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603NO IMAGE THE AUTOCAR. 1937: Jul 30th, Aug 6th, together with 1938: Oct 7th, Apr 8th, May 27th, Jun 10th. (6)£30-£50
604NO IMAGE THE AUTOCAR. 1936: Oct 9th, Mar 27th, Mar 20th, Feb 14th, Jan 31st, Apr 17th, May 15th, Jun 5th, Jan 10th, Jan 24th, Apr 3rd. (11)£60-£80
605NO IMAGE THE AUTOCAR. 1934: Sep 28th, Jun 22nd , Mar 23st, together with 1935: Feb 1st, Jan 18th, Jun 14th, Jun 21st, Oct 4th. (8)£60-£80
606NO IMAGE THE AUTOCAR. 1933: Dec 15th x 2, Nov 24th, Jun 9th, Feb 10th , Apr 21st, Jul 28th, Aug 4th, Dec 22nd, Apr 14th, Sep 1st, Sep 29th, Oct 20th, Nov 10th. (14)£80-£120
607NO IMAGE THE AUTOCAR. 1932: Apr 1st, Feb 26th, Mar 11th, Mar 18th, Apr 22nd, Aug 19th, Feb 12th, Feb 5th, Jan 22nd, Jan 15th, Jan 8th, Dec 2nd, Dec 23th, Dec 30th , plus Mar 19th 1926. (15)£80-£120
608NO IMAGE THE AUTOCAR - Show Editions, 1949 Sept 23rd and 30th, 1949 Oct 7th, Oct 22nd 1937, Oct 19th 1934, Oct 14th 1938, Oct 18th 1929, Oct 16th 1926, Oct 18th 1935. (9)£100-£140
609NO IMAGE 'Power and Glory. A History of Grand Prix Motor Racing 1906-1951' William Court, pub. Macdonald 1st edition 1966, 356 pp, d/w. £30-£50
610NO IMAGE 'E.R.A. The History of English Racing Automobiles' David Weguelin, pub. White Mouse Editions 1980, 288 pp. In slip case, ERA badge to cover. Comprehensive and superbly illustrated. The first of the super luxury books pioneered by White Mouse. Still fantastic.£120-£160
611NO IMAGE MONTE CARLO RALLY Official Programme for the 24th Monte Carlo Rally, January 1954.£40-£60
612NO IMAGE MILLE MIGLIA 1952 Route Map, List of Competitors, etc (4 pages).£30-£50
613NO IMAGE MILLE MIGLIA 1953 Route Map, List of Competitors, etc, (4 pages), and Official List of running order of all competitors with control arrival times, etc. (2)£30-£50
614NO IMAGE 'A Book of Common Prayer' Formerly the property of Chief Petty Officer R.A. (Nobby)Clarke RN, W.O. BENTLEY'S first employee and Works Manager at the old Bemtley Motors Company, Cricklewood.£40-£60
615NO IMAGE 'BENTLEY. 50 Years of the Marque' Johnnie Green, pub. Dalton Watson 1978 reprint, 295 pp, d/w, together with the 1973 reprint of the Work. (2)£60-£80
616NO IMAGE 'WO BENTLEY. Engineer' Donald Bastow, pub. Haynes 1st edition 1978, 366 pp, d/w.£60-£80
617NO IMAGE 'WO' The autobiography of W.O. Bentley, pub. 1958, 223 pp, d/w, together with `My Life and My Cars' W.O. BENTLEY Autobiography, pub. Hutchinson, 1st edit 1967, d/w, and 'The Cars in My Life' W.O. Bentley, 1st edit 1961. (3)£60-£80
618NO IMAGE 'An Illustrated History of the BENTLEY Car' W.O. Bentley, pub. George Allen and Unwin first edition 1964, 192 pp, d/w.£40-£60
619NO IMAGE 'A Racing History of the BENTLEY 1921-1931' Darrell Berthon, pub. Bodley Head first edition 1956, 144 pp. Very well illustrated in b&w.£50-£80
620NO IMAGE Eight BENTLEY related Titles: 'Bentley Past and Present' Rivers Fletcher; 'The Other Bentley Boys' Nagle; 'A Pride of Bentleys' Adams & Roberts; 'Bentley 1919-1931' AUTOCAR Special; Bentley Drivers Club 'Golden Jubilee Book 1936-1986'; 'The Bentley Golden Jubilee Book 1919-1969' and 'Full Throttle' Birkin (2 copies). (8) £80-£100
621NO IMAGE 'BENTLEY. The Vintage Years 1919-1931' Michael Hay, pub. Dalton Watson 1986, first edition, 522 pp, d/w.
622NO IMAGE 'Bentley 4 ½-Litre Supercharged' Michael Hay, pub Foulis/Haynes 1st edition 1990, 72 pp, d/w.£120-£150
623NO IMAGE 'The Technical Facts of the Vintage BENTLEY' pub. Bentley Drivers Club, 1st edition 1955, 248 pp.£40-£60
624NO IMAGE 'BENTLEY BR2' World War 1 Rotary Engine. Building The One Quarter Scale Working Replica. L. K. Blackmore, first edit 1986. Signed by the author. £60-£80
625NO IMAGE `Motoring My Way' Stanley Sedgwick, pub. Batsford 1st edit 1976, 192 pp d/w. Signed by the author, together with later 1991 edition. (2)£80-£120
626NO IMAGE 'The BENTLEY Bedside Book' Young, pub. Bentley Drivers Club first edition 1961.£30-£50
627NO IMAGE Box Motoring retlaled Titles including 'E Type. The End of an Era' Harvey; 'JAGUAR. A Biography' Montagu; 'The Chain Drive FRAZER NASH' and 'Frazer Nash' both Thirlby; 'Fangio' Fangio; 'The Good Morning Safety Book 1957-58' etc. (Box)£60-£80
628NO IMAGE 'The Story of Brooklands' Volumes 1, 2 and 3, first editions 1949 and 1950, together with 'The History of Brooklands Motor Course 1906-1950' first edition 1957. All W. Boddy. Also 'Brooklands. A Pictorial History' Georgano. (5)£50-£80
629NO IMAGE BRDC Jubilee Books 1927-1952 and 1927-1977, together with 'The VSCC Golden Jubilee Book 1934-1984'. (3)£30-£50
630NO IMAGE 'E.R.A. The History of English Racing Automobiles' David Weguelin, pub. White Mouse Editions 1980, 288 pp. In slip case, ERA badge to cover. Comprehensive and superbly illustrated. The first of the super luxury books pioneered by White Mouse, together with 'The Story of E.R.A.' John Lloyd, Motor Racing Scrapbook No. 3, 1949, Signed by Raymond Mays. (2)£200-£250
631NO IMAGE `Racing Voiturettes' Kent Karslake, pub. MRP 1950 first edition, 376 pp. Covers the early days of competition motoring in the form of voiturette racing. Chapters dedicated to leading manufacturers and wonderful collection of black and white photographs captures the essence of the era. A now scarce copy.£60-£80
632NO IMAGE Box Motoring related Titles including 'A Racing Motorist' and 'Car Driving As An Art' both SCH Davis; 'The History of the VSCC' Hull; 'Bits and Pieces' Bira; 'Mind Over Motor', 'Down in the Sumps', 'Horseless Savages' and 'Unbalanced Cranks' all Charnock etc. (Box)£50-£80
633NO IMAGE 'A Lifetime With Cars' Rivers Fletcher, pub. Vintage Car Publishers first edition 1995, 160 glazed pp, d/w. Signed by the author. A high quality production. £60-£80
634NO IMAGE Box of various Workshop Manuals, mainly Morris but including Austin & BMC. (Qty)£20-£40
635NO IMAGE Handbooks including AUSTIN Seven, A40, FORD Anglia, FIAT and Fordson 10 cwt etc. (Qty)£20-£40
636NO IMAGE Box of Handbooks including BEDFORD, MORRIS Commercial, DAIMLER, etc. (Qty)£20-£40
637NO IMAGE LAND-ROVER – Original Instruction Manuals for HS Diesel 88 & 109;
2 litre Diesel Series 11, 88 & 109; Power Take-Off Manual for 88 & 109, Series 11 and 11A; Workshop Manual for 88 & 109 plus Supplement; Series 111 Owner's Manual; two-part Workshop Manual for Series 11 and 11A, and a Ring-Binder with Service Newsletters. (9).
638NO IMAGE Box containing 'The Motor Engineer' (6 vols); Trader Handbook 1958; 'Practical Motor Encyclopedia', etc. (Qty)£20-£30
639NO IMAGE Box of Handbooks etc, including TRIUMPH, M.G, ROVER, AUSTIN and FORD. (Qty)£20-£40
640NO IMAGE A large quantity of b&w Photographs of vintage and competition events, generally appear to be 1950' & 1960's, many annotated and including London to Brighton runs, also includes a series of M.G. Car Club MMM Register Library b&w Photographs of individual vintage period M.G's when new ex-works. (Qty).£60-£80
641NO IMAGE 'B-S-A Light Six' and 'B-S-A 10' period Brochures. Both poster style, 9 ¼ x 6 inches opening to 18 ½ x 24 inches. Well illustrated with prices etc. (2)£40-£60
642NO IMAGE BENTLEY – Copy of an Article on the 6 ½ litre Bentley from Motor Sport February 1949, pages from the original Motor Sport of same, and a single Sheet company announcement for the improved 4 ¼ litre with overdrive gearbox. Also DAIMLER – Original company specification, prices and Order Form for the 'Bickley' limousine on 15hp and 20hp chassis 1912, 16 x 13 inches, printed in light blue on glazed paper, but note a/f as it is not complete. (4)£30-£50
643NO IMAGE Handbooks and Instruction Manuals - AUSTIN Seven and another with parts list; WOLSELEY 14 early 1920s; Ford 1915; TROJAN Instruction Book early 1920s; LUCAS Magneto Running Instructions; STANDARD car Review 1936; 'MORRIS Cars, The First 35 Years' (1978); Small CASTROL Flip Booklet 'See Captain Eyston Break The World's Land Speed Record', 3 x 2 inches. (9)£40-£60
644NO IMAGE Group of fourteen re-printed Photographs of Vintage CITROEN and PEUGEOT, average size 9 x 7 inches, individually mounted on A4 thin card, and eight smaller examples including ALFA, AUSTRO-DAIMLER, SUKUBA, SINSON-SUPRA, ADLER, HANOMAG, DIETRICH, AUDI, DATSUN, etc, similarly mounted, each card with typed descriptions of model types in German, together with a group of miscellaneous period Photographs of vintage cars and a few factory interiors. (Qty)£40-£60
645NO IMAGE 'Such Sweet Thunder' Story of the FORD G.P. Engine 1971; Rothman's World Rallying 4; Jim Clarke, a Photo Portrait; Autocourse 1979-1980. All excellent condition, first title has slight edge foxing. (4)£40-£60
646NO IMAGE BUCK & HICKMAN Catalogue, 1932, 1158 pp, hardboard cloth covers with gold block, full of wonderful illustrations. £40-£60
647NO IMAGE BROWN BROTHERS Motor Factors Catalogue, c1970s, approximately 650 pp, hardcovers, with period illustrations.£20-£40
648NO IMAGE Set of ten small Charles Crombie humorous Prints, framed and glazed, together with two other prints. (12)£100-£140
649NO IMAGE Photo Album, with some Postcards including GP Cars, Le Mans ASTON MARTIN, 1959 BRM, 1954 MASERATI with Stirling Moss, FERRARI Thinwall Special 4 ½ litre, 1952 Supercharged BRM, etc, plus some early Portrait Photographs possibly of BROWN BROTHERS family members?, various press photos, and 2 small photos, a 1950s FRAZER NASH Le Mans car No: 2B, and 4 ½ Litre vintage BENTLEY, GC3546, in glazed wood frame. (Qty)£40-£60
650NO IMAGE 'Gold Portfolios', LAGONDA 1919-1964, and RAILTON & BROUGH SUPERIOR 1933-1950; 'Brooklands Books' Road Tests for BMW 6 & 8 cylinder 1933-1950; 'Unique Motoring Portfolios' covering FRAZER NASH, HEALEY, ROLLS-ROYCE 1931-1971 and ROLLS-ROYCE & BENTLEY 1950-1965. (7)£40-£60
651NO IMAGE Various Sales Brochures etc, Renault, Ford, Austin, Bristol, Saab. (Qty)£20-£40
652NO IMAGE Group of nineteen early Commercial Vehicle b&w Photographs, mainly 10 x 8 and 8 x 6 etc., includes LANCIA, 1936 STUDEBAKER Artic, PICKFORDS, BROMILOW & EDWARDS etc. (19)£40-£60
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