Here are the Automobilia results for our June Auction.
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Lot Hammer Price
257 LAKE & ELLIOT 'Millennium' Carburettor, together with similar ZEPHYR Carburettor, Model NR and bronze GRIFFIN Model G Carburettor by Lyons Devices. All with 1 inches inlet. Suit FORD Model T. (3) £50
258 Pair LUCAS P100 Rims, chromium plated, bottom hinged type with badges. (Pair) UNSOLD
259 FORD Model T Radiator. £155
260 BREXTON leatherette covered vintage car Trunk, fold-open top half lid and front opening panel, the interior with single shelf, 39 inches length x 16 ¼ inches width x 24 inches height. With '1946 FORDSON Major E27N' in applied orange lettering. Trunk a/f as requires some restoration. £80
261 Three steel framed sports type Vintage front Seats, with squabs and upholstery, 23 ½ inches high x 16 inches wide. (3) £240
262 FORD Model T - Two Roof Top Kits, suit Colonial Roadster model. Both NOS in boxes with Instructions etc. (2) £220
263 RILEY 9 alloy Rocker Box, with circular tops, together with a small AUTOVAC. (2) £35
264 Pair ML 4-cylinder Magnetos, Types CG4. Both clockwise and anti-clockwise rotations, as viewed from the back. Appear very sound. Ex BENTLEY 3 Litre. £900
265 S. SMITH & Son large 5-Jet Carburettor, Type 45 BVS, No. 272, and mounted on manifold. Ex BENTLEY 3 Litre. UNSOLD
266 Fine pair 2 inch SU Carburettors, large float chambers and mounted on ally manifold to fit BENTLEY 4 ½ Litre. £1500
267 Lucas 6 volt screen Demister Unit, unused in original box but rubber suction pads perished, and a used example a/f, together with pair of vintage Trafficators with covers, and another pair without covers, a/f. (6) £10
268 BLICK 8-Track Stereo Player with large quantity of 8-Track Cassettes including Elvis Presley, Jim Reeves, Dionne Warwick, Ray Connif, Andy Williams, Frank Sinatra, Etc. UNSOLD
269 Pair LUCAS 533 rear 'Pork-Pie' lamps, 4 inches diameter, red glass lenses, chromium plated rims and number plated illuminating slots, NOS. (Pair) UNSOLD
270 Pair Rear 'Diver's Helmet' RUBBOLITES. (Pair) £25
271 Early ZENITH 26 mm side-draught Carburettor, Model 26 HAK LH, No. 0535. Nickel plated bronze, with horizontal mounting flange and vertical butterfly. Suit Supercharged car etc. UNSOLD
272 Early COZETTE 21 mm bronze bodied side-draught Carburettor, Model ML 21, No. 5679, with horizontal mounting flange and vertical butterfly. Supercharged AUSTIN Seven type, but with smaller inlet. UNSOLD
273 Snake Head Bulb Horn. In brass, with fork tongue, fixing bracket and bulb. £70
274 Snake Head Bulb Horn. In brass, with fork tongue and fixing bracket, but less bulb. UNSOLD
275 STAR single twist Bulb Horn. Nickel plated brass, with fixing bracket and bulb. Mounted on wood. Very loud note! UNSOLD
276 Box various Wing Mirrors, mainly chromium plate, including DESMO etc. (Box) £20
277 Two spare wheel mounted mirrors, less mirror glasses. (2) £40
278 AUSTIN Seven – box of rubber and trim parts, mostly unused NOS. (Box) £28
279 Three LUCAS Starter Motors, ex AUSTIN Seven. (3) £28
280 Pair TRICO Trafficators, 6 volt, NOS. (Pair) UNSOLD
281 Pair TEX Trafficators, in 8 ¾ x 2 inch tin cases with black enamel finish. (Pair) UNSOLD
282 AUSTIN Seven - Box of mainly NOS Spares including Distributor Cap, Sparking Plugs, Seals, Starter Dogs, Dash Lamp Housing, LUCAS Adapter, Radiator Cap less brass insert etc. (Box) £50
283 Nine various brass Bulb Horns including F.R.G., STADIUM, LUCAS etc. Mainly a/f. (9) £35
284 AUSTIN Seven - Pair Halfshafts, with hub and nut, to fit LWB Model, NOS. (Pair) £70
285 AUSTIN Seven - Pair Halfshafts, to fit LWB Models, NOS. (Pair) £60
286 AUSTIN Seven - Complete set Side Screens, in good condition. Ex Chummy. (4) £260
287 AUSTIN Seven - Pair Side Screens, suit 2-seater. (Pair) UNSOLD
288 Quantity various TRICO Wiper Motors. (Qty) UNSOLD
289 Six ROLLS-ROYCE Pin Assemblies, NOS. (6) UNSOLD
290 Two FILTER KING Fuel Filters, with glass bowls. (2) £70
291 Original wooden running board mounted Toolbox, with three-quarter front opening lid, 19 ½ x 9 ½ x 6 ¼ inches deep, having plated fittings and lock but less key. £30
292 Royal Navy Stowage Box. Quality wooden Box, c1972, with fittings, 20 ¾ x 9 ¼ x 6 ½ inches deep. Ideal running board mounted toolbox. £40
293 Quantity 5 and 7 inch MARCHAL Spotlights, together with three grille mounted and earlier off-set glass type. (Box) £35
294 FORD Model A High Compression Cylinder Head (Police Head), together with a new Head Gasket to suit. (2) £290
295 FORD Model A – Rebuilt ZENITH Carburettor, together with new alloy Exhaust Plate to suit, down draught Manifold and Gaskets. (4) £400
296 FORD Model A – Brake Drum, Half Shaft and two Wheel Bearings, NOS. (4) UNSOLD
297 FORD Model A – Distributor, B pattern, New and unused. £70
298 FORD Model A - NOS Spares including Rubber Pad, Operating Pin Shims, Condenser, Rear Axle Key, Battery Cable Terminal Gromit, Turn Sign Buzzer etc., also two Ford Model A Manuals, 'Troubleshooting & Diagnostics' and 'Mechanics Handbook' Vol. II. (Qty) £28
299 Box assorted Spares, including FORD Model A, including various Brake Parts, MASTA Pressure Gauge, Distributor Parts, brass Grease Guns (for Modal A front suspension), Steering Column Housing with Control Levers, Inspection Lamp etc. (Box) £30
300 A 1 ¾ inch SU Carburettor, together with Manifold to suit. Ex Centric Supercharger. £70
301 Pair plated Seat Runners, 10 ½ inches wide, for fold-forward seats, NOS. (Pair) £85
302 LUCAS C35A Type BN7-6 Dynamo, stating working, new brushes, suit AUSTIN Seven. £35
303 ZENITH Type 26 VA 26 mm Side Draught Carburettor with floats and jets, the flange stamped '7', suit AUSTIN Seven. £40
304 ZENITH Type 24 T 24 mm Updraught Carburettor with floats and jets, and a LUCAS 4-cylinder Distributor with rotor arm, cap and leads. Suit AUSTIN Seven. £35
305 Quantity 6 & 12 volt Bulbs, some NOS. (Qty) £10
306 Parts of an ANDRE Hydro Telecontrol system - 2 cylinders and attached copper pipework with unions, small length of pipework with double union, pair reservoirs with unions, pair correct pressure gauges, all a/f. (Qty) £90