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101NO IMAGE RILEY 9. Two Pedal Boxes with pedals, circa 1934. (2)£80-£120
102NO IMAGE RILEY 9. Five Brake Drums, together with eight Brake Shoes, one drilled for lightness. (13)£40-£60
103NO IMAGE ROTAX reproduction Sidelight parts. (Box)£20-£30
104NO IMAGE RILEY 9 - Short Engine - magneto type, plus head, rocker boxes, with spare cams, rods and other parts.
105NO IMAGE RILEY 9 - Gearbox - All helical type.£100-£140
106NO IMAGE RILEY – Various Prop shafts. (Qty)£20-£40
107NO IMAGE RILEY. Box Crown Wheels and Pinions, various ratios. (Box)£60-£80
108NO IMAGE RILEY. Box various Clutch Parts, Muff Coupling, U/J's etc. (Box)£40-£60
109NO IMAGE RILEY - Steering Column, with wheel, drop arm, centre tubes and switch switch, together with another, some damage, plus parts to repair, with drop arm, steering wheel etc. (Qty)£200-£250
110NO IMAGE RILEY. Four R/W 18 inch Wire Wheels, 42 mm hubs, inner and outer laced, together with 18 inch Wheel Rim, for centre and outer laced spokes. (5)
111NO IMAGE RILEY. Two Halfshafts, with fitted 42 mm hubs and spinners. Suit Narrow Track. (2)£40-£60
112NO IMAGE Two ROTAX Dynamos, Model AT166, Type CH. Suit RILEY etc. (2)£80-£120
113NO IMAGE RILEY - 12/4 main bearing & centre main bearing housing.£30-£40
114NO IMAGE RILEY 12/4 - Rocker Cover plus pair for 'RM'. (3)£40-£60
115NO IMAGE RILEY 9. Two Exhaust Manifolds. (2)£30-£50
116NO IMAGE RILEY. Box Spares including Engine Mountings, Drop Arms etc. (Box)£40-£60
117NO IMAGE RILEY. Steering Box Mounting Brackets.£40-£60
118NO IMAGE RILEY. Two Diff Assemblies. (2)£40-£60
119NO IMAGE RILEY. Four 42 mm hub Wheel Centres, together with another similar. (5)£20-£40
120NO IMAGE RILEY 9. Timing Chest.£20-£40
121NO IMAGE RILEY 9. Merlin Timing Chest.£20-£40
122NO IMAGE RILEY. Box 42 mm hub knock-on Spinners. (Box)£20-£40
123NO IMAGE RILEY 'Six' Starting Handle, together with two Wheel Braces. (3)£40-£60
124NO IMAGE RILEY 9. Merlin type Brake Compensator Assembly.£30-£40
125NO IMAGE RILEY 9 Engine principal components - Coil type circa 1932, bores +30, manual flywheel, including box of loose parts.£150-£250
126NO IMAGE RILEY 9 Engine principal components - Coil type circa 1936 Merlin, bores +40, 3rd type flywheel, including box of loose parts.£150-£250
127NO IMAGE RILEY 9 Engine principal components - Coil type circa 1934, bores +30, 1st type flywheel, including box of loose parts.£150-£250
128NO IMAGE RILEY 9 Engine principal components - Mag type circa 1930, bores +20, manual flywheel, including box of loose parts.£150-£250
129NO IMAGE RILEY 9 Engine principal components - Mag type circa 1930, bores Std, manual flywheel, with parts to convert to later type cams & coil ignition, including box of loose parts.£150-£250
130NO IMAGE RILEY 9 Engine Spares, including Cams, Rockers, Pistons, Oil Pipes etc. (Box)£20-£30
131NO IMAGE As Previous Lot. (Box)£20-£30
132NO IMAGE As Previous Lot. (Box)£20-£30
133NO IMAGE As Previous Lot. (Box)£20-£30
134NO IMAGE RILEY 9. Two cylinder heads. (2)£40-£60
135NO IMAGE As Previous Lot. (2)£40-£60
136NO IMAGE RILEY 9. Pair Exhaust Manifolds and pair Inlet Manifolds. (2 pairs)£40-£60
137NO IMAGE RILEY. Box of axle trunnions and related parts. (Box)£20-£40
138NO IMAGE RILEY. Rear Axle 'banjo', wide track type.£60-£80
139NO IMAGE RILEY 9. Large quanity various Gearbox Spares. (5 boxes)£60-£100
140NO IMAGE RILEY. Three road Leaf Springs. (3)£10-£20
141NO IMAGE RILEY 9. Timing Case.£20-£30
142NO IMAGE RILEY RM. Pair wing mounted headlight Mounts. (Pair)£20-£30
143NO IMAGE RILEY 9. Radiator, with enamel badge and cap. In excellent condition.£350-£450
144NO IMAGE RILEY 9. Set of Wings, including Running Board, Bonnet, Valence, Saloon Doors, Fuel Tank, front and rear screens etc. All appear very sound. (Qty)£400-£600
150NO IMAGE LUCAS Inspection Lamp, rewired and with accessory plug, together with 'The Springfield' Tyre Iron, suit FORD Model T and two Valve Spring Compressors, probably suit Model T or A etc.£30-£50
151NO IMAGE Box various size 'G' and other Clamps. (Box)£20-£40
152NO IMAGE Eight Power Tools etc., including BOSCH Sander; Performance Power Table Saw; Wicks 1300W Circular Saw; Alpina Energy Electric Chain Saw with Ear Defenders, chain Oil and Face Mask; Belt Sander, also Eezi Bleed brake and clutch Bleeder. (9)£40-£60
153NO IMAGE RYOBI 600V Hammer Drill in case.£10-£20
154NO IMAGE BOXFORD Metal turning lathe, with accessories and user manual, less power feed.£300-£500
155NO IMAGE CLARKE Folding Engine Crane, Model CFC100, plus load leveller.£40-£60