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307NO IMAGE Pair vintage racing type small lightweight aluminium Bucket Seat Frames, driver's side 13 inch front width, 16 inch length, height of shaped back 17 inch, and the mechanic's staggered seat with cut-out front width of 10 ½ inch from mid width of 13 inch, and back height 12 inches. (2) £60-£80
308NO IMAGE Componets of a very rare American Vintage PHILBRIN Twin Ignition System, including 4-inch circular alloy Switch Panel with rear Bakelite case and patent dates to 1918, and various electrical Components in Bakelite cases, etc. Appears in superficially excellent condition.
Footnote: This was a twin-battery Duplex ignition system suitable for aircraft, car and marine engines, which is thought to have been marketed from 1917 to 1922. Advertising extolled the advantages over standard systems, including 'When the engine shows signs of balkiness, a turn of the switch to 'H' will send a shower of sparks into each cylinder. For normal running the switch to 'S' is power-giving and economical, for it is capable of exploding a very lean mixture'. It was also claimed that the system kept plugs clean 'which a magneto will not do', and additionally a testimonial from one user stated that it 'Increased the speed of my Mercer from 107 to 111 mph and overcame the plug-fouling condition I had when I used the magneto'.
309NO IMAGE AMILCAR - Model CC Steering Wheel, 3-spoke, 410 mm diameter, a/f.£30-£50
310NO IMAGE ALFA ROMEO - 2.9. Steering Wheel cast alloy unfinished blank, 3-spoke, 17 inches diameter.£50-£80
311NO IMAGE BTH 6-cylinder Magneto, Type CE6, Form D2RN No. 7C 759953, a/f. Suit SUNBEAM etc.£150-£200
312NO IMAGE AUTO UNION - BOSCH 12-cylinder lightweight alloy Magneto, Type GE 12, Works No. 322626.£400-£600
313NO IMAGE Pair CARL ZEISS, Jena, Headlights, No. 90539 and 94209, 240 mm diameter, with sidelight bulb holders and brass shells. Less lenses and a/f. (Pair)£120-£160
314NO IMAGE BUGATTI - Pair Type 23 front Road Springs. (Pair)£200-£300
315NO IMAGE BUGATTI - Original alloy Rear Axle case, No. 12 x 50 H 136. Suit Types 30, 35, 37, 38, 39, 40, 43, 44, 49 and early 57. Fitted with Type 30 tubes, of recent manufacture, machined from solid metal, to the correct specification and with Hubs and Backplates. Also with suitable C.W.P.£7,000-£9,000
316NO IMAGE BUGATTI – Handbrake Lever, together with another Lever and Cross-shaft, both deep nickel plated, a Gear lever Gate, with reverse stop lever, Cross-shaft and gear etc. (5)£80-£120
317NO IMAGE ALFA ROMEO – Alloy front Valance, with louvers. Ex P3.£40-£60
318NO IMAGE HUMBER alloy Filler Neck and Car, together with ROLLS-ROYCE Brake Light Switch, ROTAX Headlight, 10 inch diameter, nickel plated, less reflector and two other Lamps. (5)£30-£50
319NO IMAGE Pair LUCAS Long Range Biflex Headlights, 9 ½ inches diameter, chromium plated shells and rims, less lenses, together with another similar example. (3)£60-£80
320NO IMAGE Quantity various Spot, Fog and Driving Lamps, together with a pair rear Light Clusters, ex VW Beetle and pair curved Trumpet Horns etc. (Qty)£60-£80
321NO IMAGE LUCAS DX6A Distributor, with cap and rota arm. Appears NOS.£40-£60
322NO IMAGE BOSCH 4-cylinder Magneto, Type ZU4, No. 3450160, open magnet type, together with Bosch 4-cylinder Magneto, Type FF4A, No. 20470, FELLOWS 4-cylinder Magneto, Type ES4s, No. 29345 and an a/f LUCAS example. (4)£60-£80
323NO IMAGE BUGATTI – ZENITH 36 HA Sidedraught Carburettor, 36 mm, nickel plated bronze, No. 3988. Suit Type 30.£100-£150
324NO IMAGE Period sporting Windscreen. Plated brass construction, 32 ¾ x 11 ¼ inches, to suit 32 inch scuttle. Ex RILEY Brooklands.£120-£150
325NO IMAGE FRAZER NASH – Three alloy Water pipes, to fit MEADOWS engine. (3)£40-£60
326NO IMAGE Two alloy Water Pumps, both ex BENTLEYS. (2)£40-£60
327NO IMAGE CARTER WGD large 2-barrel Carburettor, with 1 7/16 inch throttle bodies. Suit 1950s American car etc.£40-£60
328NO IMAGE ZENITH STROMBERG EX32 Carburettor, No. H25878, with attach manifold. Suit TALBOT LARGO, PANHARD etc.£50-£70
329NO IMAGE Large ZENITH updraught 42 mm Carburettor. Horizontal flange fitting, No. S1259. Ex ALFA ROMEO.£120-£140
330NO IMAGE FRAZER NASH – CENTRIC Supercharger, dismantled parts, including alloy case and end plate (repaired) etc. Ex GOUGH engine.£400-£600
331NO IMAGE SIMMS 4-cylinder Magneto, Type SR4 LE, less CB cover.£40-£60
332NO IMAGE Wool-lined leather flying jacket style Motoring Coat, with zip cuffs, approx 30-inch length, having recent dry cleaning tickets.£80-£120
333NO IMAGE Lady's 'Cirrus' wool-lined leather flying jacket style Motoring Coat, having zip cuffs and attached belt, approx length 24 inches, appears in excellent condition with little use.£60-£80
334NO IMAGE Two soft leather vintage-style driving Helmets, a pair of STADIUM alloy & leather vintage style Goggles, and a similar pair of HALCYON Goggles, both appear as new unused. (4)£40-£60
335NO IMAGE Veteran/Vintage copper Foot Warmer, and a LUCAS No. 60 brass Bulb Horn. (2)£40-£60
336NO IMAGE Small quantity vintage Spares including brass Radiator Cap, another MORRIS example, pair chromium plated Door Handles, together with another, small Ignition Switch Panel, mottled brass Dash Panel and LUCAS 6-cylinder Distributor. (8)£50-£80
337NO IMAGE RILEY 9 - Pair ROTAX Headlamps, nickel plated, fork mounted, less glass and rims, together with ZENITH bronze bodied 26 mm Carburettor and dismantled BTH 4-cylinder Magneto etc. (Qty)£80-£120
338NO IMAGE RILEY 9 - Good quality Remote Gear Change. Alloy, with 4-speed Gear Lever, and brass oil filler. Fits all helical gearbox.£100-£150
339NO IMAGE Box Spares including RILEY 9. Contains SU Carburettor Spares, some NOS, LUCAS - D20 Lamp, Wiper Motors etc., Inspection Lamp, Riley Oil Cap, Head Gaskets and Car Badges, NOS Brake Linings, Push Rods, rubber Trim etc. (Box)£40-£60
340NO IMAGE A Vintage BREXTON Luggage Trunk with plated fittings, base length 39 ½ inches, base width 18 ½ inches, rear height 25 inches, curved opening top and front opening panel, the interior fitted with three suitcases.£200-£300
341NO IMAGE Pair LUCAS 'King of the Road' Sidelights, c1920s, 3 inch diameter lenses, black enamel finish with Mounting Studs and Bases etc. (Pair)£40-£60
342NO IMAGE BREXTON Motoring Trunk. Front opening, with three fitted suitcases, and black enamel fittings, 23 x 18 13 inches, a/f.£100-£140
343NO IMAGE BREXTON Motoring Trunk. Front opening, with central clasp and leather straps£150-£200
344NO IMAGE SIMMS 6-Cylinder Magneto, Type SF6L, No. 154635. Clockwise rotation as viewed from the back. In restored condition.£500-£700
345NO IMAGE BOSCH 6-cylinder Magneto, Type ZU6, No. 3153367. Clockwise rotation as viewed from the back. Appears excellent spark.£500-£700
346NO IMAGE BOSCH 6-cylinder Magneto, Type ZU6, No. 1697218. Anti-clockwise rotation as viewed from the back. Appears excellent spark.£500-£700
347NO IMAGE WATFORD 6-cylinder Magneto, Type E06, No. 89478, in restored condition.£700-£900
348NO IMAGE WATFORD 6-cylinder Magneto, Type E06, No. 111258. Clockwise rotation as viewed from the back. In restored condition.£700-£900
349NO IMAGE WATFORD 6-cylinder Magneto, Type E06, No. 127502. Clockwise rotation as viewed from the back. Appears good spark.£600-£800
350NO IMAGE LUCAS 6-cylinder, Type ERA6-0, fitted with Impulse Drive. Clockwise rotation as viewed from the back. Less CB cover.£400-£500
351NO IMAGE WATFORD 6-cylinder Magneto, Type E06, No. 87407. Clockwise rotation as viewed from the back. In restored condition, but less CB cover.£700-£900
352NO IMAGE WATFORD 4-cylinder Magneto, Type FE4, No. 88145. Clockwise rotation as viewed from the back. Less CB cover, but appears good spark.£80-£120
353NO IMAGE Early BOSCH 4-cylinder Magneto, Type DU4, open magnet type, in restored condition.£80-£120
354NO IMAGE AUTOMOBILE SUPPLY Mfg. Co. Series No. 2 'Handphone' hand operated Horn.£40-£60
355NO IMAGE CAV Model B Electric Lamp, bevelled glass lens (cracked inside), nickel plated case, spade mounted, Suit ROLLS-ROYCE Silver Ghost, together with Pillar mounted Spotlamp, SMITHS MA spade mounted sidelight, finished in black enamel and steel bodied (a/f) 'STOP' Lamp. (4)£80-£120
356NO IMAGE LUCAS/CAV Bacon Slicer starter motor, dated 1928. Refurbished and with new brushes fitted. In good working order.£300-£400