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207NO IMAGE Box Leather Straps. Various sizes and lengths. (Box)£30-£50
208NO IMAGE Box assorted Automobilia including SMITHS MA 0-60 mph Speedometer, with 3 inch engraved silver dial, a/f; Fuses; Reflectors; Brake Light Switch; LUCAS Sidelights, chromium plated; 'Pork Pie' Rear Lamps etc. (Box)£30-£50
209NO IMAGE Air Horn. Chromium plated curved trumpet, 4 ¾ inches diameter, 13 ½ inches long, together with 12 volt Compressor, with mounting bracket. Ex Derby BENTLEY.£40-£60
210NO IMAGE LUCAS H4 Headlight, NOS.£20-£30
211NO IMAGE KENWOOD car Radio/Cassette player, with speakers, ex 1993 MORGAN Plus 4. (Qty)£30-£50
212NO IMAGE AC DELCO 12 volt Alternator, DN460, together with 12 volt Dynamo, C4OT. (2)£40-£60
213NO IMAGE LUCAS C40 12 volt Dynamo, together with Lucas Alternator. (2)£40-£60
214NO IMAGE Box various LUCAS and other Horns. (Box)£30-£50
215NO IMAGE Box various car Bulbs, mainly NOS 6, 12 and 12 volt, including LUXRAM, LUMAX, LUCAS, THORN etc.£20-£30
216NO IMAGE Box main LUCAS, but also BUTLERS, Lamps, Bodies and Lenses, some NOS, including L787, L868, L792, L867, L691 etc. (Box)£40-£60
217NO IMAGE Box mainly LUCAS Distributor Parts, some NOS, including Caps, Bodies, and Spares. (Box)£60-£80
218NO IMAGE Box NOS Terminal Blocks, Wires etc. (Box)£20-£40
219NO IMAGE Box LUCAS Handlites and Extension Leads, mainly boxed NOS. (Box)£20-£40
220NO IMAGE BREXTON Picnic Set, in light green case and appears complete with two Thermos flasks, two sandwich boxes, condiment set and four cups and saucers, side plates, knives, folks, spoons etc.£20-£30
221NO IMAGE Box various LUCAS Distributors and Spares, mainly NOS. (Box)£40-£60
222NO IMAGE Box mainly LUCAS Wiper Motors and Spares. (Box)£40-£60
223NO IMAGE Box NOS LUCAS Lenses, including L836, L691, L672 etc. (Box)£20-£40
224NO IMAGE Box various Lamps, Lamp Bodies (including rubber type), Rims and Lenses (including glass types), mainly LUCAS, including L539, 494, L584, 594, L691, L694, 559 etc. (Box)£30-£50
225NO IMAGE Box various wing and rear view Mirrors. (Box)£20-£30
226NO IMAGE Box various LUCAS etc., Spares including Lamp Bases, Fuse Box with brass covers, L909 and L777 Lamps, L766, L880, L695, 488, L677 Lenses, Rims, stalk mounted Switches, Coil etc., many NOS. (Box)£40-£60
227NO IMAGE Box various Headlight Reflectors and Shells, many prewar. (Box)£50-£80
228NO IMAGE Box various LUCAS Cut-outs, Voltage Regulators and Spares. (Box)£40-£60
229NO IMAGE Approximately 100 TRMLU Trailer/Number Plate Lights, NOS in five boxes. (5 boxes)£40-£60
230NO IMAGE Box automotive Cables, various, mainly NOS. (Box)£20-£30
231NO IMAGE Box mainly LUCAS Distributor Caps, some NOS. (Box)£50-£80
232NO IMAGE Box mainly LUCAS Rotor Arms, some NOS. (Box)£40-£60
233NO IMAGE Box automotive Bulbs including LUCAS, THORN, OSRAM, RING, etc. Mainly NOS. (Box)£20-£30
234NO IMAGE Box automotive Bulbs including PHILIPS, WOTAN, MAZDA etc. Mainly NOS. (Box)£20-£30
235NO IMAGE Three boxes various Headlamp Rims. Mainly NOS. (3 boxes)£40-£60
236NO IMAGE Box mainly LUCAS Distributor Caps, some NOS. (Box)£40-£60
237NO IMAGE Box various Cut-Outs, Voltage Regulators and Spares, mainly LUCAS, some NOS. (Box)£50-£80
238NO IMAGE Box various Horns and Spares, mainly LUCAS, some NOS. (Box)£40-£60
239NO IMAGE Box BRITISH LEYLAND Vales, boxed NOS. (Box)£30-£50
240NO IMAGE Box mainly LUCAS Lamps, Lenses and Spares including glass lenses 488, Ripple etc., also L703, L818, L731 etc., rear lamp rubber bodies etc. Some NOS. (Box)£40-£60
241NO IMAGE Quantity of miscellaneous Spares, including Switches, wiper motor Base, electrical Parts. (box)£20-£30
242NO IMAGE Quantity of SU Fuel Pumps, Gauge, Senders, AC Fuel Pump etc. (box)£20-£30
243NO IMAGE Quantity of miscellaneous Spares including LUCAS, headlight dipping Solenoids, Inspection Lamp, Coil, starter Bendix Drives etc, some NOS. (box)£20-£40
244NO IMAGE Quantity of miscellaneous Spares including LUCAS, Lamp Holders and parts, Switches, Bulbs, Inner Tube, some NOS. (box)£20-£30
245NO IMAGE Quantity of miscellaneous Spares including LUCAS Fuse Holders, OSRAM Bulbs, windscreen washer Bottles, etc. (Box)£20-£30
246NO IMAGE LUCAS C39PV2 Dynamo, plus another (2)£50-£80
247NO IMAGE Quantity of Windscreen Wiper Motors and Arms, including CAV, LUCAS. (Box)£20-£40
248NO IMAGE Quantity of miscellaneous Spares including LUCAS, some NOS. (box)£20-£30
249NO IMAGE Large quantity of Distributor parts, Ignition spares, including LUCAS. (2 boxes)£40-£60
250NO IMAGE Quantity of miscellaneous Lighting Spares, including HELLA, LUCAS etc. (Box)£20-£30
251NO IMAGE Quantity of miscellaneous lighting spares, including sealed beam units, LUCAS etc. (Box)£20-£30
252NO IMAGE LUCAS. Box various Cut-Outs and Regulators etc., together with box Wiper Motors. All a/f. (2 boxes)£40-£60
253NO IMAGE Box various NOS Oil and Air Filters including HARMO, AC, also BMC and LUCAS GIRLING Brake Pads, including suitable JAGUAR XK120, LOCKHEAD Filter etc. (Box)£40-£60
254NO IMAGE Twin SU Fuel Pump, a/f.£30-£50
255NO IMAGE Two vintage saloon Smokers Roof Hatches, both 9 x 11 inches, one with bevelled glass. (2)£40-£60
256NO IMAGE Box mainly 12 volt NOS car Bulbs, including LUCAS, OSRAM, MAZDA etc. (Box)£20-£30