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257NO IMAGE ALLIED EXCELLENCE Centre Spotlight, alloy case and rim, 6 inch diameter lens, centre mounting stud and nut.£30-£50
258NO IMAGE Pair vintage type Headlights, 10 inches diameter with 8 inch lenses, no visible Makers name, a/f. (Pair)£40-£60
259NO IMAGE ROTAX Sidelight, No. 204, brass body with bullseye lens, together with NOTEK Fogmaster Fog Lamp. (2)£30-£50
260NO IMAGE SOLEX 26 mm bronze side draught Carburettor, type 26 MHG, together with another a/f example. (2)£50-£80
261NO IMAGE BOSCH curved trumpet horn, 12 volt, type UK12AB, finished in black enamel.£60-£80
262NO IMAGE SIMMS SR4L 4-cylinder Magneto.£50-£80
263NO IMAGE Box Automobilia including MORRIS Motors Oil Pressure Gauge, 2 inch white dial, 0-10 lbs scale; LUCAS Type BM Ammeter, black 2 inch dial with +/- 30 scale and centre zero, with illumination slots; similar CAV example; EUREKA Oil Pressure Gauge, 1 ½ inch dial, 0-100 lbs scale; Chromium plated RAC Badge, possibly Spanish, AA Badge etc. (Box)£40-£60
264NO IMAGE MORRIS Minor 1000. Box various spares including rear and indicator Lenses, SU Fuel Pump, Badges, Mascots, Hub Caps, Workshop Manuals etc. (Box)£20-£40
265NO IMAGE ARMSTRONG SIDDELEY. Set four branded 42 mm knock on wheel Spinners, possibly ex 256. (4)£20-£40
266NO IMAGE BTH GA4 4-cylinder Magneto, No. 2C347598, flange mounted, geared drive.£40-£60
267NO IMAGE Box Automobilia including Freewheel Hub, STADIUM Spotlamp, SMITHS Clock, TECALEMIT Greece Gun, LUCAS Lenses etc. (Box)£20-£40
268NO IMAGE Box of Autojumble Items including RAYDYOT and LUMAX Lamps, quantity NOS OSRAM car Bulbs, etc. (Qty)£20-£30
269NO IMAGE Five leather Bonnet Straps, various sizes and lengths, together with alloy handbrake lever. (6)£40-£60
270NO IMAGE Handed pair DUCELLIER, Paris, brass Oil Lamps. Internal bullseye lenses, 350 mm tall (including handle), 140 mm diameter lenses. (Pair)£100-£140
271NO IMAGE FERODO/TAPLEYBrake Testing Meter, with floor mounting block and in fitted wooden case.£20-£40
272NO IMAGE Pair CAV Headlights, Model NB, 8 inch bevelled glass lenses, fork mounted. (Pair)£40-£60
273NO IMAGE SU 1 ½ inch Carburettor, vertical flange mounting, together with a similar 1 inch example. Both a/f. (2)£50-£60
274NO IMAGE AUSTIN Seven. Set Four Sidescreens, one less covering. (4)£80-£120
275NO IMAGE Pair LUCAS RB50 Headlamps, 7 ½ inches diameter and with mounting stalks. (Pair)£60-£80
276NO IMAGE Windscreen, 34 ½ x 10 inches, with stylised chromium plated frame. Suit FRAZER NASH etc.£50-£80
277NO IMAGE DELANEY GALLAY period Car Heater, 7 ¼ inches diameter, 6 inches deep, chromium plated shutters etc., together with another and a similar SMITHS example. (3)£40-£60
278NO IMAGE SU Carburettor, HS2 (1 ¼ inch), vertical flange mounting, sloped float chamber, NOS.£40-£60
279NO IMAGE Four MG TD bumper bar Overriders, chromium plated, NOS. (4)£50-£80
280NO IMAGE Three boxes FERRARI 275 GTB/4 Spares including Contact Sets, Distributor Cap, Brake Pipe, Camshafts, Pistons, Shells, U/J, Valves, Gaskets etc. Some contained in original Ferrari box, some items NOS. (3 boxes)£150-£250
281NO IMAGE FERRARI 240 GTB/4. Headlight, appears unused NOS, in original packaging.£60-£80
282NO IMAGE FORD Model T – Three brass Oil Lamps, marked 'Ford' by JNO. W. Brown Mfg. Co. Columbus, Model 78. Spade mounted, 10 ½ inches high, the front lamp having two clear square bevelled glass lenses,, with facetted ruby tell tails, the rear lamps with red, green and clear convex circular lenses. Spade mounted. (3)£50-£80
283NO IMAGE Pair brass Oil Lamps, with circular and square bevelled glass lenses, ruby tell tales, 10 inches tall, spade mounted. One lamp slightly a/f. Suit FORD Model T etc. (Pair)£40-£60
284NO IMAGE Two brass Oil Lamps, square bevelled glass lenses, 11 ¾ inches tall, spade mounted. Some lenses a/f. (2)£40-£60
285NO IMAGE RADMORE & Co. RADMILL brass Oil Lamp, square bevelled glass lenses, another, an E&J, Detroit rear brass Oil Lamp with circular red, clear and blue lenses together with a similar a/f example. All spade mounted. Suit FDORD Model T etc. (4)£50-£80
286NO IMAGE FORD Model T – Pair electric Headlights, 10 inches diameter, steel bodies, nickel plated rims. Appear in very sound condition. (Pair)£40-£60
287NO IMAGE FORD Model T - Box various electric Headlight shells, rims, reflectors etc. (Box)£30-£50
288NO IMAGE Box various Instruments including British JAEGER dashboard mounted Clock, LUCAS Ammeter, SMITHS Battery Condition Volts Meter, COOPER STEWART Speedometer, FORD Ammeter etc., also Switch Panel and pressed alloy GB plate. (Box)£30-£50
289NO IMAGE Five various 4-cylinder Magnetos, including LUCAS SR4 etc., mainly a/f, together with some small spares. (Qty)£30-£50
290NO IMAGE BOSCH ZR4 4-cylinder Magneto, No. 0009, clockwise rotation, as viewed from the front. With attached geared drive.£50-£80
291NO IMAGE SIMMS SR4L 4-cylinder Magneto, No. 189469, anti-clockwise rotation, as viewed from the front.£40-£60
292NO IMAGE Box automotive Bulbs, mainly NOS, 12 volt, including TIGER LAMPS, OSRAM, LUCAS, PHILIPS, MAZDA etc. (Box)£20-£30
293NO IMAGE Pair LUCAS RB50 Headlights, 8 ½ inch diameter, Difusa lenses, finished in black enamel, together with another with chromium plated rim. (3)£60-£80
294NO IMAGE Pair LUCAS RB50 Headlights, 8 ½ inch diameter, with mounting storks, mounts and Difusa lenses. (Pair)£60-£80
295NO IMAGE Quantity of early period Windscreen Channel and Fittings etc. (Qty)£60-£80
296NO IMAGE Quantity of early period Windscreen Channel and Fittings etc. (Qty)£40-£60
297NO IMAGE Pair of LUCAS Lamps, 7 ½ inch diameter, good reflectors, finished in black enamel, with mounting storks. As fitted to MORRIS Cowley and others. (Pair)£60-£80
298NO IMAGE Three LUCAS No. 60 Bulb Horns, black enamel finish with reeds and fly-screens but less bulbs. (3) £40-£60
299NO IMAGE BARKER Dipping Headlamp Bar, with reproduction label. Ex MORRIS Flatnose.£40-£60
300NO IMAGE Reproduction Battery Box, suit MORRIS Bullnose.£10-£20
301NO IMAGE HOWELLS & BURLEY Headlight, Model 75, 7 ¾ inches diameter, fork mounted with bracket.£30-£50
302NO IMAGE CLAYTON DEWANDRE Brake Servo Unit, Type JUN1\90R, Series 2905, Serial No. 468.£200-£240
303NO IMAGE CLAYTON DEWANDRE Brake Servo Unit, Type C5, Series 626, Serial No. 3029.£200-£240
304NO IMAGE Pair of LUCAS Headlights, 7 ½ diameter, on mounting storks, finished in black enamel. Less lenses. suit MORRIS etc.£60-£80
305NO IMAGE LUCAS FT37 pass lamp, appears unused NOS, chromium plated rim, black enamel finish, together with two similar a/f examples (3)£100-£120
306NO IMAGE LUCAS Type GJ4-0, 4-cylinder Magneto, appears rebuilt, together with a Type GJ4, and a similar example, both seem good spark. (3)£80-£100