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1NO IMAGE MG TD/YA – Quantity Suspension parts. (2 boxes)£60-£80
2NO IMAGE MG TD/YA – Quantity recently chromium plated Radiator Slats, together with Water Take-off and later Rev-Counter etc. £20-£30
3NO IMAGE A large Harvey Frost manual Winch.£20-£40
4NO IMAGE Five brass Blowlamps and a small Primus Stove with kettle, all a/f, together with Pyrene brass vehicle-type fire Extinguisher with mounting bracket and two others by Dunford and Lectrex without brackets, all for display purposes only. (10)£20-£30
5NO IMAGE HONDA G400 Petrol Engine, 10 HP, with 2 ½ inch diameter take-off pulley.£40-£60
6NO IMAGE VILLIERS Mk 15 Petrol Engine, 2.3 HP, with two-groove take-off pulley, 2 inch and 1 ¼ inch diameter.£20-£40
7NO IMAGE AUSTIN Seven Box Saloon pair rear Wings, slightly a/f. (Pair)£30-£50
8NO IMAGE AUSTIN Seven - Prop Shaft, Radius Arms, Drag Ling, Half Shaft etc. (Qty)£40-£60
9NO IMAGE Five early FORD and AUSTIN A30 Steering Columns with boxs, one with a/f steering wheel. (5)£30-£60
10NO IMAGE Box AUSTIN Seven Hubs. (Box)£30-£50
11NO IMAGE An M.G type Fuel Tank with twin fillers and outlets, 26 ¾ inch tapering to 22 inch, maximum height 12 inch tapering to 9 ¾ inch, appears unused.
12NO IMAGE Pair Steel Seat Bodies with transmission tunnel curves, 13 ¾ inch front width, 18 ½ inch length, back mid height 23 inches.£50-£80
13NO IMAGE 4Life Advanced Engine Coolant, two 5-litre cans. (2)£10-£20
14NO IMAGE AUSTIN Seven - 1932-1935 Spares, including rear axle spares, side-draught manifold, +60 pistons with rings and gudgeon pins, brake shoes for 7-inch drums, 2-bearing crankshaft with rods (1920s-early 1930s), clutch thrust bearings, handbrake lever, Chummy windscreen lower part for 1920's curved scuttle. (Qty)£50-£80
15NO IMAGE RILEY RMA Engine, No. 13116, less head and sump etc., together with similar Block only. (2)£100-£200
16NO IMAGE AUSTIN Seven – Four scripted Wheel Centres and quantity front and rear Hub spares. (Qty)£40-£60
17NO IMAGE Period vintage leather Rear Seat, 31 ½ x 22 inches base, with 32 ½ x 16 ½ back, leather a/f but frame sound. Possibly MORRIS 8. (2)£30-£50
18NO IMAGE Wire Wheel, 19 inch, 5-stud, and fitted with MICHELIN 4.50 x 19 tyre, for display purposes only.£20-£30
19NO IMAGE Set five alloy Wheel Discs and Back Plates for 19 inch wheels. Suit MORRIS Cowley. (10)£120-£150
20NO IMAGE Side-mounted Spare Wheel Shoe.£10-£20
21NO IMAGE Pair ARMSTRONG Shock Absorbers, 8 ½ x 8 ½ inch arms, with new Ferodo friction linings and rubber bushes, together with another eight examples plus spares. (Qty)£60-£80
22NO IMAGE Two vintage Spare Wheel Carriers. Suit both knock-on and bolt-on type wheels. (2)£20-£40
23NO IMAGE MORRIS Oxford nearside front Wing, together with two original Brackets for same. All appear sound condition. (3)£150-£180
24NO IMAGE Vintage Tourer Hood Frame, less wooden hoops, extends to approximately 55 inches.£60-£80
25NO IMAGE MORRIS Bullnose Cowley Petrol Tank, having brass Fittings and nickel Cap.£80-£120
26NO IMAGE MORRIS Bullnose Oxford Petrol Tank, having brass Fittings and Cap.£80-£120
27NO IMAGE MORRIS Flatnose Cowley Petrol Tank. Fitted with WILMOT Mfg. Co. Ltd. Gauge, silver 2 inch dial with 0-7 Gallon scale, brass fittings and cap.£80-£100
28NO IMAGE Large quantity MORRIS Spares including thirteen front 12 inch Brake Drums, some ribbed examples, eleven 12 inch alloy Backplates, twenty-four Brakes Shoes to suit, also Perrot Shafts etc. Also suit FRAZER NASH. (Qty)£500-£600
29NO IMAGE Seventeen MORRIS Motors Ltd. 3-stud nickel wheel hub Covers, together with a 5-stud example.£50-£80
30NO IMAGE STOVIS 3-wheel Trolley, with Handle. Serial No. 659, Model E1.£20-£40
31NO IMAGE RILEY 9 Manifolds, including exhaust Manifold, inlet Manifold for post Mk IV models and twin carburettor Manifold etc. (5)£40-£60
32NO IMAGE Box RILEY 9 Spares including set Shackle Pins, rear Hub Plates, left hand Hub, two Back Plates, Starting Handle etc. (Box)£40-£60
33NO IMAGE Four DUNLOP 4:50 x 19 Tyres, together with GOODYEAR 4:75/5:00 X 19 Tyre. For display purposes only. (5)£40-£60
34NO IMAGE Set four ASTON MARTIN DB6 Wire Wheels, still fitted with original AVON Turbospeed Mk 4 Nylon Tyres. For display purposes only. (4)£1200-£1600
35NO IMAGE Pair FORD Model T front Wings, in grey primer. (Pair)£50-£80
36NO IMAGE Pair MAXWELL 32 x 3 solid tyre wooden Wheels. (Pair)£40-£80
37NO IMAGE Pair NOS DUNLOP Cord 30 x 3 ½ Tyres for B.S rims. Of some age, so for display purposes only. (Pair)£20-£30
38NO IMAGE FORD Model T – Set four 5-stud, 21 inch, Wire Wheels, three with 'Ford' brass centres. (4)£80-£120
39NO IMAGE FORD Model T – Set four 21 inch wooden Wheels. (4)£50-£80
40NO IMAGE Pair FORD Model T Running Boards. Finished in black enamel, for c1915 model, with diamond tread pattern. (Pair)£30-£50
41NO IMAGE Two FORD Model T Blocks and Heads, a/f. (4)£50-£80
42NO IMAGE Large quantity FORD Model T Spares including brake drums, pistons, wing brackets, crankshaft, gear levers, Holley carburettor, rods, gears, clutch etc. (Qty)£50-£80
43NO IMAGE FORD Model T Rear Axle, with fitted differential etc.£40-£60
44NO IMAGE FORD Model T Windscreen, part glazed.£60-£80
45NO IMAGE FORD Model T - Set Recharged Magnets, NOS in wooden shipping case.£30-£50
46NO IMAGE AUSTIN Seven Gearbox.£20-£30
47NO IMAGE MORRIS 4-cylinder Head, together with two other examples, possibly Austin. (3)£20-£30
48NO IMAGE LANCIA Aprilia - Road Wheel, in white, together with alloy Gearbox Case and box of Gears and Parts to suit. (3)£150-£250
49NO IMAGE LANCIA - Kappa 1912-1919, 4 cylinder, 4.9 litre Crankcase. One mounting a/f.£600-£1000
50NO IMAGE BENTLEY - Pair 8-Litre 82 mm Wheel Centres. (Pair)£60-£80
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