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553NO IMAGE BUGANTICS. Large quantity of issues, 1950s-2010, together with quantity Bugatti Trust Newsletters. (Box)£30-£50
554NO IMAGE PUR SANG. Publication of American BUGATTI Club, dating between 1964-2004, approximately eighty issues, some duplicates. (Approx. 80)£30-£50
555NO IMAGE AC Cars. Rare range sales Catalogue, March 2nd 1925, 32 glazed pages, hardboard covers. Includes Royal, 6-cylinder Sports, 12 hp, 4-cylinder Special Racer etc., with Records and Awards achieved between 1921-1924. In exceptional condition.£180-£220
556NO IMAGE RILEY Twelve & Sixteen range sales Brochure, with prices, dated March 1939, 20 glazed pages, embossed card covers, together with Letter on Riley headed and watermarked paper, relating to the brochure, also factory reprinted Road Tests and Petrol Consumption Guarantee. All contained in original Riley Envelope.£50-£80
557NO IMAGE 'The History and Development of the SUNBEAM Car 1899-1924' pub Sunbeam, December 1924, 56 pp, embossed card covers. Fully illustrated, covers personalities, history, Moorfield Works, aero engines, racing etc.£120-£160
558NO IMAGE FRAZER NASH fold out range sales Brochure, c1950, details Le Mans Replica, The Mille Miglia Model and 'Foursome' Cabriolet. Very clean copy.£40-£60
559NO IMAGE 'CASTROL Achievements'. Twenty-six copies of promotional yearbooks, including rare 1929 issue and also 1933, 1935-38, 1949, 1950, 1953-1955, 1957, 1958, 1960, 1962 and 1964, having decorative artwork covers by Gordon Horner & others; together with a scarce 2nd issue for 1953 with alternative cover design, 'The First Fifty Years' 1909-1959 and 1949, 1953, 1955, 1960, 1962 and 1964 duplicated. (26)£60-£80
560NO IMAGE Original BROOKLANDS Race Card Cover colour Artwork, watercolour and gouache, by George Lane, c1930s. Mounted, framed and glazed, image size 9 ¾ x 7 ¼ inches, 13 ½ x 10 ¾ inches overall.£600-£700
561NO IMAGE Mille Miglia. Yearbooks 1982, 1984, 1986-1995, large format, glazed pages, d/ws. English and Italian text, very high quality production, together with Official Programmes for 2000 and 2001, hardboard covers, Italian text, a similar 1991 example, soft covers, 'Mille Miglia '88. La Corsa' Nelle Immagini and Basilio Rodella, Italian text and Comic Book of Mille Miglia, Italian text. (17)£60-£80
562NO IMAGE Goodwood. Festival of Speed Programmes, various issues 1996-2016, together with Revival Programmes, 2004-2016, some fabulous cover designs, and 'The Goodwood Magazine' annual publication, 1998-2002 and 2006-2014, very high quality production. Some duplicates. (2 boxes)£40-£60
563NO IMAGE LUCAS. Original; Long Service Certificate, presented by the Directors to Ernest Alfred Cooper upon completing Twenty-Five Years loyal and efficient service and as a mark of appreciation and goodwill. Signed by Oliver Lucas, Managing Director, dated 3rd May 1939. Certificate bordered by colour artwork of some of the companies products etc. Mounted and glazed in original frame, overall 21 ½ x 17 inches, certificate 17 x 12 ½ inches. Certificate bright, frame slightly a/f.£50-£80
564NO IMAGE Box Motoring related titles including The Badminton Library 'Motors' Harmsworth and others, pub. Longmans 1902; 'Cars and Coachbuilding' George Oliver; 'Man and Motor Cars' Stephen Black; 'The British Motor Industry' Kenneth Richardson; 'The Light Car' Caunter; 'The Invention of the Automobile' The lives of BENZ and DAIMLER, St. John C. Nixon, pub. Country Life first edition 1936, 143 pp, d/w etc. (Box)£40-£60
565NO IMAGE Box Motor Racing related titles including 'Seventy Years of Shelsley Walsh' MAC; 'Targa Florio' W.F. Bradley; 'The Jim Clark Story' Bill Gavin; 'The Racing Sports Car' Anthony Pritchard, etc. (Box)£40-£60
566NO IMAGE Box of Steam and Railway related titles including ;George and Robert Stephenson' The Railway Revolution, L.T.C. Rolt, pub. Longmans first edition 1960, 356 pp, d/w; 'Isambard Kingdom Brunel' L.T.C. Rolt; 'Victorian and Edwardian Railway Travel from old photographs' Jeffrey Spence; The Compleat Traction Engineman' etc. (Box)£20-£30
567NO IMAGE Box Motoring related titles including 'British Racing Green' Pritchard; 'Under My Bonnet' Minchin; ' Automobilia. A Guided Tour For Collectors' Worthington-Williams; 'The Motor Manual' 29th, 30th and 31st editions; 'The Motor Book' two copies etc. (Box)£30-£50
568NO IMAGE Box Motoring related titles including 'The Book of Sports Cars' Markmann and Sherwin; 'A History of Motor Racing' Hamlyn; 'The World of the Automobile'; Motoring Through the Years'; 'One Hundred Years of Motoring'; 'Veteran Cars' etc. Mainly large format editions. (Box)£40-£60
569NO IMAGE 'AUTO UNION V-16 Supercharged', together with 'VANWALL 2.5 Litre F1' both Ian Bamsey, and MASERATI 250F' Andy Hall, all.' A Technical Appraisal' ,pub. Haynes, with, d/ws. (3)£30-£50
570NO IMAGE Box large format Motoring titles including 'Advertising and the Motor-Car' Frostick, pub. Lund Humphries first edition 1970, 160 pp, d/w; 'A History of Motors and Motoring' Volume two 1901~1902~1903,Frostick; 'Vintage Cars' Cyril Posthumus; 'Great Cars' and 'The Automobile Book' both Stein; 'The Schlumpf Obsession' Jenkinson and Verstappen, pub. Hamlyn 1977, 190 pp, d/w; 'DAIMLER & BENZ: The Complete History' Adler; 'Sports Cars History and Development' Georgano etc. (Box)£20-£30
571NO IMAGE JAGUAR/DAIMLER. Ring bound A4 Operations Manuals for XJ12, XJ12 and Double Six Series 2 and E-Type Series 3. (3)£10-£20
572NO IMAGE JAGUAR Service Bulletins etc., including Mark 10, 2.4 & 3.4, 2.4, 3.4 & 3.8 Mk 2, 1960 Models onwards volume 2 etc. (7)£20-£30
573NO IMAGE MORRIS Motors Ltd Telephone Directory, ring bound with approximately A5 size pages, together with a similar AUSTIN Motor Co. Ltd. Works example, with card dividers only, 'Austin Morris Group Standard Vehicle Specifications and Optional Extras' Ring Binder with some contents, BMC Truck Sales Reference Book, folder only, Morris Commercial Service Manual, No. 1356, Ring Binder only, quantity unused BRITISH LEYLAND Memo Pads and Leyland Service Headed Paper. (Qty)£20-£40
574NO IMAGE 'ROLLS-ROYCE Armoured Cars and the Great Victory', a very rare original Booklet having 76 pages of text and photographs of Rolls armoured vehicles in action locations during the 1914-1918 War, soft cover with raised gilt title lettering and coloured print of night action in Algeria. 7 ½ x 4 ¾ inch. The cover with some slight wear but all pages in excellent clean condition, and with a small single sheet enclosure 'Since this book was completed an Aeroplane fitted with Rolls-Royce Engines has made the first direct flight across the Atlantic', with details of previous sea crossings and culminating in the 1919 Vickers Vimy crossing with Rolls 360hp engines in 15 hours 57 minutes.£80-£120
575NO IMAGE BROWN BROTHERS. An original soft-cover Album 15 ¼ x 11 ½ inches, Brown Brothers, The Vale, Acton W.3 address, with twenty-one glued-in monochrome gloss photographs, two per page, undoubtedly from the 1930s of headquarters interiors, showrooms, offices, packing department, etc, and garage workshops with machine and equipment installations, plus seven photographs of management staff and three of premises exteriors, one dated May 1937.£120-£150
576NO IMAGE BROWN BROTHERS Catalogue May 1926, hardback, 532 pages motor equipment fully illustrated.£80-£120
577NO IMAGE 'BROWN BROTHERS Ltd' - A transparent sleeve Album 9 x 8 inches with 24 monochrome gloss publicity photographs of 1960s British Saloon Cars, including BRISTOL.£30-£50
578NO IMAGE BROWN BROTHERS Established 1889' – An original Veteran/Edwardian period Brochure 8 ¼ x 6 inches 'To Mark Our Majority', with 48 gloss pages the majority with monochrome photographs of contemporary motor cars.£40-£60
579NO IMAGE BROWN BROTHERS, small hardback 'Motor Accessories 1920', 532 illustrated pages, spine missing but pages hold together except pages 1 to 4 and last page of index and rear cover missing.£40-£60
580NO IMAGE 'The Story of BROWN BROTHERS 1889-1989, Susan Lake, fully illustrated hardback, with period style cover, 40 pages, excellent condition, signed by the author, together with two softback editions. (3)£30-£50
581NO IMAGE BROWN BROTHERS - A heavy circular glass 3 ½ inch diameter Desk Paperweight, the centre with recess for a 1 ¾ inch diameter gilt Medallion showing 2 veteran cars and inscription 'Brown Brothers, Brown Cars 1903-1905', and another showing one car and inscription 'Brown Brothers, Brown Car 1905', the reverse of this with trade mark of 'The Tower Mint, 55 Royal Mint Street, London'. In excellent condition. (2)£40-£60
582NO IMAGE BROWN BROTHERS - A Plastic Photograph Album the cover with gilt stylised 'B' monogram and 18 pockets 12 x 9 ½ inches containing period coloured motor racing prints (Michael Turner) and various publicity photographs of 1960's British Cars including E-Type Jaguar, Triumph Mayflower and Renown, Standard Vanguard, etc.£20-£30
583NO IMAGE BROWN BROTHERS Supplement to the Motor Trader 3rd November 1971, large illustrated Brochure for 'Specialised Service for the Motor Trade', together with two copies of the 1989 Centenary foldout Brochure; a series of photocopied period advertisements for Brown Cars 1903-1909 and Brown Brothers Corporation Newsletter April 1976, etc. (Qty)£20-£30
584NO IMAGE BROWN BROTHERS. A Pewter Pint Tankard inscribed 'Brown Brothers Ltd, Spark Plug Campaign 1960, J.D.Browning', and another in Art Nouveau style with engraved monogram 'J.D.B', the base engraved 10th July 1958 and with facsimile signatures. (2)
585NO IMAGE BROWN BROTHERS Ltd, 1905 booklet, 'A Bridged Wholesale Price List', 8 ¼ x 4 ¾ inches, 68 pp, with descriptions, prices and illustrations, principally for cycle accessories, frames, gearing, lamps, tyres, and REBO and BSA bicycles, together with sections, and the Brown motorcycle, with small sections on phonographs, gramophones, and air guns.£40-£60
586NO IMAGE Quantity of Technical Drawings: RILEY 1936 Lynx/Sprite - Large fold-out detailed Technical Drawing for 'Oil Seal Modification'; BUGATTI Types 35 to 51 GP - A4 photocopy of Garrington's Leaflets describing the manufacture and heat treatment of Hollow Front Axles. (2); JAGUAR ('D' Type?) - Technical Drawings for Racing Wheels and Knock-On Eared Nuts by the Dunlop Rim & Wheel Co, Foleshill, Coventry. (7); AUSTIN-HEALEY - Technical Drawings for Racing Wheels by the Dunlop Rim & Wheel Co, Foleshill, Coventry. (7); DUNLOP WHEELS - Technical Drawings for Wheels with stamp of Dunlop-Topy Wheels Ltd, 12th March 1991. (6): (Qty)£30-£50
587NO IMAGE FIAT - Technical Drawings for Models 104 (1926), 403 (1921-1922),
405 (c. 1923), 406/406A (c. 1927), 504/504A (1925-1927), 805/805A (c. 1924). (Qty).
588NO IMAGE MOTOR SPORT. Bound run from Volume 24, 1948, to Volume 42, in publishers black binding with gold block. With some covers and adverts. (19)£60-£80
589NO IMAGE THE MOTOR. May 30th 1939, together with 1940 edition Dec 11th, together with 1941 editions Feb 5th, Feb 19th, Jul 16th, Oct 8th, together with nine 1951/2 editions, one 1963 and 1969, some issues a/f. (17)£60-£80
590NO IMAGE THE MOTOR. 1938 editions, Mar 15th, Apr 19th, May 17th, Jun 14th, Jul 26th, some issues a/f. (5)£20-£40
591NO IMAGE THE MOTOR. 1936 editions May 5th, Nov 10th, and 1937 editions Jan 5th, Jun 29th, Dec 21st, some issues a/f. (5)£30-£50
592NO IMAGE THE MOTOR. 1935 editions, Apr 30th, Apr 2nd, Apr 9th, Apr 16th, Mar 19th, Jan 22nd, Jan 15th, Jan 1st, Sep 10th, Aug 13th, Aug 20th, some issues a/f. (11)£40-£60
593NO IMAGE THE MOTOR. 1934 editions, Jan 2nd, Jan 9th, Feb 27th, Apr 17th, 2 x Jun 12th, Jun 19th, Jun 26th, some issues a/f. (8)£40-£60
594NO IMAGE THE MOTOR. 1933 editions, July 18th, Aug 29th, May 2nd, July 4th, June 6th, Dec 26th, Jan 10th, Feb 14th, Feb 28th, Apr 11th, Mar 21st, Apr 4th, Jul 11th, Sep 5th, Sep 12th, Sep 26, Nov 7th, Nov 28th, some issues a/f. (18)£50-£80
595NO IMAGE THE MOTOR. 1932 editions, Jan 5th, Jan 26th, Feb 2nd, Feb 9th, Feb 23rd, Mar 8th, Mar 29th, Apr 26th, May 3rd, Jul 12th, Sep 27th, some issues a/f. (11)£50-£80
596NO IMAGE THE MOTOR. 1930 editions, March 11th, Jun 17th, Sep 9th, Sep 16th, Sep 31st, plus 1931 editions Sep 1st, some issues a/f. (6)£40-£60
597NO IMAGE THE MOTOR. 1929 editions, Jan 22nd, Jan 29th, Apr 16th, Apr 23rd, Oct 1st, Sept 17th, Mar 26th, Jan 8th, Mar 12th, Mar 19th, Aug 20th, Jan 1st, Dec 4th, Apr 30th, Nov 26th, Nov 19th, some issues a/f. (16)£60-£80
598NO IMAGE THE MOTOR. 1928 editions, Jul 10th, Jul 24th, Apr 21st, Feb 28th, Oct 5th, Nov 13th, Nov 6th, Dec 11th, some issues a/f. (8)£40-£60
599NO IMAGE THE MOTOR. July 21st 1925, plus 1926 editions, May 18th, Sep 14th, Nov 9th, and 1927 editions, May 31st, Sep 27th some issues a/f. (5)£30-£50
600NO IMAGE THE MOTOR. Nine early issues, Nov 2nd 1921, plus 1922 editions Jan 18th, May 24th, May 31st, Jul 4th, Oct 3rd, Oct 24th, Oct 31st, and Nov 6th 1923, less covers, some issues a/f. (9)£30-£50
601NO IMAGE THE MOTOR - Motor Show Editions Oct 8th 1929 and Oct 13th 1937. (2)£30-£50
602NO IMAGE THE AUTOCAR. Dec 27th 1940, Mar 10th 1944, Nov 11th 1949, Nov 10th 1950, Apr 20th 1951. (5)£20-£40