Here are the Automobilia results for our June Auction.
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Lot Hammer Price
207 Period wooden running board mounted Toolbox, 15 x 9 x 7 ¾ inches deep. UNSOLD
208 MORRIS Cowley Flatnose chromium plated Radiator, with enamel Badge, but less radiator cap. £140
209 LUCAS 4-cylinder Magneto, Type CJ4, appears sparky, together with two more examples. Suit car or tractor etc. (3) UNSOLD
210 LUCAS 4-cylinder Magneto, Type CJ4, fitted with new Cap and CB Cover, appears sparky, together with two more examples. Suit car or tractor etc. (3) £120
211 LUCAS 4-cylinder Magneto, Type CJ4, fitted with new Cap, appears sparky, together with three more examples. Suit car or tractor etc. (4) UNSOLD
212 Fifteen LUCAS CJ4 magneto Caps, many NOS (15) UNSOLD
213 LUCAS SR4 Magneto with attached HT leads, magneto Strap and spare cover, good spark, together with another example. (4) £50
214 Eighteen good used 18 mm short reach LODGE CV Sparking Plugs. (18) £50
215 Eight sprung Bonnet Catches, together with four similar Battery Box sprung Catches. (12) £160
216 BTH 4-cylinder Magneto, Type GA4-K3, No. 7H-899583, NOS. £60
217 Pair LUCAS R50B Headlights, 8 ½ inches diameter, with mounting stalks. Suit MORRIS etc. £100
218 Quantity various vintage Door Handles, Pull Handles, inside Door Catches, Window Winder etc. Mostly nickel. (Qty) £220
219 Twenty good used 18 mm LODGE C3 Sparking Plugs. (20) £40
220 Six good used 18 mm long reach LODGE CVL Sparking Plugs. (6) £30
221 Three 4-cylinder BTH Magnetos, Type GA4. Clockwise rotation, as viewed from the back. All appear to have good spark. Suit RILEY etc. (3) £165
222 Three 4-cylinder BTH Magnetos, Type GA4. Clockwise rotation, as viewed from the back. All appear to have good spark. Suit RILEY etc. (3) £165
223 BTH 4-cylinder Magneto, Type GAZ4, with 3-hole flange mounting, together with GA4 example. Both appear to have good spark. Suit RILEY etc. (2) £130
224 SIMMS 4-cylinder magneto, Type SF4, anticlockwise rotation as viewed from the front, fitted with Venier coupling, together with another example. Both with good spark. (2) £120
225 Pair 1 ¼ inch SU Carburettors, horizontal flange mounted, brass dashpot tops, appear complete and sound. (Pair) £150
226 Pair of foot-operated 'Birdie Horns' by Northumbrian Products, Newcastle. (2) £70
227 Quantity Various including Calormeter, glass missing a/f; Composition Filler Cap embossed DENNIS Guildford, 3 ½ inch external diameter, 2 ½ inch internal; vintage French brass dash card Holder; 1920s SIGMA plated Hub Cap; early SCHRADER Tyre Gauge; FORD Model 'T' Dogbone Radiator Cap; APOLLO Spark Plug in original box; a Motogram DIY small gift badge Kit; various small brass Taps, etc. (Qty) £90
228 Harlequin Pair Veteran SALSBURY Brass Rear Oil Lamps, 9-inch bodies, a/f, one side bezel and glass missing, together with a Salsbury plated Body, a paraffin Burner, brass Reservoir and a brass smoke Top. (Qty) £50
229 A rare very large vintage Brass Bulb Horn the 18-inch oval trumpet with fly gauze and 2 mounting brackets, and a conventional Bulb Horn by Eversure Accessories, double-bend 12-inch length with extended tube. (2) £95
230 Large pre war 4-spoke Steering Wheel, 18 inch diameter. Celluloid covered rim and spokes with alloy centre boss. Suit RILEY etc. £250
231 SCINTILLA Vertex 4-cylinder Magneto, Type NV4, with plug leads etc. £95
232 Pair ROTAX K601 Headlights, 8 inches diameter, together with pair 9 inch examples, all a/f. Suit RILEY etc. (2 pairs) £80
233 Pair ROTAX K515 Sidelights, 3 inches diameter, brass shells with mounting feet, but less lenses. Suit RILEY. Also pair small LUCAS Sidelights and another. (5) £60
234 CAV 'Compensated Voltage Control System' Type 75B-19, together with Fuse Box Base and LUCAS Voltage Regulator. (3) UNSOLD
235 ROTAX AT 166-3 Dynamo, Type CHI-O, together with another and part case for same. (3) UNSOLD
236 Pair period brown leather Front Seats, c1930s. With rear foot carpet, 25 ½ inches high x 20 inches wide. Ex Derby BENTLEY. (Pair) £230
237 Fold-flat tourer Windscreen. Chromium plated, 41 ½ inches wide, 13 inches high, suit 40 inch scuttle. Fitted with LUCAS wiper motor. Ex Derby BENTLEY, but suit other period marques. £380
238 CLYNO Radiator Shell, fitted with enamel Radiator Badge. Badge in good condition, shell a/f. £80
239 WINGARD Mirror, 6 x 3 inches, finished in black enamel, with Mounting Stalk, together with a larger 6 x 4 example and another similar 6 x 3 inch Mirror with Mounting Bracket. (3) £12
240 Steering Wheel, 3-spoke, with applied BENTLEY badge. £10
241 Pair FORD Model T Headlights, 9 inches diameter, with correct Ford marked fluted lenses and mounting stalk. One less reflector. (Pair) £50
242 Short trumpet upright KLAXON style Horn. Finished in nickel plate, with 2 inch long trumpet. Suit ROLLS-ROYCE etc. £75
243 Early HEINZE ELECTRICAL Co. Lowell Mass. Trembler Coil, in wooden case, 10 x 6 x 4 inches. Suit FORD Model T. £100
244 FORD Model T Steering Wheel, 15 inch diameter, 4-spoke with wood rim. £50
245 FORD Model T Steering Wheel, 16 inch diameter, 4-spoke with Bakelite style rim. Slightly a/f. £40
246 Four Trembler Coils, in metal case, some marked FORD. Suit Model T. £75
247 Four wooden Trembler Coils, some marked FORD. Suit Model T. (4) £60
248 Eight various brass Bulb Horns including ROTAX, CLARIONETTE, CLAYRITE IMI Escargot etc. Also Bulb and Tube. (9) £50
249 LUCAS No. 60 Bulb Horn, finished in black enamel with flyscreen (a/f) and bulb. Good loud note! £30
250 'The Safety Stop-Lamp'. Stenciled STOP letters in alloy case, 6 x 2 ½ inches, together with similar 'STOP' rear light. (2) £210
251 Harlequin handed pair early brass Sidelights, 2 ½ inch bullseye lenses, 4 inch bodies, spade mounted. One with facetted ruby tell tale. (2) £70
252 Pair RADMILL brass acetylene Headlamps, 8 inches diameter, fork mounted and with copper Makers plates. Less lenses and a burner etc. (Pair) £400
253 Pair EDMUND & JONES, Detroit, brass acetylene Headlamps, Model 666. Fork mounted, 8 inch diameter lenses. In generally sound condition. (Pair) £230
254 Seven various brass and steel bodied acetylene Headlamps including RADMILL, MILLER, LUCAS No. T5 Landalite self generating Headlamp etc. In various conditions from good to a/f. (7) £300
255 HOWES & BURLEY. 'Best English Make The H&B Generator No. 1045'. Large brass Generator, 12 ½ inches tall plus carry handle, 6 inches diameter. Appears in sound condition. £190
256 PICAVANT 'The QUIKKO Oylaband for FORDS. Lubricates The Transmission Linings and More Than Doubles Their Length of Life'. Original box containing possibly only part of the Quikko Oylaband, NOS. £35