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373NO IMAGE Circa 1924 RALEIGH Dawn Tourist Ladies Bicycle, 22 inch frame, hub brakes front and rear, Sturmey Archer 3-speed hub gears, Brooks leather saddle, bell, luggage rack, Miller front light etc. Gifted as a 21st birthday present in 1924, and has remained in the same family ownership ever since, but now a/f.£20-£30
374NO IMAGE BSA Ladies Bicycle, c1930s, 21 inch frame. Fully restores, at great expense, with new tyres, paintwork, brakes etc. With lighting set, luggage rack, Sturmey Archer gears, sprung leather saddle, bell etc. Now ready to ride.£120-£150
375NO IMAGE An early 20th Century JAMES Tricycle, rod operated brakes, patented James differential rear axle, period lamps and wicker basket. Recently restored.£100-£150
376NO IMAGE DAWES Diploma Gentleman's Bicycle, 24 inch frame, 3-speed hub gear, mud and chain guards etc., fitted with early Child Seat, metal frame with wheel guards and foot rest, bicycle also fitted with WATSONIAN alloy bodied junior Sidecar, c1930s, 48 inches long, No. A314, with sprung suspension, mudguard, original transfers etc.
Footnote: Thomas Fredrick Watson was the founder of WATSONIAN in 1912, the company is still trading today, and became a world renowned sidecar manufacturer. These now rare Junior models where also offered in chassis only form.
377NO IMAGE Box of motor-cycling Workshop Manuals including BSA Bantam, Norton Commander, Matchless, AJS, etc. (Qty)£20-£40
378NO IMAGE Box Motor Cycling related titles including 'Motor Cycle Cavalcade' Ixion, pub. Iliffe first edition 1950, 240 pp, d/w; 'Speed and how to obtain it' eighth edition; 'The Land Beyond the Ridge' A Motor Cycle Memoir, Roy K. Battson, pub. Goose and Son, 78 pp, d/w; 'Motor Cycling Manual' 5th and 12th edition; 'Motor Cycles and how to manage them'; 'The Story of the MANX' G.S. Davison, first edition 1948 etc. (Box)£30-£50
401NO IMAGE Seventeen various Model Aeroplane Engines, also Spares, Propellers, Wheel etc. (Box)£40-£60
402NO IMAGE A Control Line Model Aeroplane, less engine, balsa wood construction with laminate covered wings, 30 inch nose to tail, 40 inch wingspan, a/f.£30-£50
403NO IMAGE A Control Line Model Aeroplane, less engine, balsa wood and tin construction, 23 inches nose to tail, 27 inch wingspan, a/f.£30-£50
404NO IMAGE HORNBY Speed Boat No. 2 'Swift', less key, together with LINDSTORM clockwork tinplate boat and large period wooden boat, with stand, 21 inches bow to stern. (4)£50-£80
405NO IMAGE THIMBLE DROME 'Prop Rod' Tether Car, c1957, with correct engine and propeller etc., together with similar TESTORS geared example. (2)£40-£60
406NO IMAGE WOLVERINE clockwork tinplate Submarine, together with a similar example HMS Nautilus and another. (3)£40-£60
407NO IMAGE MAMOD SE3 twin cylinder stationary Steam Engine, sprung whistle type c1972. Less chimney and burner. For display purposes only, unless inspected by a qualified engineer.£40-£60
408NO IMAGE FORD Model T – Good tinplate Model, large scale, 10 ½ inches long. With working steering and rubber tyres. Finished in black.£30-£50
409NO IMAGE JAGUAR XJS V12, large plastic Mattel 'Barbie' Model, 24 inches overall.£10-£20
410NO IMAGE MODELS OF YESTERYEAR - Vintage Commercial Vehicles in company liveries - Brasso, Drambuie, Lindt, Ambrosia, Harrods (3), Heinz, Acorn Storage, Lyles Syrup, Swan Vestas (tram), Shell, Spillers, Swan Soap (tram), General Omnibus (2), Delhaize Brothers, Goblin, James Neale, Mobiloil, Consolidated, Johnnie Walker, Sand & Gravel Co, Kiwi Polish, Lyons Tea, Kohler & Koks, Burghfield Mills Reading, Frasers Furniture Ipswich (steam wagon & trailer), and Vintage Motor Cars – Jaguar SS, BMW 507, 540K Mercedes, Cadillac, Simplex, Bugatti T44, Hispano-Suiza. (37).£60-£80
411NO IMAGE MODELS OF YESTERYEAR - Vintage Commercial Vehicles in company liveries – Kemps Biscuits, Leyland Titan Bus with Newcastle Brown Ale advertising, Samuel Smith, Zebra Polish (tram), Sainsbury Brighton, Peacock Haulage, Goanna Remedy, George Farrar, Good Year, also Cadillac Fire Engine 1937, Steam Fire Engine 1880, Leyland Cub Fire Engine, Rolls Royce 1920 Panzer Wagen, 1907 Taxi, and Cars, Duesenberg 1930, Rolls Phantom 1, Mercedes 540K, Stutz Bearcat, Auburn Speedster 1936, Set of 3 Austin Seven Types 1928. (19)£30-£50
412NO IMAGE MODELS OF YESTERYEAR – Vintage Commercial Vehicles in company liveries – Chubb's, McMullen Brewery, Clifford & Sons Milk, Weetabix, Libbys, Fyffes, My Bread Baking Co, Conoco, Rank Flower (steam wagon), Pratts Petrol, Milkmaid Milk (steam wagon), Wesserling Bussang (bus), Howaldswerke Kiel, and Cars, Rolls Phantom 1, Cord, Lincoln Zephyr, Cadillac, 4.5 Bentley, Bugatti Royale, Mercedes SS, Mercedes 770, Hispano-Suiza. (22)
413NO IMAGE MODELS OF YESTERYEAR - Vintage Vehicles Limited Editions - Gift Set 1929 Scammell 100 Ton Truck & Trailer with GER Class E4 Steam Locomotive load, 1905 Busch self-propelled Fire Engine, 1931 AEC Trolleybus, 1923 Scania-Vabis tracked Post Bus, 1894 Aveling Porter Steam Roller, 1920 Leyland 3 Ton Subsidy Lorry, 1905 Foster Showman's Steam Engine, 1829 Stephenson's Rocket Railway Locomotive. (8)£20-£40
414NO IMAGE VARIOUS Large Die-Cast in original Boxes – 1:18 Scale Ayrton Senna GP Racing Car Collection; 1:18 Scale HOTWHEELS Damon Hill Jordan Mugen Honda 199 GP; 1:24 Scale BURAGO Ferrari 126K Turbo GP; 1:24 Scale HOTWHEELS Mercedes GP, Ferrari GP and BMW Williams GP; MAISTO appears about 1:24 Scale Ferrari GP; TONKA approx 10 inch length Polistil Maserati 250F; CLASSICO SHELL approx 8.½ inches 1958 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa and with Road Fuel Pump; Tinplate VW Beetle approx 8 inches, with slight cosmetic marks. (10)£40-£60
415NO IMAGE F1 STR PRODUCTS, BRISTOL – A Group of 10 Tinplate flat-bottom (no wheels) Toy Cars dated 1995-1998, competition Porsche, McLaren and Jaguar XJ20, approx 7.½ x 3 inches, each with very colourful advertising overall, in unused condition. (10)£20-£40
416NO IMAGE A group of modern Dinky Toys, principally Classic Cars, in unopened cellophane wrapped boxes. (17)£40-£60
417NO IMAGE A 1:1136 inch Scale model Titanic, states die-cast but appears to be plastic, 9 inch length, and in original box.£10-£20
418NO IMAGE BURAGO 1:24 Scale Ferrari 126 C4 GP; Lotus 97 Turbo; Alfa-Romeo 179 Turbo GP (Marlboro); Williams FW 08C GP, box a/f; TEAMSTERS HERITAGE Chevrolet Pick-Up; CORGI FIRE HEROES City of Bath Land Rover Fire Tender; CORGI Vintage Ford Van Money Box; 1:43 Scale Mercedes CLK GTR with Mobil and other logos; NEW RAY 1:32 Scale Lamborghini Murcielago. (9).£40-£60
419NO IMAGE CORGI, POLISTIL, MAISTO, MATCHBOX Etc, Sixteen Die-Cast Models in original Boxes. (16).£20-£40
420NO IMAGE Five Un-Assembled TAMIYA Plastic Grand Prix Car Kits, and another by HELLER, not guaranteed complete, together with Racing Driver Figure etc. (8)£80-£100
421NO IMAGE AIRFIX Plastic 4-stroke Engine Kit.£20-£30
422NO IMAGE MODELS OF YESTERYEAR – Thirty-nine Veteran & Vintage Commercials in company liveries, unused in original boxes – including Canada Post, Baxter's Soap, Gonzalez Byass, Stuttgarter Hofbrau, HMV, Osram, Carter's Seeds, Guinness, Suchard, Blue Circle Cement, Cherry Blossom Polish, Warings, William Pritchard, Texaco, Joseph Lucas, Rose's, Bass, Spratts, Silverstone Circuit, Romford Brewery, Shell, Michelin, Hovis, Red Crown Gasoline, Tate & Lyle, together with three Vintage Cars, (42)£60-£80
423NO IMAGE Group of small-scale Grand Prix Cars 1988 & 1989, unused in original boxes, principally by ONYX and including Ferrari, McLaren Honda, Williams Renault, Minardi, Benetton, Judd GC, Lotus, Minardi, Lamborghini GP, etc, together with MODELS OF YESTERYEAR - Ferrari Dino, ERA, Maserati 250, Bugatti 35 & 51, Bentley, and CLASSICO 156 Ferrari. (43)£60-£80
424NO IMAGE Tinplate Veteran Car '1901', with battery-operated lamps, 9 ½ inch length, appears complete but requires some attention.£20-£30
425NO IMAGE MODELS OF YESTERYEAR CONNOISSEURS COLLECTION, a lockable Wood Case 13 ½ x 8 inches, the interior with 'Limited Edition P0065' label and fitted for six miniature veteran cars, 1909 Opel 4/8hp Coupe, 1910 Benz 14/30hp Landaulette, 1911 Ford Tourer, 1911 Daimler A12 Tourer, 1911 Maxwell 'GAR' Roadster and 1912 Packard Model 30 Landaulette. Complete with Certificate, case key and clear plastic viewing panel for fitting over case contents, all in new condition with original interior packing foam and outer polystyrene cover.£30-£50
426NO IMAGE A Plastic Model Brabham-Ford No: 7 of Carlos Reutemann in Martini Racing livery, second in the 1975 South African Grand Prix, approx 13 inch length and in a plastic Display Case 18 x 9 x 7 inches with scale size Fina 20/50 oil tender and Champion plug box with wrench.£60-£80
427NO IMAGE A Plastic Model Lotus-Ford No: 5 of Mario Andretti in John Player Special livery, winner of the 1977 Spanish Grand Prix, approx 15 inch length and in a plastic display case 18 x 9 x 7 inches with scale size standing driver.£60-£80
428NO IMAGE CORGI large 12 inch State Landau for the 1977 Silver Jubilee; a small MATCHBOX State Coach for the 1953 Coronation; MATCHBOX Silver Bus for the 1981 Royal Wedding; DINKY 1977 Silver Jubilee London Taxi in silver livery and a LLEDO Royal Wedding Vintage Saloon. (5)£15-£25
429NO IMAGE Paper Bag with logos containing CORGI literature, signwritten small Mini for Queen Elizabeth 90th Birthday 1926-2016, small Van signwritten for Corgi 60 years, and 2 SCALECTRIX Sweets! (Qty)£10-£15
430NO IMAGE MATCHBOX unopened Box 'The Nigel Mansell Collection' of small racing cars, transporter, etc.£20-£30
431NO IMAGE CORGI CLASSICS – 1910 Renault (3), 1912 Rolls-Royce (2), 1915 Ford Model 'T' (2), 1927 3-litre Bentley (2), Vintage Thorneycroft Vans (3), Ford Model 'T' Van, Morris Minor and Ford Popular Vans (3), Chevrolet 1957 Bel Air; NEW RAY and HONEYWELL Jeeps (3); all boxed and in excellent condition. (19)£30-£50
432NO IMAGE Solid Metal VANWALL Grand Prix Car No: 19, with driver, length 9 inches and mounted on wood base 9 ½ x 7 inches with small enamel badge '1958 World Champions'.£40-£60
433NO IMAGE FERRARI and SHELL V-POWER & HELIX OILS Packaging – Six tall Drinking Glasses with moulded Ferrari logo and each individually etched with Ferrari GP car profile and corresponding dates 1952, 1958, 1961, 1964, 2000 and 2007, unused in original packing, together with FERRARI and SHELL V-POWER & HELIX OILS Packaging – Four Ferrari Road Cars and two Ferrari GP Cars. (12)£30-£50
434NO IMAGE OLD TIMER COLLECTION – TEXACO logo, four fine quality 1:32 Scale 1940 FORD Commercials – Pace Car, Fire Chief Car, Tow Truck and Oil Delivery Pick-Up. (4)£20-£30
435NO IMAGE Various Die-Cast vehicles probably about 1:32 Scale in original boxes including sports and boy-racer Cars, a DINKY Silver Jubilee Bus and a similar Land Rover, etc. (15)£30-£50
436NO IMAGE SHELL PROMOTIONAL (Not for Sale) 'Sports Car Collection' 1:24 Scale JAGUAR XJ220 (1992); NEW RAY 1:32 Scale Mercedes M Class and SLK, BMW X5, Mini Cooper (2001), Chrysler Pronto Cruiser, Alfa 147; EXTREME RACERS - Five 1:55 Scale Cars; and fifteen various principally saloon and competition Cars. (27)£40-£60
437NO IMAGE Various small unboxed die-cast Vehicles, principally Vintage, a/f. (28)£30-£50
438NO IMAGE Boxed Die-Cast 1:24 Scale 1955 Ford Thunderbird and 1965 Ford Mustang; NEW RAY 1:32 Scale Land Rover, 2001 Mini Cooper and Ferrari F-550; CORGI Mercedes CLK GTR (Style B); BMW GTR (Style C); Toyota GT1; WELLY Land Rover Defender. (9)£20-£30
439NO IMAGE ORO – Boxed Veteran and Edwardian Racing Cars (11); Grand Prix Cars, principally 1950's, Ferrari, Ferrari-Lancia, Jaguar, Maserati, Vanwall, Talbot-Lago (15); 1930's Grand Prix Cars, Bugatti, Maserati, Mercedes, Auto-Union, Alfa-Romeo, and a 1928 4.½ litre Bentley (8)£40-£60
440NO IMAGE MODELS OF YESTERYEAR – Collector's Edition Calendars 1985, 1986, 1990, large illustrations, Unused. (3)£10-£15
441NO IMAGE CLASSICO – Boxed Shell Ferrari including Dino, 250 GTO, 348 TS, 456 GT, 288 GTO; various MAISTO High Performance Cars, and five similar Pull-Back Action Cars. (23)£30-£50
442NO IMAGE SHELL CLASSIC SPORTS AND SUPERCARS including Not For Sale, and MAISTO – Boxed Ferrari, Porsche, Lotus, Jaguar, BMW, Corvette ZR1, EB110, DB7, 911, MGR V8, etc. (22)£30-£50
443NO IMAGE MODELS OF YESTERYEAR – Forty-Six Vintage Cars. (Box)£60-£80