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497NO IMAGE SMITHS MA Vacuum Gauge, black 2 inch dial with 0-30 scale, illumination slots and fixing bracket.£40-£60
498NO IMAGE SMITHS MA 'swing-out' type Car Clock, black 3 inch dial. Appears to keep good time.£30-£50
499NO IMAGE Seventeen BMC and two GUY Drivers' Club Badges, plastic and metal types. (19)£20-£40
500NO IMAGE Box NOS Car Badges including MORRIS, BRITISH LEYLAND, ROVER, AUSTIN, STERLING, MG etc. (Box)£30-£50
501NO IMAGE SMITHS MA Mechanical Wiper and exceptionally rare Double-Drive Unit. Wiper operates from rev counter drive motion, driven via cable that connects to bronze double-drive take-off unit which allows direct transfer of rev counter rotation to two 'accessory' outputs, allowing a second mechanical wiper to be optionally connected. Includes blanking cover to allow drive unit to be used for single take-off. As fitted to W.O. BENTLEY, early MG and others. (2)£400-£600
502NO IMAGE BENTLEY – 'Classic Radiator Services' High Quality Decanter as a 7 ¾ inch Bentley Radiator, excellent crisp condition, small indent mark by filler cap, in original lined box.£1000-£1500
503NO IMAGE Early BROLT sidelight, with bullseye lens, side window and ruby tell tale. Spade mounted brass case with nickel plated finish. In virtually dent free condition.£40-£60
504NO IMAGE Large white ceramic vintage car, possibly MG. £20-£30
511NO IMAGE The Goodwood Road Racing Club. Eleven Yearbooks, 1999, 2001-2010, each cloth bound with applied 'GRRC Yearbook' logo and slipcase. High quality production. (11)£60-£80
512NO IMAGE 'FERRARI World'. Complete set, Volumes 1-68, 1991-2008, contained seven publishers files. German text, high quality production. (7)£80-£100
513NO IMAGE 'FERRARI World'. Complete set, Volumes 1-32, 1989-1996, contained three publishers files. English text, high quality production. (3)£80-£100
514NO IMAGE 'Motor Racing'. Volume 1, bound year 1954 with covers and adverts, except No. 1 missing front cover, together with 'Cars for the Connoisseur' 2005 and 2006 complete years in publishers string binders, and another spare, and 'High Performance Cars', twelve Volumes 1954-1966 complete, in publishers files. (5)£50-£80
515NO IMAGE The BENTLEY Drivers Club Review. Thirty-six various issues, dating between 1950-1975. (36)£40-£60
516NO IMAGE Five Monza Yearbooks, 1961-1965, together with 'Monza 1922-1972' Fifty Years of History. All pub. Sias, Milano, hardboard covers and glazed pp. A very high quality production. (6)£60-£80
517NO IMAGE 'The BRISTOL 2-Litre Car Type 401 Instruction Manual' 99 pp plus fold out wiring diagram and card covers with gold blocking.£50-£80
518NO IMAGE Six American motoring related titles: 'CHEVROLET Pickups' and 'The American Pickup Truck' both Mike Mueller, pub. MBI 2002 and 1999, 168 pp and 160 pp, d/w's; '50 Years of Hot Rod' from Editors of Hot Rod Magazine, pub. MBI 1998, 192 pp, d/w; 'American Drag Racing' Genat, pub. MBI 2001, 158 pp, d/w; 'The American Hot Rod' Dean Batchelor, pub. Motorbooks International 1995, 192 pp, d/w and 'Hot Rods As They Were' Don Montgomery, pub. the author 1989, 160 pp, d/w. (6)£40-£60
519NO IMAGE 'ZENITH Carburetters Manual & Price List'. Circa 1950s/60s, ring bound, covers many period marques and with diagrams.£30-£50
520NO IMAGE 'Electrical Equipment Diagrams'. Large format book of sixty-three Wiring Diagrams by H. Thornton Rutter, hardboard covers, c1920s and covers many marques of the day.£20-£40
521NO IMAGE 'Road Racing 1936' Prince Chula, published for private circulation by The Sun Engraving Co. Ltd, together with 'Flat Out' G.E.T. Eyston, pub. Miles 1934, 219 pp, d/w (a/f). (2)£40-£60
522NO IMAGE Profile Publications. Approximately 300 loose issues, some duplicates, together with two small framed and glazed Gordon Crosby prints and twelve framed and glazed Wills 'Speed' Cigarette Cards. (Qty)£60-£80
523NO IMAGE CASTROL Lubrication Charts. Approximately one hundred and twenty-five issues, 1930-c1946, some duplicates, some in original envelopes. (Qty)£60-£80
524NO IMAGE Box early Motoring Literature including 'The Auto Car Handbook' 3rd edition (entirely revised) c1910, 5th edition, c1913, and revised 5th edition, together with 'The Motor Manual' 9th edition, c1907, also 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd and 27th editions, some duplicates, also 'A Manual of Motor Mechanics', 'Audels Automotive Guide' etc. (Box)£30-£50
525NO IMAGE 'The AUTOCAR'. Five volumes, dating between 1958-1960, bound in publisher's green cloth binding with gold blocking, with Indexes and some adverts etc. (5)£50-£80
526NO IMAGE MOTOR SPORT. Volume 24, incorporating Brooklands Gazette, 1948 and Volume 25, incorporating Speed, 1949, both bound in publisher's black binding with gold blocking, with Indexes, covers and adverts. (2)£30-£50
527NO IMAGE Quantity early Motoring Magazines. 'The Motor World' volume II, No. 84, Saturday September 15th 1906, also 'The Horseless Age', monthly journal devoted to motoring interests, Volume Two, April 1897, Number 6, October 1897, Number 12, Volume III, October 1898, No. 7 (less covers), January 13th 1094 (less covers), July 26th and September 27th 1905 and July 29th 1914. Also several copies 'the Horseless Carriage Gazette' 1940s. (Qty)£50-£80
528NO IMAGE Two boxes various Motoring Auction Catalogues, including Coys, Sotheby's, Brooks etc., from 1980s-present. (2 boxes)£40-£60
529NO IMAGE 'Motors of Today' H. Thornton Rutter, pub. Virtue & Co. 5 volumes, red cloth binding, c1928. Very high quality production consisting of a compilation of leading manufacturers handbooks, liberally illustrated. Includes also ancillaries and details of commercial vehicles.£40-£60
530NO IMAGE 'MERCEDES-BENZ Grand Prix Racing 1934-1955' Monkhouse, pub. White Mouse Editions 1st edition 1984, 208 pp, d/w. Large format, very high quality production. Full of wonderful period b&w photographs.£40-£60
531NO IMAGE 'Klemantaski & ASTON MARTIN' Louis Klemantaski and Chris Nixon, Limited Edition No. 959/1500, pub. Automobilia 1998, 166 pp, d/w, bound in imitlin. Large format, very high quality production.£50-£80
532NO IMAGE Box of Motoring related Titles, covering veteran and vintage era, including 'Lost Causes of Motoring' Europe. Volumes 1 and 2, Montagu, 'French Vintage Cars' Bolster, 'Wheels of Misfortune' and 'The Restoration and Preservation of Vintage and Classic Cars' both J. Wood, 'The Complete Encyclopedia of Motorcars' Georgano, 1973 edition, etc. (Box)£40-£60
533NO IMAGE 'Road Racing 1936' printed for private circulation by the Sun Engraving Co. Ltd, 1937, together with 'Road Star Hat Trick' pub. Foulis 2nd edition 1944, 'Blue & Yellow' pub. Foulis 1st edition 1947, d/w and 'Wheels at Speed' pub. Foulis 4th edition 1948, d/w. All Prince Chula. (4)£50-£80
534NO IMAGE Box mainly Autobiographical Works including 'Nuvolari. The Legend Lives On' Cesare De Agostini, pub. Giorgio Nada 2003, 194 pp, d/w, with wonderful photographs, 'Motoring My Way' Sedgwick, 'The Landscape Trilogy' Autobiography of L.T.C. Rolt, 'Motoring is My Business' Bolster etc. (Box)£40-£60
535NO IMAGE Box Technical related Titles including 'Servicing Guide to Britain's Motor Vehicles' eleven volumes, 'Motor Engineering Charts', 'Automobile Construction and Repair' etc. (Box)£30-£40
536NO IMAGE Twelve ROVER related Titles including 'Land Rover 90, 110 and Defender', 'The Range Rover/Land Rover', 'The Post War Rover P4 & P5', 'The Land Rover', 'The Rover Story', 'Land Rover: Simply the Best' etc. (12)£30-£50
537NO IMAGE Six FORD related titles including '32 Ford –The Deuce' Tony Thacker, pub. Osprey 1984, 191 pp, d/w; 'Fords Competition Cars'; 'Ford 1903-1984'; 'Ford Model Y'; 'Ford Consul/Zephyr Six/Zephyr Zodiac Mk I' etc. (6)£40-£60
538NO IMAGE Six ROOTES and HILLMAN etc. related Titles including 'Apex the Inside Story of the Hillman Imp'; 'Geoffrey Rootes Dream for Linwood'; 'Rootes Maestros in Their Own Words' etc. (6)£20-£40
539NO IMAGE Four BUGATTI related Titles; 'The Bugatti Story' l'Ebe Bugatti, pub. Souvenir Press 1967, 207 pp, d/w; 'Bugatti' Borgeson, pub. Osprey first edition 1981, 223 pp, d/w; 'Great Marques. Bugatti' Conway and 'The Schlumpf Obsession' Jenkinson and Verstappen, pub. Hamlyn 1977, 190 pp, d/w. (4)£40-£60
540NO IMAGE Box mainly Marque related Titles including 'The History of the Marque. LAGONDA' Davey & May; 'MORGAN. The Cars and the Factory' John Tipler; 'RENAULT' Saint Loup; 'The Bullnose MORRIS' Jarman and Barraclough; 'ARMSTRONG SIDDELEY' Bradley; 'DAIMLER 1896-1946' Nixon; 'RILEY. As Old as the Industry 1898-1969' Styles; 'The STANDARD Car 1903-1963' Davy; 'The Chain Drive FRAZER NASH' Thirlby; 'CHRYSLER. The Life & Times of an Automotive Genius' Curcio; 'ALFA ROMEO' Hull etc. (Box)£40-£60
541NO IMAGE Eight MORRIS related Titles: 'The World's Supreme Small Car. Morris Minor' Skilleter, two different editions, one with Osprey Press Release; 'Morris Minor. Exploring the Legend' Jon Pressnell; 'The Secret Life of the Morris Minor' Pender; 'The Himalayan Minor' Young; 'The Morris Motor Car 1913-1983' Edwards and 'The Bullnose Morris' Jarman and Barraclough, two different editions. (8)£30-£50
542NO IMAGE Eight BENTLEY related Titles: 'A Race History of Bentley' Berthon; 'Fifty Years with Motor Cars' Hillstead; 'WO. Autobiography of W.O. Bentley'; 'Rallying to Monte Carlo' Couper; 'Full Throttle' Birkin; 'Twenty Years of Crewe Bentleys 1946-1965'; 'The Other Bentley Boys' Nagle and 'Amherst VILLIERS Supercharger' booklet. (8)£50-£80
543NO IMAGE 'Original AUSTIN SEVEN' Rinsey Mills, pub. Bay View 1996, 128 pp, d/w.£30-£50
544NO IMAGE Three MERCEDES-BENZ Titles: 'Tre Per Una Stella' Franco Zagari, pub. Negri first edition 2001, 258 pp, d/w. Italian and English text, large format, sensational photographs, also 'The Mighty Mercedes' Frostick and 'The Dawn of Motoring' (3)£40-£60
545NO IMAGE Box of twelve Motor Show Catalogues, mainly 1950s. (12)£30-£50
546NO IMAGE Six Dalton Watson publisher Motoring Titles: 'The Coachbuilt PACKARD' Hugo Pfam; 'The Mighty MERCEDES' and 'Dream Cars' both Frostick; 'Private Motor Car Collections of Great Britain' Peter Hugo; 'The 1930 London Motor Show and Paris Salon' Dalton and '85 Jahre Berliner Automobil-Ausftellungen 1897-1982' Stuhlemmer, German text. (6)£30-£50
547NO IMAGE Nine ROLLS-ROYCE related Titles including 'Coachwork on Rolls-Royce 1906-1939' Dalton; 'Rolls-Royce in America' John Webb de Campi; 'Rolls-Royce PII Continental' Gentile; 'Rolls-Royce & BENTLEY Experimental Cars' Rimmer; 'The Hyphen in Rolls-Royce. The Story of Claude Johnson' Oldham etc. (9)£40-£60
548NO IMAGE Box Motoring related Titles including 'British Cars of the' four from series covering 1930s-1950s, two from 'American Cars of the' series, 'Motor Cars and Commercial Vehicles' four volumes, 'The Motoring Encyclopedia', 'The Modern Motor Car' SHELL publication, two copies, 'The History and Development of Light Cars' etc. (Box)£30-£50
549NO IMAGE L'Illustration. Fourteen large format annual French Magazines dating from 1923, 1924, 1927-1938, covering Automobiles & Tourism. Wonderful period artwork throughout, including by Geo. Ham, and superb adverts etc. French text. (14)£80-£120
550NO IMAGE 'British Rally Drivers. Their Cars & Awards 1925-1939' Donald Cowbourne, pub. Smith Settle first edition 1996, 642 pp, d/w.£80-£100
551NO IMAGE 'La Production PEUGEOT' Three volumes: 1889-1928; 1928-1948 and 1948-1968. With Specifications and illustrations of each model produced. French text. (3)£40-£60
552NO IMAGE BUGANTICS. A complete run of BOC prewar reprinted issues, in original box. Mint condition.£50-£70