Here are the Automobilia results for our June Auction.
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Lot Hammer Price
102 KISMET Trolley Compressor, 32 inches long, and with cast front wheel. Hose a/f. UNSOLD
103 A large electric Farnborough Engine Indicator by Dobbie, McInnes, in original wood case. £90
104 A large ex-MOD commercial Battery Charger for lead-acid or alkaline cells, dated 1973; a large Crypton ex-MOD commercial Battery Charger, and six small Chargers. (8) £10
105 Six small Screw Jacks by ERNLAKE, SHELLEY, LAKE & ELLIOT and Smiths. (6) £20
106 A small manual bench Drill and three small belt-drive bench Spindles, one with circular saw attachment. (4) UNSOLD
107 A massive BLACK & DECKER hand-held "Ripsnorter" Circular Saw in its steel case. Note this is a very old example, is electrically untested and sold as a curio only and not for use. See our Terms & Conditions. £10
108 Large quantity of NOS Electrical Bullet Connectors, plated and un-plated types, plus sleeve sockets, single, double and triple types. (Qty) £45
109 Phase Change Converter, single to 3-phase, with leads, NOS in box. £190
110 Trolley Jack, 2-Ton, in case with handle. £15
111 BOSCH Cordless Drill, BLACK & DECKER Circular Saw, Blowlamp and Burner Nozzles in case. (4) £18
112 AUTORANGER Multi Meter, in original box, Timing Light, Electric Screwdriver tool and Floodlight. (4) £12
113 Quantity useful Spares etc. - Battery Terminals, coil of Wire, four Wiper Blades, Fuel Pipe, box Core Plugs, Tail Pipe Brackets, metal Case, battery Brackets, Spark Plugs, eight various Grease Guns including brass ENOTS types etc. (Qty) UNSOLD
114 Box assorted HERBERT LINDER Grinding Wheels, NOS. UNSOLD
115 Set large Number Punches, in metal tin. £140
116 An AUSTIN Spanner, a small 1936 Air Ministry adjustable Wrench, an Abingdon adjstable Wrench, a SWIFT Spanner, FORD Pliers and 2 Spanners, 2 ROLLS-ROYCE Spanners and a BSA Spanner, a Suspension Compressor for a Mini, four various plated pen-type Tyre Gauges and an early brass SCHRADER Tyre Gauge with patent dates to 1919. Also MERCEDES Tool Wrap with partial contents. (17) £70
117 Five Screw Jacks - HD High Lift; LAKE & ELLIOT with long handle; MIDAS Junior 7 (AUSTIN Seven size) with long handle; Midas Junior for use with starting handle; SHELLEY Bantam (AUSTIN Seven size) with handle. (5) £22
118 WIRE WHEEL Corp of America, Buffalo, N/Y – Wheel Hub Spanner, with brass instruction plate. Suit ROLLS-ROYCE etc. £28
119 Henry Miller & Co. London, SKYHI Hydraulic Jack, Model No. 393, 4-Ton capacity. High quality. UNSOLD
120 Box various BSF Nuts, Bolts and Washers etc, mainly NOS. (Box) £50
121 Box Tools etc., including Timing Light, Piston Ring Compressor, Wheel Braces etc. (Box) £15
122 High Quality MICHELIN & Co. Early cone shaped screw Jack 'Fast', 2000 kg capacity. With brass Instruction plate, French text. £40
123 High Quality MICHELIN & Co. Early cone shaped screw Jack 'Fast', 2-Ton capacity. With brass Instruction plate, English text. £80
124 High Quality MICHELIN & Co. Early cone shaped screw Jack 'Flirt', 1000 kg capacity. With brass Instruction plate, French text. £160
125 Early ERNEST H. HILL Ltd, Sheffield, Hand Tyre Pump. 20 ¾ inch brass body, with correct pressure gauge, wooden handle and tube (a/f), together with a similar example 'The Sphinx', slightly a/f. (2) £28
131 Large hand operated KLAXON Trumpet Horn, 15 inches long including wooden handle with 7 inch trumpet. Numbered 057F, finished in black enamel and with mounting bracket. Very loud! £70
132 SPARTON 'Chime Bugle'. Three Air Horns, 16, 12 and 9 inches long, mounted on compressor. Number 12 34, 6 volt. £40
133 Main & Reserve Petrol Control Rod, 27 inches long, with chromium plated Knob, together with similar items and spares. Suit MG etc. (Qty) £50
134 LUCAS No. 10 brass Trumpet Horn, 16 inches long, with 11 ½ inch Trumpet. For Battery Box mounting. Suit MORRIS Bullnose etc. £70
135 Box various mainly glass Lenses, including MARCHAL 670/680, LUCAS 464, 488, L562 etc., together with Rims, Instrument Glasses, Tax Disc Holders, Mirrors etc., also unusual DESMO adjustable Filler Cap Lock. (Box) £10
136 BOSCH UK12 AB curved Trumpet Horn, with original mounting bracket. £50
137 Early bevelled glass Mirror, 7 x 3 inches, and with adjustable mounting bracket, together with pair fold-flat windscreen Mounting Brackets and pair NOS Number Plate blanks, finished in black. (5) £35
138 LUCAS 4-cylinder G4 Magneto, No. 9313C, clockwise rotation as viewed from the back. £45
139 LUCAS No. 744 brass Oil Lamp, 13 inches tall with 4 ½ inch bevelled glass lens and ruby tell tale, together with similar steel bodied 'Driving Lamp', possibly American, with thick convex bevelled glass lens and ruby tell tale. Both converted for Mains power use. £60
140 Pair LUCAS drum type brass Headlights, fork mounted, 8 inches diameter, lenses a/f. Converted to run off Mains power. (Pair) £60
141 Pair small CAV Headlights, bevelled glass lenses, 6 inches diameter, black enamel over chromium plate, mounting stalks. Suit AUSTIN Seven etc. (Pair) £50
142 Pair large CAV Headlights, Model NB, bevelled glass lenses, black enamel over nickel plated brass, fork mounted, together with similar CAV Headlight, Model B, 10 inches diameter, fork mounted. (3) £150
143 Pair LUCAS M141 Headlights, 8 inches diameter, chromium plated, side mounted, less lenses. (Pair) UNSOLD
144 Pair early windscreen mounted Lamps, brass bodies and rims, bevelled glass lenses, 5 ½ inches diameter, with fixing nuts. Ex DAIMLER. (Pair) £80
145 Box various Spot and Fog Lamps including LUCAS, LUMAX, RAYDYOT etc., also quantity chromium plated wing mirrors. (Box) £28
146 A Vintage BREXTON Luggage Trunk with plated fittings, base length 33 inches, base width 18 ½ inches, rear height 18 ½ inches. UNSOLD
147 Small BREXTON lined Trunk, with plated fittings and carry handle. £70
148 Eighteen brass Fuel Taps, including ENOTS 'Main & Reserve' types and sediment trap types (ex MORRIS Bullnose) etc. Also spare trap and brass union. (20) £220
149 LUCAS No. 38 triple-twist brass Bulb Horn. Finished in black enamel with fly-screen, bulb and mounting bracket. Excellent loud note! £60
150 KLAXONET Trumpet Horn, 12 volt, 11 ½ inches long with 7 inch trumpet. In good working order. £70
151 Three LUCAS No. 60 Bulb Horns, black enamel finish with reeds and fly-screens but less bulbs. (3) UNSOLD
152 LUCAS No. 10 brass Trumpet Horn, finished in black enamel, 16 inches long, with 11 ½ inch trumpet. For battery box mounting. Suit MORRIS Bullnose etc. UNSOLD
153 Pair Rear Diver's Helmet RUBBOLITES, Model 8, together with Rubbolite centre mounted Number Plate Lamp. (3) £110
154 Pair LUCAS 'King of the Road' Sidelights, c1920s, 3 inch diameter lenses, black enamel finish with mounting studs and bases etc. (Pair) £80
155 MORRIS Cowley Flatnose Radiator Shell. Chromium plated with two filler necks. (3) £30
156 MORRIS Oxford Bullnose nickel Radiator, with enamel Badge and Radiator Cap. UNSOLD