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257NO IMAGE LAKE & ELLIOT 'Millennium' Carburettor, together with similar ZEPHYR Carburettor, Model NR and bronze GRIFFIN Model G Carburettor by Lyons Devices. All with 1 inches inlet. Suit FORD Model T. (3)£80-£100
258NO IMAGE Pair LUCAS P100 Rims, chromium plated, bottom hinged type with badges. (Pair)£50-£80
259NO IMAGE FORD Model T Radiator.£80-£120
260NO IMAGE BREXTON leatherette covered vintage car Trunk, fold-open top half lid and front opening panel, the interior with single shelf, 39 inches length x 16 ¼ inches width x 24 inches height. With '1946 FORDSON Major E27N' in applied orange lettering. Trunk a/f as requires some restoration.£60-£80
261NO IMAGE Three steel framed sports type Vintage front Seats, with squabs and upholstery, 23 ½ inches high x 16 inches wide. (3)£80-£120
262NO IMAGE FORD Model T - Two Roof Top Kits, suit Colonial Roadster model. Both NOS in boxes with Instructions etc. (2)£100-£150
263NO IMAGE RILEY 9 alloy Rocker Box, with circular tops, together with a small AUTOVAC. (2)£30-£50
264NO IMAGE Pair ML 4-cylinder Magnetos, Types CG4. Both clockwise and anti-clockwise rotations, as viewed from the back. Appear very sound. Ex BENTLEY 3 Litre.£800-£1000
265NO IMAGE S. SMITH & Son large 5-Jet Carburettor, Type 45 BVS, No. 272, and mounted on manifold. Ex BENTLEY 3 Litre.£800-£900
266NO IMAGE Fine pair 2 inch SU Carburettors, large float chambers and mounted on ally manifold to fit BENTLEY 4 ½ Litre.£1600-£2000
267NO IMAGE Lucas 6 volt screen Demister Unit, unused in original box but rubber suction pads perished, and a used example a/f, together with pair of vintage Trafficators with covers, and another pair without covers, a/f. (6)£40-£60
268NO IMAGE BLICK 8-Track Stereo Player with large quantity of 8-Track Cassettes including Elvis Presley, Jim Reeves, Dionne Warwick, Ray Connif, Andy Williams, Frank Sinatra, Etc. £30-£50
269NO IMAGE Pair LUCAS 533 rear 'Pork-Pie' lamps, 4 inches diameter, red glass lenses, chromium plated rims and number plated illuminating slots, NOS. (Pair)£60-£80
270NO IMAGE Pair Rear 'Diver's Helmet' RUBBOLITES. (Pair) £40-£60
271NO IMAGE Early ZENITH 26 mm side-draught Carburettor, Model 26 HAK LH, No. 0535. Nickel plated bronze, with horizontal mounting flange and vertical butterfly. Suit Supercharged car etc.£50-£80
272NO IMAGE Early COZETTE 21 mm bronze bodied side-draught Carburettor, Model ML 21, No. 5679, with horizontal mounting flange and vertical butterfly. Supercharged AUSTIN Seven type, but with smaller inlet.£100-£200
273NO IMAGE Snake Head Bulb Horn. In brass, with fork tongue, fixing bracket and bulb.£70-£100
274NO IMAGE Snake Head Bulb Horn. In brass, with fork tongue and fixing bracket, but less bulb.£70-£100
275NO IMAGE STAR single twist Bulb Horn. Nickel plated brass, with fixing bracket and bulb. Mounted on wood. Very loud note!£80-£120
276NO IMAGE Box various Wing Mirrors, mainly chromium plate, including DESMO etc. (Box)£50-£80
277NO IMAGE Two spare wheel mounted mirrors, less mirror glasses. (2)£50-£80
278NO IMAGE AUSTIN Seven – box of rubber and trim parts, mostly unused NOS. (Box)£30-£50
279NO IMAGE Three LUCAS Starter Motors, ex AUSTIN Seven. (3)£30-£50
280NO IMAGE Pair TRICO Trafficators, 6 volt, NOS. (Pair)£50-£80
281NO IMAGE Pair TEX Trafficators, in 8 ¾ x 2 inch tin cases with black enamel finish. (Pair)£50-£80
282NO IMAGE AUSTIN Seven - Box of mainly NOS Spares including Distributor Cap, Sparking Plugs, Seals, Starter Dogs, Dash Lamp Housing, LUCAS Adapter, Radiator Cap less brass insert etc. (Box)£30-£50
283NO IMAGE Nine various brass Bulb Horns including F.R.G., STADIUM, LUCAS etc. Mainly a/f. (9)£30-£50
284NO IMAGE AUSTIN Seven - Pair Halfshafts, with hub and nut, to fit LWB Model, NOS. (Pair)£80-£120
285NO IMAGE AUSTIN Seven - Pair Halfshafts, to fit LWB Models, NOS. (Pair)£80-£120
286NO IMAGE AUSTIN Seven - Complete set Side Screens, in good condition. Ex Chummy. (4)£200-£300
287NO IMAGE AUSTIN Seven - Pair Side Screens, suit 2-seater. (Pair)£50-£80
288NO IMAGE Quantity various TRICO Wiper Motors. (Qty)£50-£80
289NO IMAGE Six ROLLS-ROYCE Pin Assemblies, NOS. (6)£20-£40
290NO IMAGE Two FILTER KING Fuel Filters, with glass bowls. (2)£20-£40
291NO IMAGE Original wooden running board mounted Toolbox, with three-quarter front opening lid, 19 ½ x 9 ½ x 6 ¼ inches deep, having plated fittings and lock but less key. £40-£60
292NO IMAGE Royal Navy Stowage Box. Quality wooden Box, c1972, with fittings, 20 ¾ x 9 ¼ x 6 ½ inches deep. Ideal running board mounted toolbox.£50-£80
293NO IMAGE Quantity 5 and 7 inch MARCHAL Spotlights, together with three grille mounted and earlier off-set glass type. (Box)£40-£60
294NO IMAGE FORD Model A High Compression Cylinder Head (Police Head), together with a new Head Gasket to suit. (2)£220-£250
295NO IMAGE FORD Model A – Rebuilt ZENITH Carburettor, together with new alloy Exhaust Plate to suit, down draught Manifold and Gaskets. (4)£420-£450
296NO IMAGE FORD Model A – Brake Drum, Half Shaft and two Wheel Bearings, NOS. (4)£250-£280
297NO IMAGE FORD Model A – Distributor, B pattern, New and unused.£80-£120
298NO IMAGE FORD Model A - NOS Spares including Rubber Pad, Operating Pin Shims, Condenser, Rear Axle Key, Battery Cable Terminal Gromit, Turn Sign Buzzer etc., also two Ford Model A Manuals, 'Troubleshooting & Diagnostics' and 'Mechanics Handbook' Vol. II. (Qty)£30-£50
299NO IMAGE Box assorted Spares, including FORD Model A, including various Brake Parts, MASTA Pressure Gauge, Distributor Parts, brass Grease Guns (for Modal A front suspension), Steering Column Housing with Control Levers, Inspection Lamp etc. (Box)£30-£50
300NO IMAGE A 1 ¾ inch SU Carburettor, together with Manifold to suit. Ex Centric Supercharger.£60-£80
301NO IMAGE Pair plated Seat Runners, 10 ½ inches wide, for fold-forward seats, NOS. (Pair)£-£
302NO IMAGE LUCAS C35A Type BN7-6 Dynamo, stating working, new brushes, suit AUSTIN Seven.£50-£80
303NO IMAGE ZENITH Type 26 VA 26 mm Side Draught Carburettor with floats and jets, the flange stamped '7', suit AUSTIN Seven.£40-£60
304NO IMAGE ZENITH Type 24 T 24 mm Updraught Carburettor with floats and jets, and a LUCAS 4-cylinder Distributor with rotor arm, cap and leads. Suit AUSTIN Seven.£30-£50
305NO IMAGE Quantity 6 & 12 volt Bulbs, some NOS. (Qty)£10-£20
306NO IMAGE Parts of an ANDRE Hydro Telecontrol system - 2 cylinders and attached copper pipework with unions, small length of pipework with double union, pair reservoirs with unions, pair correct pressure gauges, all a/f. (Qty)£50-£80