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51NO IMAGE FIAT - Pair 501 front Backplates, fitted with brakes etc. (Pair)£50-£80
52NO IMAGE FRAZER NASH – Parts of an exhaust branch Manifold, together with some exhaust pipes. (4)£20-£40
53NO IMAGE Spare Wheel Well, of recent construction, 29 x 7 ¾ x 7 ½ inches deep. Suit VAUXHALL 30/98.£20-£40
54NO IMAGE BENTLEY – Four front Brake Drums, ex 3-Litre. (4)£50-£80
55NO IMAGE BUGATTI – Single 52 mm Hub, suit T46/50.£20-£40
56NO IMAGE SUNBEAM – Pair 52 mm Hubs. (Pair)£30-£50
57NO IMAGE RILEY Sprite – Pair Door Ash Frames, of recent manufacture. Very well constructed, to a high standard. (Pair)£50-£80
58NO IMAGE RILEY – Ex Works Sprite alloy fined Oil Filter; alloy Twin Carburettor Manifold, quantity Wheel nuts and box Spares. (Qty)£60-£80
59NO IMAGE Three R/W Wheels, 42 mm hubs. Pair 18 inch, single 19 inch. (3)£40-£60
60NO IMAGE Ten various Shock Absorbers including ANDRE Type TEE (2); HOUDALIE (3); HE Co. P1652 (2) etc. (10)£50-£80
61NO IMAGE BUGATTI Type 35 fuel tank, in steel.£150-£200
62NO IMAGE BUGATTI Type 35 bonnet and bonnet boards, all in aluminium. Unused. (4)£120-£150
63NO IMAGE RILEY 9 - Pair rear Wings. (Pair)£60-£80
64NO IMAGE RILEY 9 - Box alloy inlet and exhaust Manifolds etc. (Box)£50-£80
65NO IMAGE RILEY 9 - Five alloy Rocker Boxes, with square tops. (5)£60-£80
66NO IMAGE RILEY 9 - Two alloy finned Sumps, one very clean example. (2)£80-£100
67NO IMAGE RILEY 9 - Pair new TYPECAST Ribbed Brake Drums, together with two pair relined Brake Shoes, purchased at a cot of £814.26p.£400-£600
68NO IMAGE Three Exhaust Silencers, together with two lengths of Exhaust Pipe. Ex RILEY. (5) £20-£30
69NO IMAGE RILEY 9 - Quantity alloy Timing Chain Covers, one with ribbed Oil Filter, ex Merlin engine. (Qty)£60-£80
70NO IMAGE RILEY 9 - Eight Brake Drums, together with five 6-stud Wheel Centers. (13)£40-£60
71NO IMAGE RILEY 9 - Box Spares including Radiator Cap, LUCAS dismantled Mirror, Shock Absorber, Starting Handles, Wheel Nuts etc. (Box)£50-£80
72NO IMAGE RILEY 9 - Cylinder Head fitted with valves, springs and Water take-off Pipe. Appears sound.£100-£150
73NO IMAGE RILEY 9 - Cylinder Head, appears sound, together with four other examples. (5)£80-£120
74NO IMAGE RILEY 9 - Six Crankshafts. (6)£40-£60
75NO IMAGE RILEY 9 - Four alloy Backplates, one a/f. (4)£40-£60
76NO IMAGE RILEY 9 - Two Dynamos, together with quantity Spares. (Qty)£120-£150
77NO IMAGE RILEY 9 - Front Axle, appears drilled for lightness.£60-£80
78NO IMAGE RILEY 9 - Two Engine Blocks, a/f. (2)£50-£80
79NO IMAGE RILEY 9 - Diff, fitted with Crown Wheel, together with Pinion. (2)£100-£120
80NO IMAGE RILEY 9 -Set four Road Springs. (4)£50-£80
81NO IMAGE RILEY 9 - Three Rear Axle Cases. (3)£60-£80
82NO IMAGE RILEY 9 - Box Timing Gears, Camshaft etc. (Box)£30-£50
83NO IMAGE RILEY 9 - Six various ROTAX Starter Motors. (6)£60-£80
84NO IMAGE RILEY 9 - Quantity Spares including Perrot Shafts, Propshaft, Handbrake Lever etc. (Qty)£60-£80
85NO IMAGE Box mainly RILEY 9 Piston Rods and Shells etc., many appear sound. (Box)£80-£100
86NO IMAGE RILEY Rear Axle, together with RM front Suspension. (3)£50-£80
87NO IMAGE RILEY 1 ½ Litre C.W.P, fits 1946-52 cars, 4.89:1. Little used. Can be modified to fit 9 or 12 hp models.£100-£120
88NO IMAGE ROLLS-ROYCE Silver Shadow chrome Bumper with one curved side only, NOS.£40-£60
89NO IMAGE Length of RENOLD Chain, 103 inches, NOS in original box. Suit FRAZER NASH.£50-£80
91NO IMAGE PACIFIC BALLOON RIM TOOL, by Universal Rim & Tyre Tool Co. Ltd, London, Birmingham & New York. Appears in good order.£30-£50
92NO IMAGE Box various Hand Tools including Wheel Braces, Spanners, Hub Pullers, Piston Ring Clamps, large wooden handled Screwdriver, Hand Drills, Wood Saws etc. (Box)£20-£30
93NO IMAGE Large cast iron Barrel Pump, 44 inches tall with 32 inch long pipe, together with similar 27 inch alloy example, with 17 inch long pipe and a smaller brass type, 22 inches tall with 16 ½ inch long pipe. (3)£20-£30
94NO IMAGE LAKE & ELLIOT Ltd., Braintee, S646 1-Ton alloy Jack and original handle, with attached brass instructions plate, together with SHELLEY 12 DL Jack with extended handle, another Shelley and a READ Jack, both with handles and a modern example. (9)£40-£60
95NO IMAGE Large ROTARY HOES Ltd. 5-Ton Jack, together with another 5-Ton example and another Jack and handle. (4)£30-£50
96NO IMAGE Box twenty-three various Grease Guns, mainly brass, including TECALEMIT, ENOTS etc. (23 in box)£40-£60
97NO IMAGE Two large sixty-draw metal Cabinets, 27 x 37 x 12 inches wide. With contents including Screws, Bolts, Washers, Nuts, Electrical parts, Spark Plugs etc. (2)£80-£120
98NO IMAGE Large twenty-hinged front opening draw Cabinet, 77 inches high x 32 inches wide x 13 inches deep.£20-£30
99NO IMAGE Large LAYCOCK Jack, 56 inches long, on cast iron wheels, with 50 inch handle.£40-£60
100NO IMAGE MORSE Twist Drills & Machine Co. Circular wooden Case, with brass rotating top designed to release various sizes of drill bit, 7 inches tall, 3 ¾ inches diameter.£10-£20
101NO IMAGE A portable patent ratchet Lever Jack, marked 'The ERNLAKE FORD Garage Jack', 35 inch lever, 46 inches overall.£80-£100