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157NO IMAGE MORRIS Cowley Flatnose chromium plated Radiator, with enamel Badge and Radiator Cap.£300-£500
158NO IMAGE MORRIS Oxford Bullnose nickel Radiator, with enamel Badge and Radiator Cap.£400-£600
159NO IMAGE Approximately fifty-eight NOS and good used 18 mm CHAMPION 8 COM Sparking Plugs. (Box)£50-£80
160NO IMAGE Twelve NOS and good used 18 mm CHAMPION 7 Sparking Plugs. (12)£30-£50
161NO IMAGE Twenty-three good used 18 mm CHAMPION K17 Sparking Plugs. (23)£30-£50
162NO IMAGE Seven NOS 18 mm CHAMPION UK10 Sparking Plugs, in original Boxes. (7)£30-£50
163NO IMAGE Twenty-one good used 18 mm LODGE CV Sparking Plugs. (21)£30-£50
164NO IMAGE Five NOS 18 mm LODGE C3 Sparking Plugs, in original Boxes. (5)£20-£30
165NO IMAGE Twelve various original 18 mm KLG Sparking Plugs, including K1 and 777, in original Tins, some NOS and a similar 14 mm example. (13)£30-£50
166NO IMAGE Large Pre War, c1928, 4-Spoke Steering Wheel, 19 inch diameter, alloy centre boss and good Celluloid covering.£80-£120
167NO IMAGE Nine mainly NOS SIMMS Magneto Couplings. (9)£20-£30
168NO IMAGE Rare PENNANT alloy running board mounted Petrol Can Holder, with Key. Suit MORRIS Oxford, together with three steel examples, all with keys, Suit Morris Cowley. All appear NOS. (4)£80-£120
169NO IMAGE Five LUCAS No. 10 brass Trumpet Horns, finished in black enamel, 16 inches long, with 11 ½ inch Trumpet. For Battery Box Mounting. Suit MORRIS Bullnose etc. (5)£80-£120
170NO IMAGE BTH 6-cylinder Magneto, Type GA6-K3, No. 7K-915251£-£
171NO IMAGE Three 4-cylinder BTH Magnetos, Type GA4. Clockwise rotation, as viewed from the back. All appear to have good spark. Suit RILEY etc. (3)£120-£160
172NO IMAGE BTH 4-cylinder Magneto, Type GA 4, counter-clockwise rotation, together with similar Type GA 4-C and another Type GA 4 fitted with Advance/Retard Unit. All appear to have good spark. Suit RILEY etc. (3)£120-£160
173NO IMAGE Box LUCAS RB50 Headlight Shells, Rims and Reflectors. (Box)£80-£120
174NO IMAGE Box containing various c1920s Door Locks (non lockable types), some with interior Door Release Handles, Escutcheons etc. (Box)£40-£60
175NO IMAGE LUCAS R510 Lamp, 6 inch diameter Lens, black enamel finish and with Mounting Stalk, together with another less lens and reflector. Suit AUSTIN 7 Chummy. (2)£30-£50
176NO IMAGE BARKER Dipper Parts including Handle, Operating Mechanism, Lever, Stalks, Lamp Mounting Brackets etc. (Box)£50-£80
177NO IMAGE Seven EWARTS sprung Bonnet Catches plus some spares. (Qty)£60-£80
178NO IMAGE Quantity BTH Magneto CB Covers. Both Bakelite and metal covered examples, some NOS. (Qty)£60-£80
179NO IMAGE Eight BTH Magneto Caps, with terminal screws, many NOS. Includes rare AUSTIN Seven type. (8)£80-£100
180NO IMAGE Quantity various brass and steel Magneto and Dynamo Straps. Suit AUSTIN ETC. (Qty)£30-£50
181NO IMAGE LUCAS 12 volt Starter Motor.£100-£140
182NO IMAGE Quantity BTH Magneto spares, including Platinum Points, Caps, Clips etc. Some NOS. (Qty)£50-£80
183NO IMAGE Pair LUCAS New Alto Horns, chromium plated rims and with mounting brackets. Believed working. (Pair)£80-£120
184NO IMAGE Twenty-three various Pull Door Handles, mainly solid nickel type, some chromium plated. (23)£60-£80
185NO IMAGE Quantity vintage Door Handles and spares etc., including Railway Carriage, Tourer and Pull types, both internal and external examples etc. Many solid nickel. (Qty)£60-£80
186NO IMAGE Pair LUCAS 'King of the Road' Sidelights, c1920s, 3 inch diameter lenses, chromium plated finish with mounting feet etc. (Pair)£40-£60
187NO IMAGE DESMO Rear View Mirror, semi convex, nickel plated rim, 6 ½ x 2 ½ inches, and mounting brackets. Also PENNANT oval flat example, 7 inches across, with mounting brackets. (2)£30-£50
188NO IMAGE Two Pairs Rear Diver's Helmet RUBBOLITES, Model 8. (2 pairs)£50-£80
189NO IMAGE Alloy running board mounted Foot Scraper, 13 x 9 inches, fitted with original DUNLOP rubber mat.£40-£60
190NO IMAGE Seven brass scuttle mounted Vents, 8 x 4 inches. Nickel, chrome and black enamel finishes. (7)£40-£60
191NO IMAGE Four LUCAS S2 floor mounted Starter Buttons. All with black enamel finish, Bakelite knobs and appear sound. (4)£80-£100
192NO IMAGE Eight vintage sprung Bonnet Catches, together with quantity spares. (8)£80-£100
193NO IMAGE Four HEPOLITE 75 mm Std Pistons, Reference No. RS 8995, for 1927-31 MORRIS (Oxford), together with four Hepolite Cylinder Liners, Reference No. FS 286 FLG, O.D. 3.1/16, I.D. 75 mm, Length 7 ¼ inches. Suit above pistons. All NOS in original packaging. (5)£160-£200
194NO IMAGE Set four COVMO Pistons, Reference No. 201, 75 mm plus .040, with 16 Rings. NOS in original packaging. Suit MORRIS Oxford etc.£100-£150
195NO IMAGE Box LUCAS Vacuum Wiper Motors and spares. (Box)£40-£60
196NO IMAGE DESMO small rectangular Mirror, 4 ¾ x 2 ½ inches, brass case, plated rim and mounting stalk, together with two similar examples less mounting stalks etc. Suit AUSTIN Seven, MORRIS Minor etc. (3)£30-£50
197NO IMAGE Three various Choke Control Knobs and quantity Bowden Cables etc. (Qty)£40-£60
198NO IMAGE Pair early RUDGE fold-flat Windscreen Mounts, having spade brackets for sidelights, with windscreen Chanel sections, together with another Mount and one similar. Good quality. (6)£160-£180
199NO IMAGE Original mahogany running board mounted Toolbox, 25 x 8 x 7 inches deep, having nickel plated fittings, lock and key, together with piece alloy Tread Plate and length alloy Edging to suit. (3)£50-£80
200NO IMAGE Wooden running board mounted Toolbox, 15 ½ x 8 ¾ x 7 ½ inches deep, together with new piece of wood edging to suit. (2)£40-£60
201NO IMAGE ROTHERHAM'S Coventry Type 1 brass water pump Greece Pot, together with ten Type 2 examples. Suit MG 18/80 etc. (11)£100-£120
202NO IMAGE Eight various original hood frame Clamps, with nickel, chrome and black enamel finishes, and small quantity of spares. (Qty)£80-£100
203NO IMAGE Wooden running board mounted Toolbox, of recent manufacture, 15 ½ x 9 x 7 inches deep. Contains tool tray. Hinges and screws present, but not fitted. Also two similar wooden battery Boxes, 20 x 7 ½ x 6 inches deep. (3)£50-£80
204NO IMAGE Period wooden running board mounted Toolbox, 25 ¼ x 8 ¼ x 7 ¼ inches deep, with alloy edging and rubber mat top, together with similar period wooden battery Box, 19 ¼ x 7 ¼ x 5 inches deep and quantity locating Rods and Bolts etc. (Qty)£50-£80
205NO IMAGE Early RUDGE Tourer Windscreen Frame, having wood infill, but less glass. Fitted with brass Tax disc Holder (containing Ross Tax disc) and bulb horn, 40 inches wide overall, would suit circa 34 inch scuttle. £160-£180
206NO IMAGE Two Pairs Rear 'Diver's Helmet' RUBBOLITES, Model 8. (2 pairs)£50-£80