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51NO IMAGE Quantity FORD Model T Hood Frames. (Qty)£20-£30
52NO IMAGE FORD Model T – Large quantity various wooden spoked Wheels, Rims etc. (Qty)£80-£120
53NO IMAGE FORD Model T – Box various Spares including Hubs, Drums, Gears etc. (Box)£40-£60
54NO IMAGE Large wooden box containing a various Spares, mainly NOS, mostly FORD, including Lenses, Fuel Pump, Switches etc., together with NOS Ford external trim, including Grille etc. (Qty)£50-£80
55NO IMAGE FORD Model T – Box various Spares including Hubs, Drums, Dynamos, 4-bladed Fan, etc. (Box)£40-£60
56NO IMAGE Two FORD Exhaust Manifolds, NOS, probably Model T. (2)£20-£40
57NO IMAGE Set four R/W 21 inch 62 mm hub wheels. Inner, centre and outer laced, finished in black enamel. Fitted with DUNLOP 5.00/5.25 x 21 inch tyres, for display purposes only. Ex BENTLEY. (4)£1000-£1200
58NO IMAGE WO BENTLEY 4-Star Diff, with fitted ENV spiral cut crown wheel and pinion, 4.2:1 (13 x 55), complete with nose piece, numbered 1180.£1000-£1200
59NO IMAGE Sectioned gearbox for display/training aid, ex motoring college, possibly AUSTIN, early 1930s. Mounted on wooden board.£20-£40
60NO IMAGE Two 52 mm hub, 18 inch Wire Wheels, suit RILEY, MG etc (2)
61NO IMAGE Circa 1921 AC 6-cylinder 2-Litre 'Cats Paw' Engine. Dismantled and unused since before the 1950s,and in long term storage, with many new parts and spares etc., including Pistons, Rods, two ML Magnetos, set three SU Carburettors, Exhaust system, Head Gaskets, Liners, Oil Pumps, internals etc. Appears complete. Believed to be the spare unused engine form the 1921 Double Twelve Booklands record attempt by Brownsort and Noble.£3500-£5000
62NO IMAGE Radiator Core, 20 x 16 inches, plus mounting brackets.£20-£30
63NO IMAGE Pair ribbed Brake Drums, 12 inches inside diameter. (Pair)£50-£80
64NO IMAGE Five various Brake Drums, 12 and 13 inches inside diameters. (5)£30-£50
65NO IMAGE Large Indoor Car Cover, suit ROLLS-ROYCE Shadow etc., together with 9 x 7 ft 6 inch Tarpaulin. (2)£10-£15
66NO IMAGE Three various Windscreen Frames. (3)£30-£50
67NO IMAGE Sprung Front Bumper, together with spare Blade and rear example. Suit ROLLS-ROYCE etc. (3)£80-£120
68NO IMAGE BENTLEY Shock Absorber, NOS.£30-£50
69NO IMAGE Pair Derby BENTLEY front Seats, in brown leather, together with another example. £100-£150
70NO IMAGE Pair black leather folding front seats, 28 inches tall, 20 inches wide, 18 inch long bases. One with replacement squab. (Pair)£80-£120
71NO IMAGE Three 42 mm hub 18 inch Wire Wheels, outer laced. (3)£60-£80
72NO IMAGE Box assorted AUSTIN Seven Spares. (Box)£20-£40
73NO IMAGE AUSTIN Seven. Part Diff assembly, 4-speed Gearbox, 1933 Head and a Manifold. (4)£40-£60
74NO IMAGE AUSTIN Seven. Box various mainly vintage Spares including Flywheel, 1927 Cylinder Head, Brake Drums, 3-speed Cam. (Box)£100-£120
75NO IMAGE AUSTIN Seven. Front Axle, Road Leaf Springs and Brake Cross Shaft. (Qty)£40-£60
76NO IMAGE ALVIS 12/50 radiator shell, with honeycomb front.£150-£200
77NO IMAGE Alloy bonnet and sides with bulge for carburettor. Possibly suit ALVIS 12/50. (2)£100-£140
78NO IMAGE ROLLS-ROYCE. Set four Hydraulic Shock Absorbers, appear sound. Ex 25/30. (4)£200-£300
79NO IMAGE AUSTIN Seven. Five 17 inch open centre type Wheels. (5)£60-£80
80NO IMAGE AUSTIN Seven. Seven 19 inch open centre type Wheels, one fitted with scrap tyre. (7)£80-£100
81NO IMAGE Two Exhaust Rear Silencers, suit AUSTIN Sevens etc. (2)£20-£30
82NO IMAGE AUSTIN Seven RN Front off side Wing, shot blasted and primed, together with correct Bracket. (2)£60-£80
83NO IMAGE AUSTIN Seven Front Axle, with hubs, brake shoes etc.£60-£80
84NO IMAGE RILEY. Quantity Bonnet Catches, together with quantity of related parts. (Qty)£20-£40
85NO IMAGE RILEY. Fuel Tank, cylindrical type, 31 ½ x 9 ½ inches diameter, with some fitting etc.£40-£60
86NO IMAGE RILEY. Fuel Tank, with some fittings etc.£40-£60
87NO IMAGE RILEY. Two Spare Wheel Covers, together with box Vents and various fittings etc. (2 plus box)£40-£60
88NO IMAGE RILEY. Quantity rear Boot Handles, Catches etc. (Box)£20-£40
89NO IMAGE RILEY. Seven Headlamp Bars, various patterns. (7)£20-£40
90NO IMAGE RILEY. Eight Dash panels, less instruments, various patterns, ROTAX etc.£20-£40
91NO IMAGE RILEY. Battery Box, together with quantity wooden Door Cappings. (Box)£20-£30
92NO IMAGE RILEY. Quantity foot Pedals, various types. (Box)£30-£50
93NO IMAGE RILEY. Eight Brake Shoes, together with alloy Backplate. (9)£40-£60
94NO IMAGE RILEY. Three Front Axles, ex narrow track, one drilled for lightness, Drop Arms, Drag Links etc. (Qty)
95NO IMAGE RILEY. Quantity Wheel Hubs, knock on type, many with logoed Spinners. (Box)£40-£60
96NO IMAGE RILEY. Two boxes Wheel Hubs, 6-stud type. (2 boxes)£40-£60
97NO IMAGE RILEY. Box various alloy Castings, including Pipes, Fan Brackets etc. (Box)£20-£40
98NO IMAGE RILEY 12/4. Front and rear Back Plates, together with Brake Drum.£40-£60
99NO IMAGE RILEY 12/4 - Engine Spares - bearer bars, rocker cover, rocker shafts, con rods, exhaust and inlet manifolds
100NO IMAGE RILEY 9. Brake Compensator Assembly, Handbrakes, Pedals etc. (£60-£80