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1NO IMAGE Set four early MINI Steel Wheels, fitted with 145/10 scrap tyres. (4)£40-£60
2NO IMAGE AUSTIN Seven. Box used Pistons and Rods etc. (Box)£20-£30
3NO IMAGE 'G.N. Silencer' outside Exhaust System, includes Manifold, Box and Tail Pipe, appears unused NOS. Suit AUSTIN Seven Ulster.£40-£60
4NO IMAGE Well made four-piece aluminium Bonnet, non-original from Anzani FRAZER NASH. (4)£60-£80
5NO IMAGE AUSTIN Seven Chummy Radiator Shell, NOS.£40-£60
6NO IMAGE Pair AUSTIN Seven open centre 16 inch Wheels, fitted with 5.00/5.25 x 16 tyres, for display purposes only. (Pair)£30-£50
7NO IMAGE AUSTIN Seven part restored Hood Frame and fittings, ex Ulster.£60-£80
8NO IMAGE Set four AUSTIN Seven open centre 17 inch wheels, finished in black enamel and fitted with new AVON 3.25 and 3.50 x 17 tyres. (4)£50-£80
9NO IMAGE AUSTIN Seven Spares. Two pairs Chassis Rails, one appears NOS, Cross members, Radius Arms, Propshaft, open centre type 17 inch Wheel and similar Wheel Centres, six rear Leaf Springs etc. (Qty)£100-£200
10NO IMAGE Box AUSTIN Seven Spares including Foot Pedals and Handbrake lever, all drilled for lightness; NOS brake linings; front Hub and quantity sundry spares. (Qty)£50-£80
11NO IMAGE Modern Radiator Core, central filler neck. Suit AUSTIN Seven.£40-£60
12NO IMAGE Well made Radiator Cowl, of recent manufacture, 14 ¼ x 20 x 4 ¾ inches, with separate AUSTIN Seven chromium plated Badge. Suit Special. (2)£20-£40
13NO IMAGE Unfinished project consisting of AUSTIN Seven Engine parts, Crankcase, Gears, front axle Stablising rods, alloy front Shock Absorber, drilled for lightness etc., designed to make OHC Special. The Vendor would be happy to talk to any prospective purchaser about what was planned.£60-£80
14NO IMAGE Modern Radiator Core, central filler neck, appears sound. Suit AUSTIN Seven Chummy.£40-£60
15NO IMAGE Exhaust Silencer and small section of 2 inch pipe to suit, NOS. (2)£30-£50
16NO IMAGE Box AUSTIN Seven Spares including Hubs, Flywheels, exhaust Manifold (NOS), Wing Brackets, SU Pump etc. (Box)£30-£50
17NO IMAGE Box AUSTIN Seven Spares including six Crankshafts, some appear very sound and include counter balanced type etc., Camshafts, Gears etc. (Box)£50-£80
18NO IMAGE AUSTIN Seven scuttle mounted Fuel Tank with bottom fitting.£30-£50
19NO IMAGE AUSTIN Seven. Four Cylinder Blocks, two Cylinder Heads, including early magneto engine type, Sump, Engine Plates etc. (Qty)£50-£80
20NO IMAGE AUSTIN Seven Sports Front Axle, with hubs, drums etc. Appears rebuilt.£100-£200
21NO IMAGE Box AUSTIN Seven Spares including Brake Drums; Backplates fitted with Brake Shoes; Hubs; Stub Axles etc. (Box)£30-£50
22NO IMAGE AUSTIN Seven finned alloy Sump.£20-£40
23NO IMAGE Box AUSTIN Seven Spares including alloy castings, brake shoes and cables etc. (Box)£20-£40
24NO IMAGE AUSTIN Seven Crankcase, No. M176238.£30-£50
25NO IMAGE AUSTIN Seven Steering Box and Column.£20-£40
26NO IMAGE HUMBER 9. Two alloy Rocker Box Covers. (2) £30-£50
27NO IMAGE BENTLEY 4 ½ Litre Halfshaft.£30-£50
28NO IMAGE LANCHESTER 18 inch, 4-stud wire Wheel, centre and outer laced.£20-£30
29NO IMAGE Prewar folding Luggage Rack, 33 inches wide, with mounting brackets, 11 inches long closed, 18 inches open. Probably MORRIS.£40-£60
30NO IMAGE FIRESTONE 4.75/5.00 x 18 Tyre, NOS.£40-£60
31NO IMAGE Set four new DUNLOP Gold Seal 4.75/5.00 x 18 Tyres. (4)£350-£400
32NO IMAGE AUSTIN Seven. Two pairs and another Rear Leaf Springs, suit Box Saloon, together with a similar par to suit Ruby and Front Leaf Spring to suit Chummy. (8)£60-£80
33NO IMAGE Quantity NOS rubber Mudflaps including BRITISH LEYLAND, ROVER etc. (Qty)£10-£20
34NO IMAGE Ten 1500 ML Bottles BMW Anti-Freeze, NOS. (10)£20-£40
35NO IMAGE Box ARMSTRONG SIDDELEY Hub Caps. (Box)£10-£20
36NO IMAGE Quality vintage folding Luggage Rack, 34 ¾ inches between mounting brackets, would fit 33 ½ x 18 ¼ inch trunk. In original unmolested condition. Suit BENTLEY, HISPANO SUIZA etc.£50-£80
37NO IMAGE AUSTIN Seven Engine, No. M115170 (c1930), fitted with alloy head, twin SU carburettors, 4-branch exhaust manifold etc., and mated to correct 3-speed Gearbox, with remote gear-change.£100-£200
38NO IMAGE Pair alloy Cycle Wings, approximate radius 15 inches, 8 inches wide, rolled edges. Suit 20/21 inch wheels. (Pair)£50-£80
39NO IMAGE Pair alloy Cycle Wings, approximate radius 13 inches, 4 inches wide, rolled edges. Suit 18/19 inch wheels. (Pair)£30-£50
40NO IMAGE Early wooden Bench Seat, with back rest and shaped seat, 35 inches long, 12 ¾ inches wide, 16 inches tall. Suit Veteran or Edwardian car, Carriage or Trap etc.£40-£60
41NO IMAGE HONDA G400 Petrol Engine, 10 HP, with 2 ½ inch diameter take-off pulley.£20-£30
42NO IMAGE AUSTIN Seven pressure fed Crankshaft. Suit Nippy, Speedy etc.£80-£120
43NO IMAGE Pair AUSTIN Seven 19 inch Wheels, with scripted centres. (Pair)£40-£60
44NO IMAGE Pair recently re-spoked wooden Wheels, with metal rims, 20 x 3 inches. (Pair)£40-£60
45NO IMAGE Pair 42 mm hub, 15 inch, Wire Wheels. Centre and outer laced, fitted with DUNLOP R Racing tyres (for display purposes only). (Pair)£40-£60
46NO IMAGE Pair small flared sporting Font Wings. Suit FRAZER NASH etc. (Pair)£70-£100
47NO IMAGE MOSS Gearbox, with spare Lid. Suit JAGUAR etc. (2)£100-£150
48NO IMAGE AUSTIN Seven Chummy scuttle mounted Petrol Tank, some fittings, in black enamel.£30-£50
49NO IMAGE Nylon 400 x 19 Tyre, 4 ply, NOS. Ideal motor cycle trials tyre.£20-£40
50NO IMAGE Early BRISTOL 85A Block, Crankshaft and Camshaft. Also suit early BMWs etc. (3) £100-£140
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