass tube and 4 inch diameter trumpet. Mounted on wooden board. £160
749 BOYCE MotoMeter, Universal Model, nickel plated brass rims, bevelled glass, AUSTIN logo disc. £50
750 'Prince' WILMOT-BREEDEN Calormeter, with bevelled glass, one marked COOL: NORMAL: BOILING. Mounted on Radiator Cap, probably MORRIS. All chromium plated. UNSOLD
751 Edwardian Speaking Tube, brass mouthpiece, alloy connector and braided tube, 32 inches long. £80
752 BENTLEY Oil Pressure Gauge. Black 2 inch dial, with 0-40 lbs scale and marked 'B', thick bevelled glass. In good working order. £30
753 Heavy Cast Bronze of a vintage Alfa-Romeo with driver and passenger in rough terrain over an apparent route map inset with small Alfa enamel badge. Base inscribed 'No: 01/50 (B)'. Length 11 inches and with alloy base plate. UNSOLD
754 SCINTILLA – Excellent Pair of Scintilla 260 mm diameter chrome bodied Headlamps with original moulded glasses. Original small gilt sticker inside one glass '230/270. Agree AB-TP No: 126'. UNSOLD
755 Modern glazed Display Frame with small cast representations of vintage and recent BUGATTI radiators and grills, etc. £40
756 Modern glazed Display Frame with small cast representations of vintage and recent BUGATTI radiators and grills, etc. £40
757 A very good quality heavy nickel plate casting of a 1930s ALFA ROMEO Radiator, 8 ½ x 3 ½ inches, fitted with a quartz clock movement. Limited edition No. 029 and with artists signature. £50
758 A very good quality heavy nickel plated casting of a 1930s LANCIA Radiator 6 ¾ x 4 ½ inches, tapering to 2 ½ inches, fitted with a quartz clock movement. Limited edition No. 011 and with artists signature. £45
759 KIGASS K40 Mk II Priming Pump, alloy with some fittings. £70
760 CAV Circular Switch Panel, 95 mm diameter, with On/Off switch, red ignition light and 4-possition switch 'ALL', 'S&T', 'T', 'OFF', possibly NOS. £70
761 BENTLEY – 'Classic Radiator Services' High Quality Decanter as a 7 ¾ inch Bentley Radiator, excellent crisp condition, small indent mark by filler cap, in original lined box. UNSOLD
762 BENTLEY DRIVERS CLUB – High quality chrome and green enamel Commemorative Badge for W.O. Bentley's Centenary 1888-1988, circular 3-inch, unused, crisp & bright. £70
763 Four Printers Blocks of vintage W.O. BENTLEY'S. (4) £30
764 BRDC - Members Club Car Badge; An original early post-war members badge to Derek Annable c1950s; decorative enamel design on chromium plated bronze, inscribed with recipient's Membership number, 1103. Missing its pillar-mounting, and with some chrome and enamel loss.
Footnote:Derek Annable's motor racing career began in 1950 with an HRG at Goodwood. His next car was an Allard which he raced at Silverstone in 1951. He progressed to racing Cooper JAP, Kieft JAP 500 and Cooper Norton cars in F111. And in 1952 Stirling Moss and others proposed Derek to the BRDC. Derek began the 1952 season driving his brand new and much prized ivory Kieft- JAP which had replaced his Cooper. He soon scored several places in F111 heats and finals and it seemed as if an outright win could very well have happened had he not, very sportingly, loaned his car to Stirling Moss who had been involved in a first lap melee in Brussels that virtually wrote off his Kieft- Norton prototype. On finishing his racing career in 1953, Derek sold his Kieft 500cc race car to Bernie Eccleston.
765 BUGATTI - A New unused very high quality 17-inch Grand Prix Steering Wheel, the four-spoke deep nickel plated frame having fine hardwood rim with grip indents. UNSOLD
766 BUGATTI - A very high quality wooden Chair, wicker backed and in the shape of a Type 35 radiator with enamel Bugatti badge and leather padded seat. Made in Denmark, with Makers name underneath, c1970s. In near mint condition. £250
767 A vintage Petrol Gauge by Azimut IF, Turin, the black dial signed for LANCIA-SA and calibrated for 83 litres with a reserve indication, the rear with fitting clamp and twin pipework. 3 ½ inch diameter overall. UNSOLD
768 A plated hare's head Mascot mounted on brass filler cap, inside thread diameter approx 2 ¼ inches. £80
769 A cast rectangular alloy Plate for PARK ROYAL Vehicle Coach Builders, London, 6 inches x 2 ½ inches. £25
770 A cast rectangular bronze Plate for LAMSON Engineering Co Ltd, 7 inches x 2 ¾ inches. £22
771 TRIUMPH Automobile Association car Badge, in original envelope, together with Civil Service Motoring Association car Badge. (2) UNSOLD
772 LUCAS - Collection of small branded promotional items including Tape Measure, Tweezers, Nail File, Penknife, 'Vesta' Oiler, Spy Glasses, small Tools etc. (Qty) £30
773 LUCAS Vacuum Wiper, plated body, stated working, suit AUSTIN Seven etc. £20
774 SMITHS MA Motor Aneroid Barometer and Temperature Gauge. With 3 inch silver dial and polished plated case, fully working. Bezel rotates to show latest position. £480
775 Collection AA Memorabilia including Badges, Keys, Handbooks and Covers, Members Wallets etc. (Box) £15
776 ROYAL AUTOMOBILE CLUB - Car Badge. Round type c1936, with central RAC diamond, mounted in chromium plated holder, with Member No. W5249 by Birmingham Medal Co. NOS in original box. Also oval type, chromium plated, with metal blue backing, by Birmingham Medal & Badge Co. Ltd. With Member No. P17632. NOS in original box with fittings and three RAC Keys. (5) £20
777 SINGER 15psi Oil Gauge; a Gauge marked 0-4 'Combustible'; small Smiths 60 mph Speedometer with trip; Smiths late 1930s-1950s cream dial quadrant temperature Gauge 50-140 C; and Admiralty Pattern Voltmeter dated 1943. (5) £40
778 A high quality early 1920s vintage car side mounted APPLETON AUTO REELITE, the lamp with 5.¾ inch domed glass and with 3 inch domed rear-view mirror, and attached to flattened spherical cable case with swivel adjustment and having flexible metal cover to cable. Excellent condition and with bright re-nickelled finish overall. £200
779 ALFA ROMEO 1750 - Six Valves in original Freccia box, unused. £35
780 Various wood strut mounted competition Award Plaques , principally to H. Rose, including 2nd East Cheshire Group Vintage Trial Winner, having a pre-war silver shield with motorcycle roundel; National Production Car Trial 1967; NWCC Cymru Trial 1962; WHDCC Closed Class 1956; Mendip Trial 1961 and a related plated Ashtray; large rectangular B.M.C. & L.C.C. Allen Trial Class 5; also un-named awards WHDC 1960 Moonfleet Rally Navigator's Award, MGCC engraved "Kimber" 1962. Also Various Motor Event Entrants' Plaques etc, including Citta Verese 1816-1966; V.C.C International 4th Rally Brighton 1963; Dag Der Belgische Rekords, 6th May 1962; R.A.C. London-Brighton Runs for 1969, 1970, 1972, 1974 & 2004, and Centennial Tour July & August 1967; Ghent Concours 1970 & 1973; Eighteen enamelled Plaques (Including duplicates) Ghent competition events 1967,1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1973;Bentley Drivers Club Silverstone Silver Jubilee Rally August 1974; Branscore VCR 1958, Etc. (Quantity)
781 Various Plated Trophy Cups, principally to H. Rose, including NWCC Cymru Trial 1963; Jaguar Drivers Club with raised logo, Silverstone 1961; '4' T.M.C. Standard Car Trial 1st Class 1961; VACC Purbeck Trial 1963; WHDCC Graham Cup Trial1962 (to Miss A. Rose); WHDCC Moonfleet Rally 1960; WHDCC Hartwell Cup Trial 1960 Specials Award (to Miss A. Rose); also Taunton Motor Club National Autocross 1960 Ladies Fastest Time On Day; V.T. Fellows Memorial Trophy Trial 1963. (8) £40
782 ARIC Thermometer, black 2 ¼ inch dial, with 120-240 Degrees Fahrenheit scale, plated rim, illumination slots, dashboard mounting bracket, long tube and sender. £45
783 Robert BOSCH – Switch Panel with Key, starter button and 4-position switch. Model HF, No. 164060, 180 x 100 mm. £90
784 Pair MARCHAL Reflectors, 190 mm diameter, with original labels. In good useable condition. To fit 200 mm lamp case. (Pair) UNSOLD
785 SS100 – Original Aeroscreen chromium plated frame. £10
786 Small marked RILEY Cushion, two Riley Centennial Glazed Ceramic Tiles and two JOWETT 2007 unused decorative Tea Towels. (5) £10
787 Two Early SPHINX Spark Plugs in individual decorative tinplate Boxes with packing paper and printed spec, all in unused NOS condition.(2) £140
788 A small vintage Italian high quality cylindrical Compass with mounting fitting probably for a tripod, and contained in original wooden Case with maker's label 'La Filotecnica, Milano'. £50
789 A vintage SMITHS MA Car Clock a/f, a small vintage 6-volt Voltmeter, and a small plated bird-of-prey car Mascot. (3) £40
790 PANHARD LEVASSOR - A period Wooden Case containing two Lemoine Ring Spanners and six marked PANHARD LEVASSOR Open-End Spanners, a French Excelsior adjustable Tool, three Box Spanners, four Shackle Pins, a Fafnir Ball Bearing in maker's box inscribed in ink 'Panhard Front Wheel', five large French Cazabon copper Heat Washers and various small Miscellania. (Qty) £220
791 NEGRETTI & ZAMBRA dashboard mounting aneroid barometer, 2 ¼ inch cream dial, bevelled glass. Chromium plated case with rotating bezel. UNSOLD
792 ROLL-ROYCE Silver Ghost Oil Tank, deep nickel plating, with mounting feet. High quality reproduction. UNSOLD
793 A WATFORD 6-cylinder Magneto, Type FM6, No. 5159, in restored condition. Suit ROLLS-ROYCE Silver Ghost etc. UNSOLD
794 SMITHS MA Speedometer, Type A. Silver 3 inch Dial, with 0-60 mph scale and total mileage Windows. Flange mounted, together with matching Smiths MA 'Swing-Out' dashboard mounted Clock. (2) £30
795 Early 'MORRIS' inscribed EUREKA Oil Gauge, c1922. Engraved 2 inch silver Dial, with 0-10 lbs scale, flange mounted. £30
796 LUCAS 12 volt Switch Panel, 4 ½ x 5 ¼ inches, fitted with Ammeter with silver dial and +/- 16 scale with centre zero. Faceplate with two 3-position switches marked 'D', 'M', 'Off' and 'S', 'Off', 'H', together with small Junction Box with cut-out, Model CF3, Lucas foot operated Starter Button and Bakelite Cigar Lighter/Ashtray. (4) £90