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Lot Hammer Price
897 LONDON MOTOR EXHIBITION 1920 – Official Catalogue, card cover and 465 pages 6 ¼ x 9 ½ inches with advertisements and individual details of 519 exhibitor's stands, clean pages, one with slight tear, the cover with some usage marks and red white & blue ribbon lanyard. £95
898 HILLMAN – Large folded Publicity Sheet for the 1936 'Hillman Minx Magnificent', 21 x 21 inches open, sepia printed with views of the Minx saloon and basic specification, and some illustrations and text taken from The Autocar, August 1935, stating 'A remarkable new design'. (2)
899 LUCAS MOTORALITIES – Booklet with card covers and 54 glazed pages 5 x 7 ¾ inch with photographs and details of Lucas lamps, dimmer switches, dash lamps, oil cans, screen wipers, mirrors, horns, wrenches, jacks, etc; and a similar edition for 1927. Note these are both in very crisp and clean condition, appearing to have had little use. (2) £80
900 VETERAN/EDWARDIAN – Large thick ribbon-bound card cover Book, 'A Dissected Model of a Motor-Car', published by George Philip, 14 ¾ x 9 ½ inches, cover with photograph of a chain-drive exposed chauffeur saloon, and with 10 glazed pages of text of working parts and some photographs with corresponding drawings having parts identification keys, the inside of the rear cover with coloured card illustration of veteran tourer with fold-over sections progressively exposing bodywork down to bare chassis. Extremely good and crisp condition for age.
901 'S.S'. - A 1935 Instruction Book for S.S.1 and S.S.11 Models, 102 pages and with pull-out chassis drawing showing service points. Well used with evidence of mechanic's handling!
902 ROLLS-ROYCE & BENTLEY – A 1930s 'On the Road' Promotional Magazine with photographs of cars in UK and Continental locations; a similar Rolls-Royce Bulletin for June 1954, and another July 1952, these including jet aircraft; a glazed paper reprint from The Motor of December 1935 relating to the 3 ½ litre Bentley drop-head Coupe and corresponding factory card announcement of the availability of the 4 ¼ litre engine for the 3 ½ litre chassis. (5) UNSOLD
903 HUDSON & TERRAPLANE – Original Brochure for the 1934 Hudson Eights and Terraplane Sixes, 15 glazed pages 9 ¾ x 7 ¼ inch with photographs and specifications for British market models, together with a single folded glazed sheet open to 5 ¾ x 10 ¾ inches for the 16.9hp Terraplane Standard Sedan, with photographs including Windover bodies, and with 1934 specifications and price list, and a separate studio photograph of a rakish bodied Terraplane 2-door pram-iron Coupe. (3) £40
904 First International Road Congress, Paris, 1908 - Rare original hardback Folder containing large quantity of individual loose paper Reports in French and English, some with pull-out diagrams. £30
905 MORRIS - Loose Leaf Folder with photocopies of Vintage Morris Service Information Sheets 1928-1931; and original illustrated Spare Parts Lists for Morris Oxford '6' 1932; Morris '10' 1932; Morris all models 1933; and Wolseley '10'; these in used condition, some damaged pages; and a 1930s Morris Salesman's Manual. (6) £22
906 County Electrical Services illustrated Catalogue for LUCAS, CAV, S.U, DELCO-REMY, AC, together with a quantity of Brochures & Leaflets for Lucas electrical equipment, generally appear 1950s/1960s, some possibly earlier. (Qty)
907 Old Print of a period sepia Photograph, 11 ½ x 9 inches, of a Mews street scene with Edwardian vehicles, including commercial tri-car ET-371, adjacent to premises of West End Garage. Note centre patch of print damaged, and with 18 ¼ x 15 ½ inch mount (a/f) £10
908 Original BUGATTI Factory leaflet for Type 46 (5 Litres) Brakes, 8 pages, French text and with diagrams. £60
909 Original BUGATTI Factory leaflet for Types 46 and 50 Clutch, 4 pages, French text with wonderful double page diagram. UNSOLD
910 SOLEX carburettor Type F.V. and F.H., Fitting and Instruction booklet and similar for F.A.I. and A.I.C. (2) £10
911 TALBOT – Factory Publication 'Conquest of the Alps', 11 x 8.½ inches, illustrated card cover, 16 glazed pages of text and photographs of Talbots in the 1932 International Alpine Trial; 'The Talbot in the Alps', a similar book of the 1934 Alpine Trial, the cover with route map, 20 pages, and with dealer's stamp of The Motordrome Auto Garages, Newcastle. (2) £60
912 TALBOT – 'The Invincible Talbot, True to Tradition', a folded single glazed Sheet opening to 22 x 19 ½ inches, some colour, and both sides with photographs of 12 cars, models 65, 75, 95 and 105, specifications and prices. Note torn but present section.
913 TALBOT – Folded printed thick Sheet with colour, opening to 19 x 12 inches, full description and illustrations of 'The Wonderful New Talbot Self-Changing Gearbox' (Wilson), thought to be 1933; and a small thread-bound Brochure 5 ¾ inches square, 'Talbot Cars Efficient to the Last Nut', embossed card cover with 28 glazed pages, with chassis and body photographs and details of many model variations of the 14-45 Scout, the 75 (nine types including Weymann deluxe saloons), 90 (including Brooklands tourer) and 105 short chassis Speed Models, and with page of speed records. (2) £40
914 TALBOT – Cream single Sheet 18 ¾ x 5 ¾ inches open for 14-40 six cylinder Saloon with 'Popular Tickford Sunshine Roof', October 1929, together with TALBOT – Leaflet 8 ¼ x 5 ¼ inches 'General Adjustments to Preselector Gear Boxes of Talbot Cars', Vol 1 No: 28 for years 1933-1937, 8 pages of typed text and 3 drawings. (2) UNSOLD
915 TALBOT – Brochure 'The Invincible' with thick mottled card cover, 8 ¼ x 6 inches, 24 cream glazed pages, chassis and body photographs of 65, 75, 95, 90 Speed and 105 Super Speed models with features, general specifications and competition records for 1932, and with dealer's stamp of The Motordrome Auto Garages, Newcastle. UNSOLD
916 TALBOT – Single glazed Sheet opening to 24 ½ x 7 ¼ inches by G. Wylder & Co, Coach Builders, Kew, some colour, featuring their stand at the 1931 Olympia Motor Show and with illustrations and specifications of the Wylder bodied Talbot 90 short chassis de luxe Four Door Saloon and 14-45 long chassis Four Door Drop Head. £55
917 TALBOT – A Period Photographic Print 10 x 6 inches of the 11th August 1932 Bank Holiday Meeting at Brooklands, Senior Mountain Handicap, a view of cars on track with Vickers building in background, ink inscribed over cars in racing order A.P. Fane (Frazer Nash), Dr. E.J. Roth (Talbot), R.J.W. Appleton (Bugatti), together with 'Vintage' Magazine, Vol 1 No: 8, with Talbot article. (2) £20
918 BENTLEY DRIVERS CLUB – Twenty-one Reviews 1973-1985 and fifteen Reviews 1990s, together with approximately 106 Various principally Silverstone Race Meeting Programmes, 1973-1999, with a few hill climbs etc., plus 1969 Golden Jubilee and 1977 Queen Elizabeth Silver Jubilee Programmes and 5 Club Dinner Menus. Also Booklets including 'Where have all the Blowers gone (2 copies); 'All the pre-war Bentleys as new' plus supplement; 'The how and where of the 8 litre Bentleys' (2); 'Twenty years of Crewe Bentleys' (2 copies); 'The R-type Continental, Buxton Golden Jubilee 1986', and two Index Lists. (Approx. 158) £30
919 MALAYSIA & SINGAPORE Vintage Car Register Magazines, 23 various. £10
920 'The Legendary 2.3' ALFA ROMEO 8c 2300. Simon Moore, pub Parkside Publications. Three volumes in slip case signed by author. £180
921 'The Immortal 2.9' ALFA ROMEO 8c 2900 Simon Moore, pub. Parkside Publications. Signed by author. Mint. £170
922 Monaco Grand Prix Calendar 2013, 16 ½ x 11 ½ inches. With twelve wonderful period Monaco GP 'posters', mainly 1930s. Unopened NOS. £10
923 BIANCHI - Range Brochure, c1925, 11 ¾ x 8 ¾ inches. High quality production, 28 pp, embossed card covers, with colour plates, line drawings, special features, prices etc. Very clean copy. UNSOLD
924 'Les 24 Heures Du Mans 1951. Programme Officiel', 160 pp including adverts plus (detached) folt out results table, card covers, French text. £90
925 'FERRARI Album' 1, 2 and 3, all edited Jonathan Thomson, pub. The Color Market 1981 and 1982, softbacks. £35
926 AUTO COURSE - Complete bound volumes for 1951, 1953, 1954 and 1955. Bound with covers and adverts in publishers bindings with gold blocking. Also four unbound copies (complete year) for 1952, No. 4 less cover. (8) £260
927 ALFA ROMEO - Cutaway line Drawing of 1938 2900B Le Mans Streamlined Coupe by Touring. On glazed thick paper, 740 x 330 mm, together with Cutaway colour Drawing of Monoposto Tipo B, with description, as used in 'The Immortal 2.9' by Simon Moore, 16 ½ x 11 ½ inches. Also MILLER colour Poster, limited edition No. 147/750. (3) £30
928 Large quantity various Auction House Catalogues including Herefordshire Vintage Auctions, Brooks, Sothebys including large poster, RM etc. (3 boxes) £80
929 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance - Three high quality Brochures from 39th Annual 1989, 43rd Annual 1993 and 63rd Annual 2013. (3) £40
930 'Electricalites' LUCAS electrics Handbook, 1938, 54 pp, card covers and loose leafs on LUVAX Shock Absorbers and TECALEMIT Oil and Greasers. (4) £12
931 Box various pre and post war Motor Accessories Catalogues etc., including BRICOVMO, COVMO, WELLWORTHY, REMAX, BHB Pistons, HEPOLITE, SPECIALLOID Pistons etc. (Box) £90
932 BROWN Brothers Limited Motor Accessories Catalogue. Hardback, approximately 600 pp, c1950s. Full of artwork and descriptions. UNSOLD
933 Nine mainly prewar Motor Accessories Catalogues including 'Catalogue of Motor Trimmings No. 22', 'The Trader Handbook 1939', 'Tools Equipment & Specialities for the Motor Trade by PICKAVANT' 1938, E.P. BARRUS Ltd 'Automotive Tools and Workshop Equipment' 1939, PAYEN Gaskets 1939, RENOLDS & COVENTRY Chains 1939, ROMAC Catalogues etc. (9) UNSOLD
934 EDMUNDS, WALKER and Company Limited Catalogue. Hardback, approximately 500 pp, c1930s, together with GILLESPIE & Company of New York, Inc., General Export Catalogue No. 2, 256 pp, softback, 1932. Wonderful images and accessories, R. CADISCH & Sons Motor Catalogue, No. 136, less covers, TECALEMIT 'Aero, Engine and Vehicle Equipment' embossed card covers, very clean copy. (4) £35
935 HOUR 'Replacement Spares Service'. Hardback, 375 pp, c1930s, parts for AUSTIN, CHEVROLET, CITROEN, CLYNO, FORD, LEYLAND, MORRIS, RILEY, ROVER, SINGER, STANDARD, TRIUMPH, WOLSELEY etc., some damp damage. Also BRIVEC 'Replacements for Popular British Vehicles', hardback, 208 pp, 1937, V.L. CHURCHILL & Co. Ltd. 'Garage Tools & Service Equipment', softback, 81 pp, c1930s, and three other tools catalogues. (6) £60
936 'Automobile Engineering' ten volumes, various authors, pub. Pitman 1932-39, some second editions. (10) UNSOLD
937 'SMITHS MA Motor Accessories 1935' Catalogue, 40 pp including covers, 10 ½ x 7 ¼ inches portrait. Full of wonderful period artwork and unusual accessories. £90
938 Collection of MG Brochures including; MG EX-E Press Pack with fold out colour brochure 11 ¾ x 8 ½ inches opens to 23 ½ x 17 inches (two copies), nine A4 page company write up and eight 10 x 8 Photographs; MGB Limited Edition single sheet Brochure; British Motor Heritage (MGB) Brochure; MG Metro Brochure etc. Also LOTUS Super 7 Series III fold out Poster style Brochure, from Caterham Car Sales, 12 x 8 inches opens to 24 x 16 inches, together with 1979 typed Component Price List, a Letter from Sales Manager and Road Test, reprinted from The MOTOR. (Qty) £60
939 'CASTROL Achievements'. A good near-consecutive run of promotional yearbooks c1930s-1960s (not produced in WWII) 1935, 1936 1938 and 1949-57 and 1959-1966, having decorative artwork covers by Gordon Horner and others. (20) £70
940 'Design and Behaviour of The Racing Car' Stirling Moss and Laurence Pomeroy, Limited Edition No. 97/250 Signed by both Authors, pub. Kimber 1963, 285 pp, cloth covered Covers with gold blocking, less slip case. £80
941 Four Motoring titles - 'The Motorists Companion' John Prioleau, pub. Dent 1936, 503 pp, d/w. Period piece; 'FORD' Robert Lacey, pub. Heinemann 1986, 778 pp, d/w; 'The ROVER' G. Oliver, pub. Cassell 1971, 220 pp including Index, d/w, and 'MERCEDES-BENZ' S.C.H. Davis, pub. Muller 1956, 224 pp, d/w. (4) UNSOLD
942 Four Motoring titles - 'Controlling a Racing Car Team' S.C.H. Davis, pub. Foulis 1951, 119 pp, d/w. Superb copy of book by one who was there; 'Alf Francis. Racing Mechanic' as told to Peter Lewis, pub. Foulis, 336 pp, d/w (a/f). Authoritative racing insight, now rare; 'Works Driver' the autobiography of Piero Taruffi, translated by D.B. Tubbs, pub. Temple Press 1964, 222 pp including Appendix, d/w and 'My Father, Mr. MERCEDES' Guy Jellinek-Mercedes, pub. Foulis 1966, 320 pp, d/w. English translation. (4) UNSOLD
943 Six motoring titles - 'The Veteran Car Club 50 Years Pictorial History' Nagle & Sedgwick, pub. VCC 1981, 176 pp, d/w. Comprehensive and well illustrated history; 'The Restoration and Preservation of Vintage and Classic Cars' Wood, pub. Haynes 1977, 297 pp, d/w; 'Lord AUSTIN – The Man' Lambert & Wyatt, pub. Sedgwick & Jackson 1968, 187 pp, d/w. A well researched 'proper' biography; 'The Trailblazers' Nicholson, pub. Cassell 1958, 178 pp, d/w; 'Turning Back the Clock' Geoff Owen, pub. Fitzjames Press 2000, 256 pp. Paperback. Fascinating Motor trader's story 1945 to 1988 and 'The Restoration of Vintage and Thoroughbred Cars' Wheatley & Morgan, pub. Batsford, 2nd edition 1967, 192 pp, d/w. Comprehensive and thought provoking. (6) UNSOLD
944 Four motor related titles - 'MASERATI: A History' Pritchard, pub. David & Charles 1976, 400 pp with production history and competition result appendices, d/w; 'Beyond Expectation. The VOLKSWAGEN Story' K.B. Hopfinger, pub. Foulis 1954, 177 pp, d/w. Early VW history Porsche designs etc. Very rare; 'Automobile Treasures' Nicholson, pub. Ian Allen 1964, 120 pp, d/w. Sterile but interesting guide to European motor museums of 1963 and 'The Motoring Century' Story of the Royal Automobile Club. Brendon, pub. Bloomsbury 1997, 432 pp, d/w. Well illustrated and authoritative. (4) UNSOLD
945 Eleven motor related titles - 'LEYLAND Heritage' Thomas, pub. Temple Press 1984, 144 pp, d/w. Large, well illustrated and comprehensive; 'The Illustrated History of FORD Vans, Trucks and PSVs' M Allen & L. Geary, pub. Haynes 1988, 192 pp including Tables, d/w. Covers all British models; 'CROSSVILLE Motor Services. Part 1. The First 40 Years' (from 1911) Caroll & Roberts, pub. Venture 1995, 160 pp including Tables. Large format, well illustrated with period plates; 'Birmingham City Transport' Covers 1899-1977. Keeley, Russell, Gray, pub. TPC 1977, 192 pp plus Maps etc. Large landscape format, comprehensively illustrated; 'Barton. Part 1. 1908-1949' Oxley, pub. TPC 1983, 136 pp. Softback; 'The Classic Buses' Booth, pub. Ian Allen 1980, 124 pp, d/w. Well illustrated with period b&w shots; 'Blue Triangle' (AEC buses and coaches) A. Townsin, pub. Venture 1994, 260 pp. Profusely illustrated in b&w and colour; '80 Years of GUY Motors' Covers 1914-1994 Cars, Trucks and Buses. Hannay & Broatch, pub. Venture 1994, 144 pp including Appendices. Profusely illustrated in b&w and colour; 'The Best of British Buses' No. 5. 75 Years of CROSSVILLE 1906-1981. Caroll, pub. TPC 1981, 97 pp. Softback. Well illustrated in b&w; 'The LEYLAND Bus' D. Jack, pub. Transport Publishing 1977, 440 pp, d/w. Large, well illustrated and comprehensive. and 'Aldershot's Buses' Holmes, pub. Waterfront 1992, 168 pp including Tables, d/w. Well illustrated history from c1906. (11) UNSOLD
946 Four Motoring titles - 'Four Wheels on My Basket' Autobiography of Charles Meisl (PORSCHE etc.), pub. bmp 1991, 131 pp, d/w. Interesting history of post-war scene, early Porsche importing, Cibie etc.; 'MASERATI Sports Racing and GT Cars from 1926' Richard Crump & Rob de la Rive Box, pub. Foulis 2nd edition 1985, 320 pp, d/w; 'The VAUXHALL Companion' Ullyett, pub. Stanley Dash 1971, 160 pp, d/w, and 'European Classic Cars. The Survivors' Rasmussen, pub. Picturama 1975. Large landscape format, with period and 'arty' pictures. (4) UNSOLD