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Lot Hammer Price
847 BENTLEY – Copy of an Article on the 6 ½ litre Bentley from Motor Sport February 1949, pages from the original Motor Sport of same, and a single Sheet company announcement for the improved 4 ¼ litre with overdrive gearbox. Also DAIMLER – Original company specification, prices and Order Form for the 'Bickley' limousine on 15hp and 20hp chassis 1912, 16 x 13 inches, printed in light blue on glazed paper, but note a/f as it is not complete. (4) UNSOLD
848 MERCEDES-BENZ – 1914 French Grand Prix. A Group of Reprint Photographs from the factory archive of (1) a 1914 Grand Prix car, studio rear view; (2) a similar view of Wagner's car No: 40 at a pit stop during the race ; (3) front view of the 5 team cars in line before the race in a village setting; (4) frontal/side view of Sailer's car No: 14 in action rounding a bend 'Lyon 1914'. 8 ½ x 6 ½ inches. Some with Mercedes archive reference codes. Also six factory archive Reprint Photographs of T 80, the proposed land speed record car for 1939, having 6 wheels, a 44 litre V12 and aiming for 470 mph! The 6 prints show chassis with engine, complete chassis without body, car with body, some with typed detail on reverse, and together with a small photo of complete car and with 5 other photos of unrelated Mercedes. (15) £28
849 BIANCHI – Factory Publications. A 1939 double folded Brochure on glazed paper for the Bianchi S9 1400cc, 15 x 12 inches open, having side views of 4 models and a large side view of the Dolomiti grand tourer with technical details; a Booklet 9 x 6 inches of company history 1885-1935, including matt sepia photographs of cars, motorcycles, bicycles, light commercials, aero engine, armoured cars, factory interiors and a splendid artist's overall view of the factory site in colour across the double centre pages; a single sheet four-fold Brochure 24 x16 inches open with full colour illustrations of 6 car models, not dated but appears c1930; a post-war coloured folded Sheet 17 x 8 inches for a small catamaran type 2-seat boat 'Katamar No: 1'. (4) £70
850 BORGWARD – Late Vintage period factory twin-fold Sheet 21 x 12 inches with coloured illustrations of car models, dated November 1938, bearing dealer's stamp of Abilio Garcia, Lisbon. £30
851 PEUGEOT – Small four-fold Brochure for vintage 1400cc 7hp car, coloured illustrations, appears late 1920s, 330 x 250 mm, together with RENAULT – Factory Booklet, pencil dated 1937, general information with small coloured illustrations of the range of cars, light commercials, heavy commercials to 10 tons. Also BRITISH SALMSON – Specification Sheet for the S.4.E. 18hp saloon, single folded sheet on glazed paper 16 x 10 inches open. (3) UNSOLD
852 Two 'Cordon Rouge' Booklets for Mumm Champagne Anniversary Dinner 1973, the cover of one signed by Amherst Villiers, automotive engineer and designer of Malcolm Campbell's 1927 Napier-Campbell Land Speed Record car Blue Bird. (2) £35
853 Handbooks and Instruction Manuals - AUSTIN Seven and another with parts list; WOLSELEY 14 early 1920s; Ford 1915; TROJAN Instruction Book early 1920s; LUCAS Magneto Running Instructions; STANDARD car Review 1936; 'MORRIS Cars, The First 35 Years' (1978); Small CASTROL Flip Booklet 'See Captain Eyston Break The World's Land Speed Record', 3 x 2 inches. (9) £40
854 'The JAGUAR D-Type' Anthony Pritchard, pub Palawan Press 2015, 420 pp, with over 500 photographs, the book measures 11 ½ x 13 ¼ and is exquisitely designed and presented. Limited to just 250 copies, numbered 220 this edition is bound in green buckram cloth, silkscreened and silver foil blocked on the front and spine, and encased in a green buckram cloth slipcase with silver foil blocking. Still sealed in original packaging. £800
855 Dr. M. A. Ford, Slough - A large group of motor sport paperwork posted to Dr. Ford in the 1950s and 1960s, including letters, competition sheets and general related material from VSCC, BARC, Bentley Drivers Club and others. (Qty) £35
856 'Racing with the David Brown ASTON MARTINS' Volumes 1 and 2, Chris Nixon and John Wyer, pub. Transport Bookman 1980 1st edition. Each 250 pp, d/w. (2) £110
857 Approximately one hundred and fifty BMC Works black & white Photographs, SIZES, depicting mainly Mechanical Parts but includes Works MINIs and Service Training Unit. (Approx. 150) UNSOLD
858 M.G. - A 7 ½ x 6 inch ring-bound Book published by M.G. Cars, Abingdon, 1979, containing 21 gloss monochrome photographs principally of 1930s works interior views of car manufacture but including Albemarle aircraft nosings and military rifles, and a few post-war photographs; and a similar Book of 21 gloss monochrome studio photographs of 1927-1953 M.G. cars, including 'R' Type Midget and single-seat racing model, etc. (2) £80
859 Original Artwork for Belgian Car Club Badge, a watercolour on paper, an early motorist at the wheel within a circular 25 inch diameter border lettered 'Cercle Audois de Vehicules Anciens'. UNSOLD
860 An original period sepia Photograph of two firemen and a fire engine ink inscribed 'Merryweather London Brigade Pattern Manual Chislehurst 1893', 9 x 7 inches, the frame a/f, together with four vintage period Photographs – early charabanc with passengers outside a Mann, Crossman's public house; veteran open-cab cabriolet with attendant chauffeur; an International Harvester 'Pickup' vehicle, and an elderly couple in a horse buggy. (5) UNSOLD
861 A large coloured Print of event poster on thick canvas 'Coppa della Perugina Auto Moto Club – S. Sportiva 18 Maggio Perucina' and with printer's title 'Gino Borrani, Firenze, Esente da bolo', 40 x 53 ½ inches. Wonderful image. £200
862 Coloured Print on canvas-style glazed paper after an apparent crayon drawing thought to be by Phil May of a period motor racing scene, two early vintage competition cars with driver and mechanic racing on a rough country road or track, and the companion picture of two veteran competition cars racing in a similar location. 17 ¾ x 9 ¾ inches, within a gilded mount and with decorative gilded glazed frames (some damage) 25 x 17 inches overall. (2) £90
863 ROLLS-ROYCE - Large Camarge Lithograph Poster, 100,000 Motor Car Made Posters etc., also three large JAGUAR Lithograph Posters and a DAIMLER example. (Qty) £10
864 KLEMENTASKI Studio - Coloured Photograph of DB ASTON MARTIN 4 XMD, board 14 ¾ x 18 inches. £40
865 'Le Livre de Bord d'un Pilote (de BUGATTI) en Grand Prix', based on the racing career archive of Philippe Etancelin, Volume One 1926-1931, French text, 128 pages of period photographs, drawings, advertisements etc, cloth bound 17 inches x 12 inches, together with a relevant softback 10 page supplement 'A Grand Prix Driver's Logbook' Volume One by David Waldron, English text, both in excellent condition. (2)
866 Three In Detail Titles: 'Supercharged MERCEDES in Detail 1923-1942', James Taylor 2013, hardback published by Herridge, appears unopened condition and with d/w; 'BENTLEY 6 Cylinder Models in Detail – 6 ½ litre, Speed 6, 8 litre and 4 litre', James Taylor 2012, hardback, appears unopened condition and with d/w; 'LAGONDA 2, 3 and 3 ½ litre Models in Detail and including 16/80, 1925-1935', Arnold Davey 2007, hardback, appears unopened condition and with d/w. (3)
867 'Alberto Ascari, Ferrari's First Double Champion', Karl Ludvigsen 2000, published by Haynes, number 47 of limited edition of 50 with all gilt edges and signed by the author, 10 inch x 10 inch thick leatherette binding, appears unopened condition and with slip case. UNSOLD
868 RILEY - A quantity of Paperwork regarding the history and restoration of Brooklands Riley 'PG 472', chassis No. 8055, in the 1980s. (Qty) £60
869 ISOTTA-FRASCHINI – Four-fold Leaflet for Type 8-A chassis, 13 x 9 inches open, with photographs of overhead and side views and side view of engine; five contemporary small coloured cards of saloons; four factory typed letters 1943; a typed text on thin paper and a damaged IF envelope. Also various Photographs, average 9 x 6 inches, including vintage tourer; 8-A engine specifications (one of a series, others not present); two of early cars and one of a truck; post-war 'new super racer saloon' 8-C Monterosa; photo of a post-war rear engine car side sectioned drawn view; photo of an IFS arrangement drawn view, and photo of a drawn sectioned view of an Alfasud engine. (21)

870 ANSALDO – Factory Letters 1920s-1940s, an invoice, a letter from Alfredo Marelli, envelope etc. (Qty) UNSOLD
871 Brooklands Society Gazette – Vol 1 (1976) to Vol 19 (1994) inclusive; Vol 25 (2000) to Vol 34 (2009) inclusive, and Brooklands Society Gazette 1974 & 1975, Vols 16 to 18 inclusive. (Qty) £60
872 ALBERTO ASCARI - Paperback Magazines 'I Campioni Del Giorno' 1952, primarily devoted to Ascari; 'Settimo Giorno' 1955 Supplement, 16 pages devoted to Ascari accident and death; 'Sport Illustrated' 1954, primarily football, but some motorsport. (3) £30
873 AUTO-UNION - Large sepia Photograph, approximately 30 ½ x 20 ½ inches, of Hermann Muller driving car 22 at the Pescara Grand Prix 1937, in heavy oak frame 36 x 28 inches. £70
874 GN 'KIM II' – Large sepia Photograph, approximately 30 ½ x 20 ½ inches, of Archie Frazer Nash driving this car at Shelsley Walsh 1921, in heavy oak frame 36 x 28 inches, as previous Lot. £70
875 TERENCE CUNEO – Large Limited Edition Coloured Print 'The Spirit of Brooklands', 28 x 23 inches, depicting Sir Henry Birkin in the 4½ Litre Supercharged BENTLEY and John Cobb in the 12-Cylinder 10 ½ Litre DELAGE at speed on the Brooklands banking at the 1932 August Bank Holiday Meeting, signed to title border in pencil by Cuneo and race drivers Ian Connell, Tom Delaney, Rivers Fletcher, George Harvey-Noble, and 'Mort' Morris-Goodall. Gilt framed and glazed 32 x 27 inches overall. £120
876 Eleven glass photographic Slides, 9 x 12 cm, depicting Veteran cars, including RENAULT etc. Probably French and in original box. £170
877 Seventeen various buff and green Log Books, including MORRIS, BSA, SINGER, AUSTIN, STANDARD, ENFIELD, DOUGLAS, FORDSON etc. Both pre and post war. (17) £50
878 RICHARD SEAMAN MERCEDES-BENZ – A fine glazed ebonised Frame 16 ¾ x 21 inches with deep mount lettered - 'Dick Seaman, Mercedes-Benz, 1937-1939', and enclosing 3 sepia photographs – 'Richard Seaman in Mercedes, German Grand Prix 1938', 11 x 7 ¾ inches; 'Erica and Dick Seaman', 6 ½ x 4 ½ inches; and a portrait of Richard Seaman with signature, 3 x 4 ½ inches. £240
879 MASTEN GREGORY - A Colour Photograph 11 ½ x 8 ¾ inch portrait of Masten Gregory in the paddock of Rheims Circuit with Innes Ireland and Bruce McLaren, the 15 x 16 inch titled mount with his signature, unframed.
Footnote: The 'Kansas City Flash', a hero of Jim Clark and stated by Stirling Moss to be in the top 6 drivers of the period.
880 A monochrome Photograph 18 x 14 inches, with 22 ¾ x 19 ¾ inch mount titled '1961 Monaco Grand Prix – Drivers Meeting', a paddock view including Jim Clark, Jack Brabham and Graham Hill, unframed. £10
881 Six monochrome re-print Photographs, 15 x 11 inch with mounts 18 ½ x 15 inch, on track action shots of Chris BRISTOW, COOPER No: 36; FANGIO, MASERATI, French GP, Rheims 1953; Fangio, FERRARI, Belgian GP, Spa 1956; Phil HILL and Cliff ALLISON in Ferraris, Dutch GP 1959 Zandvoort; Fangio, MERCEDES BENZ, and GONZALEZ, Ferrari, Italian GP Monza 1954; Musso, Ferrari, Pescara GP 1957, showing oil tank separating from rear. All with printed details verso. (6) UNSOLD
882 'Motoraces Book Club', set of sixteen volumes 1963-1966, by Alf Francis, Rodney Walkerley, Enzo Ferrari, Richard von Frankenberg (Porsche), Bruce McLaren, Lord Montague (Gordon Bennett races), Hawthorn, Surtees, Duncan Hamilton, David Murray (Ecurie Ecosse), Henry Birkin, Arthur Owen (racing Coopers), Ken Gregory (Racing), Caracciola, Marcus Chambers (hill climbing), Cholmondeley Tapper (racing driver). (16) UNSOLD
883 Two Large Coloured Re-Prints, Stylised Artwork and Photographic Print from 'Das Auto' Magazine, limited series of 25 published by Drivepast, A2 size on heavy textured art paper, title embossed, of Husen Van Koln, Mercedes W165, 1950 and a contemporary Auto Union and Fangio wins 1956 German GP in Ferrari-Lancia D50. (2) UNSOLD
884 Two Large Coloured Re-Prints, Stylised Artwork from 'Das Auto' Magazine, limited series of 25 published by Drivepast, A2 size on heavy textured art paper, title embossed, of Erik Weber, 1951 Mercedes at Nurburgring and Van Koln, 1949 Mercedes W154. (2) UNSOLD
885 Two Large Coloured Re-Prints Stylised Artwork from 'Das Auto' Magazine, and 'Eagle Comic 1962', limited series of 25 published by Drivepast, A2 size on heavy textured art paper, title embossed, of Van Koln, humorous 'Partygoers failing to avoid a cat's tail' in BMW 321 and 'Cross', Fangio in Mercedes, 1955 Monaco GP. (2) UNSOLD
886 Two Large Coloured Re-Prints, Stylised Artwork and Photographic Print from 'Das Auto' Magazine, limited series of 25 published by Drivepast, A2 size on heavy textured art paper, title embossed, of Walter Gotschke, 1951 Ferrari and an Alfa, Nurburgring and Photographic Print, Fangio wins 1957 German GP in Maserati 250F. (2)
887 WOLSELEY HORNET – Original Brochure 11 x 8 ½ inch, 'Cars for 1933', with 44 pages on glazed paper with silver edging describing Hornet 6 cylinder model, the Hornet Special, the '16' 6 cylinder model, the 21/60 6 cylinder model and 21/60 long wheelbase model, with specifications and technical details, colour finishes and prices, 3 monochrome photo prints of cars, 4 coloured illustrations including interiors. Thick card binding with silver details to front cover. £100
888 ROLLS-ROYCE – Original Brochure for the 'Twenty', 36 pages on thick paper 12 x 9 inches, including 10 with individual tipped-in coloured prints of bodywork designs, and with full mechanical specification pages. guarantee, prices, list of 'Selling Representatives' and overseas Service Depots, etc. £110
889 HERBERT ENGINEERING - A very rare original factory Leaflet for the 1921 H.E car, glazed paper 7.¼ x 9.¾ inches, 8 pages with studio photographs of the 4-seat Tourer and the 2-seat Sports models, two photographs of the 14-20 hp engine, one of rear drive and back axle, and one of side view of front of chassis with engine and bulkhead, all with detailed technical information, and with rubber stamped price list. £80
890 CLULEY – Rare original Leaflet dated November 1920, a folded card cover enclosing an 8 x 17 inch glazed paper sheet with photograph and full technical details of the Cluley 10hp 2-seater. Note this is in extremely fine crisp condition. Also GALLOWAY – Rare original folded Leaflet opening to 15 ½ x 9 inches with details of the 10/20 hp Coupe model and small tipped-in photograph of side view of the 2-door model '£550 complete', and drawing of the factory building, print date November 1920, and ANGUS-SANDERSON – Rare original folded glazed paper Leaflet c. 1920 opening to 14 ½ x 9 ½ inches with details of the 14hp de luxe chassis, 4-seat Tourer (£625) and all-weather model (£825). (3) £120
891 B.S.A. CARS – Original Brochure with print date January 1933, 9 ½ x 5 ¾ inches, card cover enclusing 11 pages on glazed paper for 'The New B.S.A. Rear-Drive 10hp Car', includes photograph of saloon and open 4-seater, interior view and technical details and specification, together with similar details for the 9hp car and photograph of the open 4-seater and 'Peerless Coupe', photograph and technical details of the 9hp chassis and engine. Very clean condition, and together with a Road Test re-printed from The Motor, January 1933, of the 10hp saloon and Daimler Fluid Flywheel, and a compliments slip from Tankard & Smith, South Tottenham. (3)
892 A.V. BI-CAR – Rare original Brochure by makers Ward & Avery for the 1921 'A.V. Bi-Car', 8 pages printed in blue on 9 ¼ x 6 inch glazed paper and with blue card covers. The car is described as 'an 8hp model for 2 persons and a child, following on from the A.V. Monocar', and has an artists impression of a very rakish streamlined example, specification and technical details including the J.A.P. 988 cc engine, and quoting a price of £235.00, together with PILAIN – Rare original single sheet Leaflet for the 10.4 hp Pilain Light Car, 14 ¾ x 9 ½ inches, with photograph and specification of the small open tourer. Also WARREN LAMBERT - Very rare original brochure, 'The Mountain Climber' light car. (3)
893 VULCAN – Small Publicity Brochure 5 ½ x 8 ¼ inch, the gilt embossed thick cover with trade mark and 'Ask the Man who owns one', 16 pages on glazed paper with photographs of factory interiors and 10-15 doctor's coupe and 15-9 tourer, and with testimonials and list of agents. Usage marks overall. £60
894 S.L.I.M. - Rare original folded single-sheet Leaflet on glazed paper opening to 14 ¾ x 9 ½ inches for the 18-40 French S.L.I.M. Car published by GB Agents Perrens & McCracken, London, and with abridged specification and technical details including compressed-air starting, line drawing of side view of engine and overhead view of chassis and transmission, together with ALSACE – Rare original single folded Leaflet, 14 x 11 inches open, for the new 1920 American Alsace 4 Special, 'The four that runs like a six', with photographs of a touring car, a chassis, Herschell-Spillman engine and a 15cwt van, with specification and British price list, together with an additional sheet for the 1921 saloon and copy of an article from The Motor, August 11th 1920, stating 'A medium priced American motor of the utility type, notable for liveliness and smooth running'. (4) £50
895 WOLSELEY – Original Brochure for the November 1919 'Wolseley Ten, Formerly Stellite', 11 pages 9 ½ x 7 ½ on glazed paper, with photographs of chassis, 2-seater with dickie, 3-seater, fixed-head coupe and basic specifications, and another similar for the 'Fifteen 4 Cylinder Model' with photographs of chassis, a touring car and a saloon. (2) £65
896 WOLSELEY – A Publicity Book 'Wolseley on War Service', card covers and 56 pages on 8 ½ x 11 inch glazed paper with many photographs of vehicles in Great War service 1914-1919, factory interior views and other products including aero engines, propellors and S.E.5 fuselages, naval gun mountings, shells, also testimonials, etc. Some pages loose. £50