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357NO IMAGE Pair 1 3/8 inch SU Carburettors, wine-bottle dashpots and excess fuel choke chamber etc. Mounted on Manifold, ex ALVIS, but suit RILEY, FRAZER NASH, LAGONDA INVICTA, ASTON MARTIN etc.£700-£900
361NO IMAGE Collection fourteen various oil tins etc., including CASTROL and SHELL etc. (14)£20-£30
362NO IMAGE Two small Fuel Cans, one marked 'Petroleum' the other 'M.G. Oel', together with a 'WD 1945' 2-gallon example with brass Cap and large Jerry Can. Probably all ex Military. (4)£20-£30
363NO IMAGE Four 2-gallon Fuel Cans, with brass caps, including SHELLMEX and BP examples. (4)£30-£50
364NO IMAGE 'We Recommend LODGE Plugs' original oval Tin Sign, 12 ½ inches across.£30-£50
365NO IMAGE 'TRUMANS Beer Pail. For Cellar Use Only'. Original enamel Bucket, with Pouring Spout and Handle.£10-£20
366NO IMAGE 'VIGZOL Non-Absorbent Motor Oils' period Tin Sign, 15 x 12 inches.£40-£60
367NO IMAGE Double-sided flange mounted rectangular Enamel Sign, 'FRANKLYN'S Fine Shagg. Always Good to the End''. In red and white. Good original condition, 12 ¾ x 9 ¼ inches.£50-£80
368NO IMAGE Rare MOBILOIL 'Get Rid of Oil Drag' prewar double sided Oil Can Stand, 38 x 12 inches, together with BRAIME Oil Can and seven various Pouring Jugs including early SHELL Quart, SMITHS Bluecol Anti Freeze, CASTROL, Shell X-100, VIZGOL, one Gallon Pouring Jug etc. (9)£200-£250
369NO IMAGE BAELZ Forecourt Oil Dispenser, with handle and hose etc.£30-£50
370NO IMAGE Three 'LEYLAND Cars Service' tin signs, 30 x 19 ½-inches. (3)£40-£60
371NO IMAGE The MG Safety Fast Polishing Cloths, together with two RILEY, AUSTIN and SHELL examples. (7)£20-£30
372NO IMAGE Large AVERY shop Weighing Scales. With 10 inch dial, with 0-10 lb scale, verso dial reads weights and prices. Finished in enamel white, with bright chromium plated trim and pan. Has adjustable feet and built in spirit levels. In excellent condition.£50-£80
373NO IMAGE BP Energol Motor Oil one Quart Glass Bottle, together with two similar ESSOLUBE examples. (3)£40-£60
374NO IMAGE PRICES' Motor Lubricants one Quart Tin. £20-£40
375NO IMAGE Original FORD Tin Sign, 24 x 12 ¼ inches, slightly a/f.£20-£40
376NO IMAGE 'Model T FORD. Now Assembled in Manchester. Two Hours Tuition S/. £165 Inc RAC HP Tax. The London Autocar Co. Ltd., 182 Grays Inn Rd London WC'. Large painted wooden Sign, 36 ½ x 30 ½ inches, with attached wooden side view of car. Of some age, possibly original.£80-£100
377NO IMAGE CORY'S Motor Spirit 2-gallon Fuel Can, together with ROP and ESSO examples, all with brass caps. (3)£40-£60
378NO IMAGE Forecourt Oil Dispenser, with handle and hose etc., slightly a/f.£30-£50
379NO IMAGE Large copper Oil Can, 21 inches overall, 13 inch spout.£20-£40
380NO IMAGE Seven various Oil Pouring Jugs ranging from one gill – one gallon, includes SHELL X-100, CASTROL etc., together with VALOR Pouring Can and another similar. (9)£30-£50
381NO IMAGE Six 2-gallon fuel Cans including W.D (1943) example, SHELLMEX BP, PRATTS, ESSO etc. Also 1-gallon example and similar circular type. Mostly fitted with brass caps. (8)£40-£60
382NO IMAGE Large RAC Garage double sided illuminated Sign, by BURNHAM Signs, London, 26 x 21 x 6 inches. In very good condition.£100-£140
383NO IMAGE Original double-sided Enamel Sign, INDIA Tyres 'The Finest Tyres Made', 12 x 24 inches, slightly a/f.£30-£50
384NO IMAGE SHELL 2-gallon Fuel Can, with REDLINE brass cap.£10-£20
385NO IMAGE Large moulded FORD dealers showroom Sign, c1960s, 96 x 54 x 4 inches deep. In excellent condition.£300-£400
386NO IMAGE Large PRIMA Oil Cabinet, 48 x 24 x 48 inches high, with twin tanks, pumps and gauges.£50-£80
387NO IMAGE One gallon Fuel Can, with brass cap. Restored and with applied AUSTIN Seven logo.£20-£30
388NO IMAGE Two LUCAS glass Battery Fillers, with pouring caps, large and smaller sizes. (2)£20-£30
389NO IMAGE G.P.O. marked 2-gallon Fuel Can, with brass cap, together with G.P.O. Linemans waterproof Mac, c1958, also two flexible pouring spouts and a fixed example (to fit fuel can). (5)£30-£50
390NO IMAGE An original Victorian cast-iron curved rectangular telegraph pole Sign 7 ½ x 5 inches, lettered 'Persons Throwing Stones at the Telegraphs will be Prosecuted'.£10-£20
391NO IMAGE AUSTIN - A fine large and attractive dealership Wall Clock in white plastic rectangular case 19 ½ x 15 inches, with red and black markings and lettered 'You Can Depend On It'. In excellent bright condition, but note the mains electric movement has not been tested and it is sold as seen.£100-£150
392NO IMAGE Large single-sided rectangular enamel Sign, 'SHELL', with Makers name, Bruton, Palmers Green London, N. In yellow, red and black, 6 x 3 feet, a/f.
393NO IMAGE CASTROL GTX Thermos Flask.£10-£20
396NO IMAGE A large steel Railway Oil Lamp, probably train Tail Lamp, lacking burner.£20-£30
397NO IMAGE A marked G.W.R. adjustable Wrench
398NO IMAGE IMPERIAL LIGHT Ltd hand held Oil Railway Lamp. Finished in black enamel, with wooden handle and 5 inch bevelled glass lens.£40-£60
399NO IMAGE Rare early brass Portable Candle Railway Carriage Reading Lamp. With reflective mirrored surface and candle holder, 6 x 2 ½ x 1 ¾ inches.£40-£60
401NO IMAGE Pair LUCAS oil cycle Lamps. Steel bodies, 5 inches tall, with 2 inch convex lenses, one painted red. (Pair)£30-£50
402NO IMAGE POWELL & HANMER acetylene cycle Lamp, together with similar but incomplete LUCAS Calcia Cadet example. (2)£30-£50
403NO IMAGE A small TECALEMIT brass cycle Greaser, 2 ¾ inch.£20-£30
404NO IMAGE Enamel sign descript 'CTC Recommended Cyclists Touring Club' 15 ¾ inches diameter, blue and yellow£50-£80
405NO IMAGE DUNLOP – 'Accessories Saddles and Tyre Service Equipment' 1939, softback, 56 pp, with tipped-in artwork, together with 'Sell More Accessories' colour 4 pp Brochure, 'Sell Safety Through Comfort to Truck Owners' Leaflet and Letter 'To the Cycle and Motor Trade', all dated January 1939. Also 1940 Trade Price Lists. (5)£30-£50
406NO IMAGE Child's period Tricycle. Chromium plated handlebars, tubluar frame, yellow chain guard, spoon brake, solid rubber tyres and leather covered saddle. In original, a/f condition.£30-£50
407NO IMAGE RALEIGH RSW Mk 11 Cycle, 16 ½ inch frame, Sturmey Archer 3-speed hub, original Raleigh saddle and stand, c1968. Front tyre a/f, rear tyre missing, otherwise in good original condition.£20-£30
408NO IMAGE BSA Tandem Frame, 21 inches, with drop handle bars front and rear, Sturmey Archer type 3-speep gear lever, WRIGHTS leather saddle etc., a/f.£20-£40
409NO IMAGE BSA Ladies Bicycle, c1930s, 21 inch frame. Fully restores, at great expense, with new tyres, paintwork, brakes etc. With lighting set, luggage rack, Sturmey Archer gears, sprung leather saddle, bell etc. Now ready to ride.£120-£150
411NO IMAGE A period German heavy stoneware half-litre Stein with blue advertising decoration for Fahrrader Motorrader Hercules Werke Nurenberg.£30-£50
412NO IMAGE The MOTOR CYCLING Club. car/motorcycle Badge, in 3-colour enamel and chromium plate, slightly a/f, together with early enamel and gilt Lapel Badge and another similar. (3)£30-£50
413NO IMAGE Small Griffin motorcycle Mascot, 4 inches from base to wing tip, chromium plated and with mounting stud, missing front paw, together with alloy VINCENT Owners Club HRD Badge and small motorcycle Medal, stamped 'Birmingham 1976' on reverse. (3)£30-£50