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156NO IMAGE AC Fuel Pump Analyser, in tin case and with instructions.£20-£40
157NO IMAGE Five various screws jacks including SHELLEY, KING DICK etc. (5)£50-£80
158NO IMAGE PICKAVANT Clutch Setting Tool, complete and with instructions, in wooden case.£20-£40
159NO IMAGE Good Victorian cast iron Leg Vice, 4 ½ inch jaws, 40 inches overall.£40-£60
160NO IMAGE Box wet and dry sanding paper, assorted grades, approximately 200 sheets. (Box)£10-£20
161NO IMAGE Sixteen cans WD40, NOS. (16)£20-£30
162NO IMAGE Box various Mallets and Hammers, wooden handle Screwdrivers, Pliers, Hand Drill etc. (Box)£20-£30
163NO IMAGE HATTERSLEY & DAVIDSON Ltd. No. 2 brass barrelled Hand Tyre Pump, together with another similar example. (2)£30-£50
164NO IMAGE Box Tools including spanners, battery charger, screwdrivers, sanding discs etc. (Box)£10-£20
165NO IMAGE Large heavy duty 3 ½ ton NEILSEN Trolley Jack, together with wheel nut Spider. (2)£30-£50
166NO IMAGE Early MICHELIN & Cie Hand Tyre Pump, with brass barrel and gauge etc., together with another similar. (2)£20-£40
167NO IMAGE SIFAM Volt Meter, SMITHS Volt Tester, EXIDE Battery Tester etc. (Box)£20-£30
168NO IMAGE Quantity Grease Guns and Oiling Cans including NESTHILL, BRAIMERS, HARRILD & Sons, TECALMITE etc. (Qty)£20-£30
169NO IMAGE Large Barrel Pump, hand operated, 50 inches tall, adjustable screw cap.£20-£30
170NO IMAGE GUNSON'S Tachostrobe DC Xenon/RPM Timing Light, together with FRANKLIN TA43 FORD Diesel Engine Timing Set. (2)£20-£30
171NO IMAGE Early Hand Tyre Pump, 'The DUNLOP DoubleActing Tyre Pump No. 1', together with another, both less tube etc.£10-£20
172NO IMAGE Box thirty FORD Spanners, various sizes. Suit Models A/B or T etc. (30 in box)£40-£60
173NO IMAGE ROTAX double brass barrelled Hand Tyre Pump, with wooden handle and original gauge, less tube.£20-£40
174NO IMAGE Wooden Garage Creeper.£10-£20
175NO IMAGE Six Screw Jacks, including DUNLOP, SHELLEY, LAKE & ELLIOT etc., together with DUNLOP standard foot pump, etc. (Box)£40-£60
176NO IMAGE Large quantity of tools, including axle stands, trolley jack, tool box with contents etc. (Qty) £40-£60
177NO IMAGE Quantity Tools including twelve Dollies, Spring Compressors, Block & Tackle, heavy duty Clamps, Car Ramps, Oxy Regulators etc. (Qty)£20-£30
178NO IMAGE Box assorted Tools. (Box)£10-£20
179NO IMAGE Box Brass and other grease guns, including ENOTS etc. (Box)£20-£40
181NO IMAGE Box various electrical items including Switches, Cable (including armoured), Bulbs etc. Some NOS. (Box)£30-£50
182NO IMAGE Box various Cables including Armoured, Throttle, Brake etc. Some NOS. (Box)£20-£40
183NO IMAGE Handbrake lever and Ratchet, 22 inches tall. Suit AUSTIN Seven and others.£20-£30
184NO IMAGE Pair 1 ½ inch SU Carburettors, with vertical flange mountings, linkage, brass dashpot tops etc. (Pair)£40-£60
185NO IMAGE Pair BUTLERS Headlights, 5 inch flutted lenses (slightly different), black enamel finish, stalk mountings. (Pair)£30-£50
186NO IMAGE SOLEX 26 BF side-draught 26 mm Carburettor, together with ZENITH 30 VIG up-draught 30 mm example. (2)£30-£50
187NO IMAGE Box containing LUCAS Distributors, Spares, Magneto Straps etc. To suit AUSTIN Seven. (Box)£20-£40
188NO IMAGE Klaxon type Horn, mains operated.£10-£20
189NO IMAGE Pair BOSCH Headlamps, 10 inch diameter, with built in sidelights, chromium plated rim etc. Less one fluted lens. (Pair)£40-£60
190NO IMAGE Box various Headlamps etc., including LUCAS, mainly a/f. (Box)£40-£60
191NO IMAGE LUCAS DJ6 A-6 6-cylinder Distributor, Type P6-0, together with similar DJ6A-7, type AA13-1, and DU6A-0 less cap. (3)£40-£60
192NO IMAGE KLAXON 12 volt Horn, Klaxet Model No. 4329, 6 ¼ inch long trumpet, 11 inches overall.£50-£80
193NO IMAGE LUCAS electric trumpet Horn, 7 inch trumpet, 11 inches overall, together with KLAXON Horn, 5 ½ inches diameter and with mounting bracket. (2)£30-£50
194NO IMAGE Box various Spark Plugs including OLEO, MACQUAIRE, The SLIPPER etc., also pair LUCAS L456 Lenses. (Box)
195NO IMAGE Box interior Door Handles, Window Winding Handles and Ashtrays. (Box)£40-£60
196NO IMAGE Box exterior Door Handles, Locks and Hinges. (Box)£20-£40
197NO IMAGE Box various HARTFORD Shock Absorber spares. (Box)£60-£100
198NO IMAGE Box various Wiper Motors, both electric and vacuum types, including LUCAS, CAV etc., together with NOS Wiper Blades. (Box)
199NO IMAGE Box various Horns and Solenoids, including LUCAS, CLEAR HOOTER etc. (Box)£20-£40
200NO IMAGE Box various Fuse Boxes and Regulators, including LUCAS RJF 92, CF3 etc. (Box)£150-£180
201NO IMAGE Box various Instruments and Gauges including Speedometers, Clocks, Fuel Gauges etc., LUCAS, JAEGER, SMITHS, REDEX etc. (Box)
202NO IMAGE Two boxed various Headlamp Glass, Sidelight Lenses, LUCAS Lenses etc. (2 boxes)£40-£60
203NO IMAGE Box various Brass Taps. (Box)£20-£40
204NO IMAGE Box various brass etc., automotive Hinges. (Box)£10-£20
205NO IMAGE Box ZENITH type 36, 36 mm Carburettors. (Box)£40-£60
206NO IMAGE Box ZENITH type 28, 28 mm Carburettors. (Box)£40-£60