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Lot Hammer Price
947 Six motoring titles - 'The Motoring Montagus' Lord Montagu, pub. Cassell 1959, 144 pp plus 84 pp catalogue of exhibits at Beaulieu, d/w; 'The Motorists Weekend Book' Frostick & Harding, pub. Batsford 1960, 303 pp, d/w. A splendid illustrated anthology; 'A Vintage Car Casebook' Peter Hull & Nigel Arnold-Forster, pub. Batsford 1976, 192 pp, d/w. Essential reading; 'The German Grand Prix' Posthumus, pub. Temple Press 1966, 143 pp, d/w. Covers 1926-1965, with Appendices; 'The Second Motor Book' An anthology 1919/1939. Nicholson, pub. Methuen 1964, 240 pp, d/w. Well illustrated, mainly sporting selection, and 'Competition Cars of Europe' Anthony Pritchard, pub. Hale 1970, 208 pp, d/w. Authoritative tome, covers 1934-1969. Illustrated. (6) £10
948 'Henry. A life of Henry FORD II' Walter Hayes, pub. Weidenfeld & Nicholson 1990, 285 pp, d/w and 'FORD in Europe. The First 70 Years' Autocar Road Tests, pub. IPC 1975, 86 pp. Softback, large format. (2) £10
949 Four motor related titles - 'A History of Sports Cars' Georgano, pub. Nelson 1970, 320 pp, d/w. Well chosen illustrations, and sound supporting text; 'The Golden Age of the American Racing Car' Borgeson, pub. Sidgwick & Jackson 1966, 288 pp, with Tables, d/w. Large format broad brush history by a master, and 'Sports and Classic Cars' Borgeson & Jaderquist, pub. Bonanza 1955, 466 pp including Appendix, d/w. Large format period history of the world's motorcars from 1955, US perspective. (4) £10
950 'The ROLLS-ROYCE Phantom II Continental' Raymond Gentile, pub. Dalton Watson 1980, 272 pp, d/w. Superb coverage of every Continental produced. £30
951 'FERRARI. Sports and GT Cars' Fitzgerald, Merritt & Thompson, pub. CBS third review and enlarged edition 1976, 264 pp, d/w. Large format. Comprehensive, together with 'BRISTOL Cars Gold Portfolio 1946-1985' collection of Road Test reprints, 188 pp. Softback. Also 'Twenty Six Years of Bristol Cars 1946-1972' pub. Anthony Crook 1972, 60 pp, spiral bound. Hard used copy and 'The LEA-FRANCIS Story' Barrie Price, pub. Batsford 1978 first edition, 144 pp, d/w. Very readable, well illustrated. By acknowledged expert. (3) £20
952 'E.R.A. The History of English Racing Automobiles' David Weguelin, pub. White Mouse Editions 1980, 288 pp. In slip case, ERA badge to cover. Comprehensive and superbly illustrated. The first of the super luxury books pioneered by White Mouse. Still fantastic. £170
953 Four motor related titles - 'DAIMLER Century' Lord Montagu & David Burgess-Wise, pub. Patrick Stephens 1995, 304 pp, d/w. Large format. Fascinating and superbly illustrated; 'Three Pointed Star' Scott-Moncrieff, St. John Nixon & Clarence Page, pub. Cassell 1955, 360 pp including Appendices. Hardback. Comprehensive 1950s production, but essential reading. Grubby copy; 'Alle BMW Automobile 1928-1978' Werner Oswald, pub. Motorbuch Verlag Stuttgart 1978, 174 pp, d/w. Large format. German text, and somewhat superficial, but well illustrated and useful tables, and 'FERRARI' Hans Tanner, pub. Foulis 1974, fourth enlarged edition, 310 pp plus Appendices, Specifications etc., d/w. Standard work, well read but sound copy. (4) £18
954 'Motor Racing and Record Breaking' G.E.T. Eyston & Barrie Lyndon, pub. Batsford 1935, 116 pp. Hardback. Colour frontispiece by Gordon Crosby. Very well illustrated. £22
955 Quantity of AUTOCAR and MOTOR Road Tests, 1950s and 1960s in two files, together with folder of period brochures. (3) £30
956 Box Haynes and other publishers Manuals. (Box) UNSOLD
957 Box marque Handbooks, together with FORD Parts Books, a Diesel Engine book, and quantity Parts Catalogues. (Box) £12
958 Box AUSTIN, MORRIS, BMC and ROVER etc. Workshop Manuals. (Box) UNSOLD
959 'The Train', after Alan Stammers, monochrome limited edition print, 503/750, signed by the artist, Stirling Moss and Fangio, 1955 MERCEDES-BENZ grand prix cars. Mounted, framed and glazed 43 x 33-inches. With certificate of authenticity, full colour photographs of Moss and Fangio signing prints, newspaper article etc. Footnote: These prints were the only edition to bear the signatures of both Fangio and Moss. UNSOLD
960 Various manufacturer's Brochures including VW Golf, Scirocco, Smart Car, FIAT, LANCIA, ALFA 156 Sportwagon, RENAULT Floride, VOLVO 164 & 264, CITROEN, SAAB, MERCEDES Brabus etc. (Approx 30). £35
961 Various Brochures for JAGUAR S-Type, XJS, XJ6, DAIMLER Sovereign, Double Six, New V12 Saloon (with photo slides), XF, TWR Sport 1985. (10) £10
962 'Car Care' Magazine, in seven publishers binders. (7) UNSOLD
963 'The BUICK. A Complete History' 90th Anniversary Edition, together with 'Standard Catalogue of Buick 1903-1990'. (2) £30
964 Motoring related titles - 'Auto-Parade', 'French Cars from 1920-1925' Dumont, English edition, 'Blue Blood. The History of GP Racing Cars in France' Bellu, English edition translated by Bolster, a KARMANN title with German text and 'La 2CV' French text. (4) £10
965 Motoring related titles – 'LOTUS Elan 1962-1973' Clark, 'Parmers Hill' (Worcestershire interest) Ian Morris, 146 pp, softback. Signed by the author. Also 'The Artful Bodger' (Malvern interest)Bradshaw and Henshaw, 120 pp, softback, etc. (Qty) UNSOLD
966 Group of fourteen re-printed Photographs of Vintage CITROEN and PEUGEOT, average size 9 x 7 inches, individually mounted on A4 thin card, and eight smaller examples including ALFA, AUSTRO-DAIMLER, SUKUBA, SINSON-SUPRA, ADLER, HANOMAG, DIETRICH, AUDI, DATSUN, etc, similarly mounted, each card with typed descriptions of model types in German, together with a group of miscellaneous period Photographs of vintage cars and a few factory interiors. (Qty) UNSOLD
967 MORRIS – Re-printed Photographs including view of Cowley works building in 1912, 1919-1920 Bullnose, the first M.G, the Oxford Six, all with Morris Motors back stamp, and various other vintage Morris examples. (7) £20
968 LANCHESTER – Two small period sepia Prints of 40hp 7-seat three-quarter landaulette mounted on thin card with printed details, together with 7 Lanchester Photographs. Also DAIMLER – Eight period sepia Photographs of the interior upholstery of a vintage Daimler saloon. (8) £10
969 CITROEN - Original vintage company Paperwork – Brochure on glazed paper with Dutch dealer's stamp, yellow colour single-fold opening to 19 x 9 inches with full side view of 5cv 2-seat torpedo and six small leaflets for 1926 10cv B14 (German text), 1929 models, 1931 model 14cv C6F, 1932 & 1933 full model range, and 1932 C141X, together with Citroen Diesels, second edition not dated Brochure for 'confidential information to concessionaires, agents and salesmen', 11 x 8 inches, and another dated 1936, and 'Eposez La '7' Citroen, a Brochure dated April 1931 for dealers showing examples of traction avant advertising for magazines, invitation cards etc, 16 pp, 11 x 8 inches. (10) £30
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