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Lot Hammer Price
797 FORD Model T radiator shaped musical box scotch Decanter, by Royal London Ltd, Product of Japan, c1970, 6 ½ inches tall plus radiator cap. £10
798 BOYCE MotoMeter, chromium plated, with laurel wreath rims, bevelled glass and brass disc with FORD badge.

799 SMITHS MA Mechanical Wiper and Drive Unit, operates from rev counter drive motion, with take-off unit to fit rear of standard 1920s Smiths rev counter. As fitted to W.O. BENTLEY, early MG and others. £1000
800 Flange mounted Quadrant Air Gauge, black dial with 0-5 lbs scale. In good working order. UNSOLD
801 'MORRIS Cars for 1928' range Brochure, dated 1st March 1928, 44 pp including wonderful colour artwork front cover. Details Prices, Oxford, Cowley and Six, with all body styles and Half-Ton Van Models, Chassis Specification, Motor Houses etc., 11 x 8 ½ inches portrait format. £65
802 'MORRIS Cars for 1930' range Brochure, dated 1st September 1929, 32 pp plus embossed card covers. Details Prices, Minor, Cowley, Oxford Six Cylinder, Isis and Light Transport models, with all body styles, Chassis Specification, Motor Houses etc., 11 x 8 ½ inches landscape format. £100
803 'MORRIS Cars for 1931' range Brochure, dated 1st September 1930, 40 pp, embossed card covers. Too early to include SV £100 Minor, but covers ohv, Cowley, Major Six, Oxford Six, Isis Six and Light Transport models, including Fire Tender and Prices etc., 11 x 8 ½ inches portrait format. £70
804 'MORRIS Cars for 1931' range Brochure, dated 1st September 1930, 48 pp (missing pages 45-46), embossed card covers which includes STEWART & ARDERN Ltd embossed name and badge. Includes SV and ohv Minor models, Major Six, Oxford Six, Isis Six and Light Transport models, including Fire Tender and Prices etc., 11 x 8 ½ inches portrait format. Bottom corner cut off. UNSOLD
805 'MORRIS Cars for 1933' range Brochure, dated 1st September 1932, 56 black & white and colour glossy pp, embossed card covers. Details Isis Six, Oxford Six, Major Six Cowley, Ten and Minor Models, also Equipment and Data etc., 11 x 8 ½ inches landscape format. A very high quality production. UNSOLD
806 'The MORRIS Twelve-Four' Series III Brochure, dated August 1937, 20 glossy pp, card cover. Well illustrated. UNSOLD
807 Six MORRIS Lubrication Charts in original envelopes. Minor, includes Lubrication Log and Lubrication Handbook; Cowley, includes Lubrication Log and Lubrication Handbook; Oxford Six; Isis Six, includes Lubrication Handbook; Major Six, includes Lubrication Handbook and Commercial. (6) £90
808 MORRIS. 'Morris-Cowley & Morris-Oxford Four-Cylinder Models Illustrated List of Spare Parts' (1922-1932), dated 1st January 1932, 118 pp plus 33 plates, card covers, together with 'Morris Oxford & Cowley Cars Illustrated List of Spare Parts' dated 2nd July 1928 70 pp plus 24 plates and Introductions in English, French, Dutch, Spanish and German, 'The Morris Fourteen-Six Illustrated List of Spare Parts' (Series II), dated 9th June 1936 and 'Morris Spare Parts Price List. All Models' dated 1st January 1938, with separate Supplements. All large format. (8) £45
809 Two mounted period 'MORRIS Cars' colour Adverts, 1924 and 1926. Subject size 3 ½ x 5 ¼ inches, 9 x 10 ½ overall and 3 ¾ x 10 ¾ inches, 16 ½ x 9 inches overall. (2) UNSOLD
810 'The Handbook of the MORRIS Car' pub. Autocar, covers Bullnose Oxford and Cowley also 1 Ton Commercial Models, with period adverts, together with 'Morris Oxford & Cowley Cars' range Brochure, dated September 1st 1924 (reprint), 'Morris Cars 1922 Prices' (reprint), 'Instruction Book Morris-Cowley Light Car' (reprint) and 'Week-Ends With A Morris'. (5) £10
811 'MORRIS Cars for 1929' Abridged List for The Paragon (Hull) Motor Co. Ltd., dated 1st September 1928, with 16 black & white and colour pages plus card covers. Details Minor, Cowley, Oxford and Six. Well illustrated with Prices, 8 ½ x 5 ¼ inches portrait. Includes separate Guarantee Application Card and CASTROL Lubrication Index. (3) £10
812 Collection of MORRIS related Titles, Photographs, Articles etc. including 'Technics Without Tears' a series of articles published in 'The Morris Owner' between 1924-1930, pub. Bullnose Morris Club; 'The Bullnose Morris' Jonathon Wood, softback; 'The Changing Faces of Cowley Works' Book One, softback; 'Morris Cars. The First Thirty-Five Years' softback; Sixty Years of Morris' two copies, softback; 'Out of England' softback; period photograph STIRLING MOSS with Morris and COOPER cars outside STEWART & ARDERN Ltd.; Bullnose Morris Club publications etc. (Qty) £40
813 'Operations Manual for the MORRIS Eight'. Eight copies including 1935 Home Edition, 1937 Series II, 1939 and 1948 Series E Home Editions etc. Also 'The Morris Eight Abridged Parts Price List. Series I Models' Booklet. In various conditions, from mint to 'workshop' copies. (9) £50
814 'The MORRIS Minor Manual' 1929 Edition, very clean, together with four Morris Minor Operation Manuals for 1933 (two copies), 1934 and Series II BMC. In various conditions, from clean to 'workshop' copies. (5) £50
815 'Operations Manual for the MORRIS Ten' 1934 Edition, together with examples for Morris Ten-Four Series M (three copies including Second Reprint), Morris Twelve-Four, 1935 Export and Series III Editions and Morris Ten-Four and Twelve-Four Series II, 1936 edition. All clean copies. (7) £50
816 'The MORRIS Six Manual', 1928 Edition, almost mint, together with 'The 15 hp Morris Oxford Six Manual', 1930 Edition and 'Operation Manual for the Morris Sixes. Sixteen & Eighteen, Twenty-One & Twenty-Five Series II'. (3) £20
817 'The MORRIS-Cowley Car Manual' 1930 (two copies) and 1931 Editions, together with 'Operation Manual for the Morris-Cowley' 1932 and 1933 Editions. In various conditions from clean to 'workshop' copies. (5) £30
818 'The MORRIS Oxford & Cowley Car Manual' 1926, 1927 (two copies), 1928 (5 copies) and 1929 (three copies) Editions. In various conditions from very clean to 'workshop' copies. (11) £50
819 'The MORRIS-Oxford 15.9 H.P. Car Manual' 1927 Edition, in very clean condition, together with 'Operation Manual for the Morris Major (Six) & Oxford (Six)' 1932 Edition, good condition. (2) £20
820 'Operation Manual for the MORRIS 8/10 CWT Van' 1936 Home Edition, together with similar for 10-CWT Van and Truck, 1939 Home Edition (two copies). (3) UNSOLD
821 MORRIS-Commercial. Six various Instruction Books including C Type Range, 30 CWT Super Truck, J Type, 1-ton and 15-CWT, R Type and TX Type. Also 'Morris Commercial Vehicles' Harry Edwards, pub Sutton 1992, 102 pp, d/w. (7) UNSOLD
822 'MG Salesman's Booklet' November 1933, together with 'The MORRIS Salesman's Manual. Morris Minor', three 'The NUFFIELD Organization Salesman's Reference' Books for c1948, 1951 and 1957 covering Morris, WOLSELEY, RILEY and MG and 'Prices of 1936 Cars' Reprinted from The MOTOR, October 8 1935. (6) £28
823 Collection of MORRIS related paperwork including approximately eighty Envelopes, with stamps, addressed to Morris Industries Export Ltd, c1940, from various Worldwide locations. Some with company logos etc. Also a Letter on Morris Motors Ltd, Cars Branch, paper dated 1951 and referring to a Cowley with Chassis No. 382314 and approximately thirty receipts, c1950s, for work carried out on a Morris 8 Saloon, Registration No. CEA 137. (Qty) UNSOLD
824 MORRIS Owner. Ten issues; July 1929; January, August, September and October 1931; February 1932; September and November 1933; August and September 1938. (10) £100
825 'The SMITH Five-Jet Carburetter Instruction Book for Early Deliveries of 1925 Type MORRIS Cowley and Oxford Cars fitted with Type 4.M.O. Carburetters' small original well illustrated Booklet, together with similar Booklet 'The Smith "Straight Through" Type Five Jet Carburettor'. Also two SU Type L Petrol Pump Reconditioning Booklets. (4) UNSOLD
826 'Instruction Manual for the MG Midget (Series TC)' 100 pp plus fold out Lubrication Chart and Lubrication Record, together with 'Special Tuning for MG Midget Engine Type XPAG' original 16 pp Booklet plus attached Supplement and typed Sheet containing information on MG TD (Alpine) Competition Engines, both very clean condition, and 'Tuning and Maintenance of MG's' Philip H. Smith, pub. Foulis 1956. (3) £90
827 'The Life of Lord Nuffield. A Study in Enterprise & Benevolence' Andrews and Brunner, pub. Blackwell 1955, 356 pp, d/w, together with 'Wheels to Fortune. The Life and Times of Lord Nuffield' James Leasor, pub. The Bodley Head 1954, 160 pp, d/w, also 'The Nuffield Story' Jackson and 'Lord Nuffield' softback. (4) £30
828 The MORRIS Navigator Marine Engine Manual, together with 'The Morris Car 1913-1983' Harry Edwards, pub. Moorland 1983, 344 pp, d/w, 'Morris Cars. A Practical Guide to Maintenance and Repair Covering Models from 1934', 'The Book of the Morris Ten' Pitman's Motorists Library and 'Cape Record' Account of a remarkable 10,300 miles journey through Africa in 18/85 hp WOLSELEY, softback, published by the factory. (5) £40
829 'On The Road' A Marshall Cavendish Handbook, published weekly with 140 issues and contained in ten publishers binders, 1978/1979. 'A step by step guide for every motorist on how to maintain, repair and improve your car'. Complete. (10) UNSOLD
830 'The AUTOMOBILE ASSOCIATION and MOTOR UNION Handbook' 1920, together with AA Handbooks for 1928, 1934-35, 1936-37, 1938-39, 1957-58 and 1964-65. Also 'The AA Road Book of England & Wales' c1930s, 'AA Members Touring Guide' c1950, 'The Readers Digest AA Book of the Road' in original wallet and another less wallet, 'AA Book of The Car' 1973 and two RAC Guides & Handbooks for 1950-51 and 1956. (14) UNSOLD
831 Collection of MG related Titles including 'The MG Workshop Manual' Blower, pub. Motor Racing Publications, 6th edition 1957, 584 pp, d/w (a/f), large fold-out lubrication chart; 'MG Saloons and Coupes' 1925-1980 Photo Archive, softback. Wonderful period black & white photographs. Also 'MG International' both Richard L. Knudson; 'MG Sports Cars' From the Archives of Autocar; 'MGB Workshop Manual' MGB 50th Anniversary 1962-2012, pub. Haynes; 'MG Britain's Favourite Sports Car' Malcolm Green etc. (Qty) UNSOLD
832 'Lionel Martin. A Biography' A.B. Demaus, pub. Transport Bookman first edition 1980, 150 pp, d/w, together with 'The Complete Encyclopedia of Vintage Cars 1886-1940' Rob De La Rive Box, pub. Rebo 4th edition 2006, 336 pp, d/w, 'The FERRARI' Gianni Rogliatti, pub. Hamlyn first edition 1973, 255 pp, d/w. Large format, well illustrated, 'VOLKSWAGEN Golf GTI. An Enthusiast's Companion' and 'The Restoration of Vintage and Thoroughbred Cars. (5) £20
833 'Thunder in the Park' The Story of Tom Wheatcroft and Donington Park. Tom Wheatcroft, pub. Live Wire first edition 2005, 280 pp, d/w. Signed by the Author, together with 'Harnessing Horsepower. The Pat Moss Carlsson Story' Stuart Turner, pub. Veloce 2011, 160 pp d/w, 'Living With Speed' STEEL KING Speed Hillclimbing. Norman Burr and 'More Wheelspin' 1984 reprinted edition, softback. (4) UNSOLD
834 Box Grand Prix related Titles including 'Formula One. Grand Prix Ricing Since 1946' Prichard, pub. George Allen & Unwin first edition 1966, 336 pp, d/w (slightly a/f); 'Grand Prix Champions' Prichard; 'Racing Cars. From 1900 to Present Day' Tipler, 2007 reprint; 'International Motor Racing Book' c1967; 'The Encyclopedia of Formula One' Presenting the Drivers, Cars, Circuits and every World Champion since 1950, c2009; 'Grand Prix Data Book' A Complete Record of the Formula 1 World Championship since 1950. Hayhoe and Holland, large format, softback; 'Formula One. Unseen Archives' etc. (Box) £10
835 'BENTLEY 3 ½ Litre. Abridged Particulars' Brochure, 8 ½ x 6 ½ inches, published by the factory, 8 thick pp plus Card Covers, cord bound, dated October 1933. Details of Four-Door Saloon, including price, and with tipped-in illustration. Some damage to top edges of cover etc. £70
836 '3 ½ Litre BENTLEY. The Silent Sports Car. Some Owner-Drivers' Opinions' Promotional Booklet, 9 x 6 inches, published by the factory ,16 pp plus Card Covers, c1934. £60
837 'TALBOT In The Alps' edited Thomas H. Wisdom, 20 pp plus card covers, published by the factory c1934, 11 x 8 ½ inches. Issued to commemorate winning the Coupe des Alps, in the Alpine Trial, together with typed Letter on Clement Talbot Limited Headed Paper, dated June 1935 and signed by W. Jarman, detailing the above booklet and other correspondence sent to a prospective customer. Also Report on the 105 Sports Saloon reprinted from The MOTOR May 21, 1935. (3) £90
838 'The PACKARD. Deluxe Eight Models 8-40 and 8-45'. Very high quality period Brochure, full colour artwork, 36 pp plus embossed velvet covered card covers, 12 x 9 ¼ inches Landscape. Near mint condition. Also 'Packard Eight' full colour Brochure, 20 pp plus embossed card covers, period artwork. Corner missing from first page, otherwise good, 12 x 9 inches Landscape. (2) £50
839 'MORGAN. The World's Leading 3 Wheeler' Brochure, 4 pp, with fold down List Of Successes/Form of Guarantee, 9 1/'4 x 5 ¾ Portrait. Black and white artwork, covers F-4 and F Super Models. £30
840 'The KENNEDY Light Car 1915' Range Brochure with prices, 20 pp plus card covers, 20 pp plus card covers 9 x 6 inches Landscape, excellent condition, together with 'The Kennedy Cyclecar' Report, Reprinted from 'The Light Car and Cyclecar'17th August 1914, in 'well thumbed' condition. (2) £80
841 'The LANCHESTER Motor-Car. 28-H.P. 6-Cylinder' Brochure, c1909, 20 pp plus additional colour plate and card covers, cord bound, 11 x 9 inches Landscape. Wonderful artwork of various Coachwork available, Specifications etc. and Tabulated Details and Results from a Reliability Run, 9th May 1908. £80
842 'Recording The Story Of The 1927 Le Mans Road Race Won (For The Secord Time) By A Three-Litre BENTLEY Car' Promotional Brochure, published by the Factory c1927, 24 pp, cord bound, 9 ½ x 6 inches Portrait. Well illustrated with black and white sketches and photographs taken from The Motor and Autocar. Fascinating. £110
843 'Instruction Bulletin 12. Electrical Equipment for Automobiles. DELAGE' produced by North East Electrical Co. (USA), October 1924, 16 pp plus card covers, 9 x 4 inches Portrait. With many illustrations and diagrams etc. In 'well thumbed' condition. £28
844 'The CROSSLEY Regis 4 Sports Saloon. 10 HP, 4 Cylinder' and 'The Crossley Regis 6 Sports Saloon. 1 ½ Litre, 6 Cylinder' period Brochures. Both 6 pp, fold out type, 11 ½ x 8 ¼ inches Portrait opening to 11 ¼ x 24 ¾ inches. Well illustrated. (2) £65
845 'B-S-A Light Six' and 'B-S-A 10' period Brochures. Both poster style, 9 ¼ x 6 inches opening to 18 ½ x 24 inches. Well illustrated with prices etc. (2) UNSOLD
846 ROLLS-ROYCE - Three 20/25 company Information Sheets for enclosed limousine, dated 1932, 1935 & 1936, another for touring limousine 1936, and another for sports saloon 1935. Also Two copies of 20/25 road test Sheet by Percy Bradley, Brooklands Clerk of the Course, for Sphere Magazine, not dated, Two company Information Sheets for 25/30 printed on thin folding card; another for enclosed limousine 1937; another for saloon with sliding roof 1936; Autocar road test Sheet for saloon, January 1937 and Company information Sheet for 40/50 continental touring saloon, single folded sheet 18 x 11 inches open, October 1933. (14) £80