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307NO IMAGE LUCAS Type GJ4, 4-cylinder Magneto, together with another two examples. All appear good spark. (3)£80-£100
308NO IMAGE LUCAS Type GA4, 4-cylinder Magneto, together with three others, all appear good spark. (4)£80-£120
309NO IMAGE MORRIS Oxford Bullnose nickel Radiator, with enamel Badge and Radiator Cap.£400-£600
310NO IMAGE MORRIS Cowley Flatnose chromium plated Radiator, with enamel Badge and Radiator Cap.£300-£500
311NO IMAGE Box Ignition parts, mainly LUCAS but some MOTORCRAFT, NOS, together with some related catalogues. (Box)£30-£40
312NO IMAGE CAV Lighting Dynamo, square type, numbered 1097 ND, believed ex VAUXHALL 30/98.£60-£80
313NO IMAGE KLAXON. 'Klaxon-A' Horn, lightweight model with oval bell trumpet, 12 volt, in working order.£60-£80
314NO IMAGE Box various Automobilia etc, including large AUTOVAC, curved trumpet horn and others, G-clamps, cased TRIO meter etc. (Box)£40-£60
315NO IMAGE Box of Automobilia etc, including early LUCAS No. 341 acetlyene motorcycle Headlamp, LUCAS No. 5 nickel plated electric Horn, a LUCAS GJ4/0 4-cylinder Magneto, a LUCAS FT37 Pass Lamp and bracket, a period Mirror, RAC Associate car badge with enamel Union Flag centre, AA badges, FORD Ammeter, LUCAS Coils, quantity of NOS automotive bulbs etc. (Box)£50-£80
316NO IMAGE Box Lamps including MARSHAL 632, RAYDYOT Sign Post Reading Lamp etc., also Rear View Mirrors. (Box)£30-£50
317NO IMAGE Two boxes assorted Autojumble including Edison S20 and other Spark Plugs, Fan Belts, Gauges, Oil Cooler, Spinners, Oil Filters etc. (2 boxes)£40-£60
318NO IMAGE BENTLEY Mk VI. Rear Number Plate Box, together with Dash Panel, Picnic Table, Spare Wheel Spacer, Exhaust Manifold, Spares etc. (Qty)£30-£50
319NO IMAGE Box Automobilia including Illuminated Number Plate Letters/Numbers, NOTEK Spotlamp, rear boot Latches, Quarter Lights, Scuttle Vent, Regulator, ex ROLLS-ROYCE/BENTLEY etc. (Box)£30-£50
320NO IMAGE Quantity various Bowden Cables together with Gasket Material. (Qty)£20-£30
321NO IMAGE Standard Coil, 12 volt, together with LUCAS 6volt example. Both NOS. (2)£10-£20
322NO IMAGE Side Screen, frame 27 x 15 ¾ inches, with handsignal flap. Possibly AUSTIN Seven.£20-£30
331NO IMAGE 'WD' Jerry Can, dated 1945.£10-£20
332NO IMAGE PRATTS and ESSO 2-gallon Fuel Cans, with correct brass caps. (2)£20-£30
333NO IMAGE Early and unusual Copper Fuel Can, approximately 2-gallons capacity, with cap.£30-£50
334NO IMAGE Early CASTROL Motor Oil one quart Tin, with lid and pouring spout, together with similar Castrol 'C Winter' Motor Oil Tin and BP Energol example. (3)£30-£50
335NO IMAGE VIGZOL Vitafreeze one quart Glass Bottle, together with SHELL X-100 Motor Oil pint Glass Bottle. (2)£30-£50
336NO IMAGE ESSO 2-gallon Fuel Can, correct brass cap and with oval logo,
together with a similar round logo example and POWER 2-gallon Fuel Can with blank brass cap.
337NO IMAGE 1943 2-gallon Fuel Can, with brass PRATTS cap.£10-£20
338NO IMAGE LUBRIFINCANTES Service Oil Can for Extra No. 1 oil, c1920s, with lid, pouring spout and period racing car artwork etc. Approximately 3 litres capacity. £30-£50
339NO IMAGE T.T. Races. Isle of Man Circuit Banner, with eyelets, 67 x 17 inches.£20-£30
340NO IMAGE FORD showroom quartz 'confusing' Wall Clock with anti-clockwise numerals and hands, the dial with metal Ford logo, circular plastic case 11 inch diameter.£20-£30
341NO IMAGE BROOKLYN FORD showroom quartz Wall Clock, the coloured dial printed 'Parts Plus the Ford Factor, Brooklyn Direct Parts Line' with depots phone numbers, 9 ¼ inch square plastic case.£10-£20
342NO IMAGE Large FORD MOTORCRAFT showroom quartz Wall Clock, printed with parts illustrations, 15 ¼ inch square plastic case, slight repair to lower right corner.£50-£80
343NO IMAGE ESSO Plus (a/f), TOPS and another plastic Petrol Pump Globes. (3)£60-£80
344NO IMAGE Large CASTROL laminated wood Lubrication Charts Board, 32 ½ x 24 inches, with attached Lubrication Charts, covering various marques. All a/f.£40-£60
345NO IMAGE GLICO ROVER 14 hp wooden Dip Rod, marked in Gallons. £20-£30
346NO IMAGE Collection of eighteen motoring Neck Ties, mainly factory issue including BMC, DOMI (AUSTIN MORRIS), MG, BMW, LEYLAND, The Vintage Motor Cycle Club, DUNLOP, RILEY, WOLSELEY, PRINCESS, HONDA etc. (18)£20-£40
347NO IMAGE Collection of Oil Cans, some with contents, including CASTROL, ESSO, ARMSTRONG, SINGER etc. (10)£20-£30
348NO IMAGE Small collection of five Oil Cans etc., including ALADDIN Pink Paraffin pouring can, CASTROL and DUCKHAMS Tins, all with correct caps. (5)£20-£30
349NO IMAGE Large petrol Funnel, with PRATTS Motor Spirit brass label.£40-£60
350NO IMAGE MICHELIN - Large plastic 'Mr Bibendum' with hollow interior for mains electric lamp, and on a circular wooden base, 18 inches overall.£50-£80
351NO IMAGE CHAMPION Spark Plugs original Enamel Sign 23 x 13 inch rectangular, some damage by fixing screw holes but otherwise in good condition.£40-£60
352NO IMAGE MICHELIN SERVICE BAY, original Sign in printed aluminium, 25 x 9 ½ inch rectangular, good condition.£20-£30
353NO IMAGE WELLS No. 3 Oil Filter, with brass tap, 28 inches tall, slightly a/f.£30-£50
354NO IMAGE A Large shop display Plastic Quartz Wall Clock in the form of a SWATCH Wristwatch, 6 feet overall, marked 'Copyright Swatch A.G. 1987.£70-£100
355NO IMAGE Joseph LUCAS No. 38 brass Motor Oiler.£40-£60
356NO IMAGE Eight 2-gallon Fuel Cans including SHELL Aviation, ESSO, SHELLMEX BP, etc., with brass caps. (8) £60-£80
357NO IMAGE NATIONAL Sign, 4 x 4 ft. From Churchdown Garage, Gloucestershire.£80-£120
358NO IMAGE Rare PRATTS Aviation Fuel can, together with another similar example. (2)£60-£80
359NO IMAGE Four various Signs - Laminated 'Bould-Sterling' (a/f); Plastic
'Hemden-Dienst' (2); and Alloy 'L.D.O.Y.' with blue arrow. (4)
360NO IMAGE Two period Carbide Tins, together with 2-gallon Fuel Cans etc. (Qty)£30-£40
361NO IMAGE ROLLS-ROYCE - An extremely fine and rare original period Showroom Sign, the glass plate 18 x 12 inches with canted corners and bevelled edges deep intaglio cut and gilded with R-R logo, and with hanging chain. Pristine condition, except for slight chip to edge.£200-£400
362NO IMAGE MONACO Grand Prix 1923. Wooden '3D' painted Sign, with Vintage racing car and driver. Nicely produced, of some age and with an interesting date!£40-£60
371NO IMAGE Joseph LUCAS ACETA, No. 310, acetylene front Cycle Lamp, together with a similar FALCON example, a smaller oil LUXOR La Courster and P&H rear Cycle Lamp. (4)£40-£60
372NO IMAGE Pair LUCAS front and rear oil Cycle Lamps, finished in black. (Pair)£30-£50