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445NO IMAGE 'THE SPIRIT OF BROOKLANDS, 85th Anniversary', a self-assembly card village and track, with 8 miniature period metal racing cars, with adhesive decals, etc. Unused. (2 boxes)£20-£30
446NO IMAGE A rare 1930s BRITAIN'S No:1400 Model of Malcolm Campbell's 'Bluebird', the detailed cast silver painted chassis having rubber tyres, twins on rear, metal steering wheel and seat, and with separate detachable cast body, 6 ¼ inches overall, complete in its original box with illustrated label. The condition of this model is outstanding, having all original paint with just one very small area of blue missing and excellent tyres, and certainly is in 'un-played with' condition.£240-£280
447NO IMAGE 'The Wonder Book of Motors' 2nd edition. Very clean copy.£20-£30
448NO IMAGE The HORNBY Companion Series 'DINKY Toys and Modelled Miniatures' Mike & Sue Richardson, pub. New Cavendish 1986, 312 pp plus Dinky Toy Compendium Volume 4A, 72 pp, d/w.£20-£30
451NO IMAGE SMITHS MA A-type Speedometer, black 3 inch dial, 0-60 mph scale, mileage windows, flange mounted, together with Smiths MA dashboard Car Clock, swing-out type, with 3-inch silver dial, blued steel hands, nickel plated bezel etc. Appears to keep good time. Also Smiths MA flange mounted Oil Pressure Gauge, white 2 inch dial with 0-40 lbs scale, VEGLIA 0-8,000 rpm Rev-Counter, electric type, ENOTS alloy Monza Filler Cap, another similar, set four Bonnet Catches, AA Badge etc. (Box)£60-£80
452NO IMAGE MORRIS Dashboard, fitted with Morris Motors EUREKA Oil Pressure Gauge, 2 inch white dial, 0-160 lbs scale, less glass, LUCAS Ammeter, 2 inch white dial, +/- 20 scale with centre zero, Lucas Ignition, Lighting and Charging Switch, SMITHS MA Petrol Gauge, 2 inch white dial (a/f), 0-10 gallon scale and Lucas D20 Dashlamp.£60-£80
453NO IMAGE Two hallmarked silver 'Miniature of Fray Challenge Cup' Trophies, with enamel MAC applied badges, awarded to RAYMOND MAYS and Team in ERA Cars 1500 cc and 2 Litre.£280-£320
454NO IMAGE LUCAS Vacuum Wiper Motor, Type No. 30, c1930, finished in nickel plate, together with two similar Lucas examples. (3)
455NO IMAGE North & Sons WATFORD Dashboard Car Clock, 3 inch engraved silver dial, with Roman numerals, No.397, in brass case and with key. Glass a/f.
456NO IMAGE LUCAS switch panel. Fitted with black Lucas ammeter with +/- 16 scale and centre zero. Two switches for lighting and charging, with ruby ignition light. £60-£80
457NO IMAGE Brass and copper Air-Pump to pressurise fuel tank. Rebuilt with new internal parts, washers and non-return valve, ¼ BSP fitting. Boxwood handle, flange mounting, 9 inch body, 13 inches overall.£140-£160
458NO IMAGE Brass and matt black Air-Pump to pressurise fuel tank. Rebuilt with new internal parts, washers and non-return valve, ¼ BSP fitting. Two type wood handle, flange mounting, 10 ½ inch body, 13 ½ inches overall.£140-£160
459NO IMAGE Box various Car Badges, mainly AA and RAC types, but includes MG T Register badge etc. (Box)£30-£50
460NO IMAGE Pair MARCHAL rear Lamps. Chromium plated finish, 75 mm long, with mounting brackets. Suit BUGATTI etc.£180-£200
461NO IMAGE SIFAM flange mounted Ammeter. Nickel plated rim, silver 45 mm dial with +/- 20 scale and centre zero. With BUGATTI logo.£120-£150
462NO IMAGE Pair BOSCH HO/FSA Horns (12/6 and 12/7), 155 mm diameter, chromium plate and black enamel finish, with mounting brackets. (Pair)£100-£140
463NO IMAGE Ralle International Des Alpes 1954. Original pressed tin Rally Plate from car No. 204, an MG TF, driven by Lusty Archibald Saville and Llewellyn, with painted number and Union Flag, together with a Programme for the event, approx. 64 glazed pages plus card covers, includes map, blank result tables, competitor lists, period adverts etc. (2)£200-£250
464NO IMAGE A ROYAL AUTOMOBILE CLUB Rally plaque, Hastings 1933, by Birmingham Medal Co. Mounted on wooden plinth.£60-£80
465NO IMAGE BOYCE MotoMeter, Universal Model, nickel plated brass rims, bevelled glass, AUSTIN logo disc.£40-£60
466NO IMAGE A rare solid 9 carat gold Competitors Medal for the 1906 Blackpool Automobile races. The medallion is fully hall marked and was produced in 1906 by William James Dingley and assayed in Birmingham. It is of the very highest quality and the enamel work is incredible. Condition is mint as shown in the photos. It measures 25 mm in diameter.£300-£400
467NO IMAGE JAEGER Paris. An original early vintage dashboard clock c1920s; cast aluminium casing with threaded-bezel, 8-day movement, silver 75 mm dial with black Roman numerals and blued-steel hands; single pillar rear-mount fixing with side-wheel wind/adjust button. Suit GP BUGATTI etc., together with similar 36-hour example, less glass, and SMITHS MA dashboard mounted clock, L-Type. Silver 3 inch dial with blued steel hands. (3)£80-£120
468NO IMAGE Four Edwardian brass cased Car Clocks; one with 2 ½ inch enamel dial, Arabic numerals and subsidiary seconds chapter, blued steel hands, thick bevelled glass, in nickel plated angled mounting, another similar, one with Roman numerals, but less angled mount and a WATFORD type. (4)£80-£120
469NO IMAGE Vintage period oval dash panel, 16 inches long, fitted British JAEGER chronometric 0-80 mph Speedometer, 3 inch black dial, with total mileage window, Jaeger Oil Pressure Gauge, 2 inch black dial with 0-60 lbs scale, LUCAS ammeter, black 2 inch dial, with +/- 16 scale and centre zero and Lucas ignition/lighting Switch. Fitted in wood panel, 22 ½ x 8 ½ inches.£80-£100
470NO IMAGE Seven small bullseye spare Lenses, 2 716 inches diameter, appear NOS, together with pair small flutted lenses and quantity of securing clips. (Qty)£40-£60
471NO IMAGE Box various Sidelights and shells, including LUCAS, some pairs. (Box)£40-£60
472NO IMAGE ELI GRIFFITHS & Sons, Birmingham. Large brass Generator, 11 inches tall, 6 inches diameter, with carry handle. Appears sound.£80-£100
473NO IMAGE Brass Eagle Mascot. Stamped AEL, it measures 4 ¼ inches beak to tail, 6 ¼ inches tall, plus mounting stud. Suit ALVIS.£60-£80
474NO IMAGE FORD Model T – Collectables including Playing Cards, Advertising Mirror, Jigsaws etc. (Qty)£30-£50
475NO IMAGE AT Rev Counter, moving coil type, black 4 inch reproduction dial with 0-4,000 rpm scale. Suit BENTLEY etc.£80-£120
476NO IMAGE SMITHS Impressions Per Hour gauge, moving coil type, black 4 inch dial with 0-4,000 scale. Suit BENTLEY etc.£80-£120
477NO IMAGE LUCAS 12 volt oval Switch Panel, 7 ½ inches across, fitted with Ammeter with cream dial and +/- 16 scale with centre zero. Faceplate with two 3-position switches marked 'D', 'M', 'Off' and 'S', 'Off', 'H'.£80-£100
478NO IMAGE Nine LUCAS Rear Lamps, Type AT201L, with Ruby faceted lenses. Suit AUSTIN Seven etc. (9)£100-£140
479NO IMAGE BRISTOL Hercules Centaurus cylinder head Temperature Gauge, NOS in box.£20-£30
480NO IMAGE Aircraft Compass, Serial No. 301/46, ex MILES Magister.£30-£50
481NO IMAGE Two SMITHS MA Oil Temperature Gauges, black 2 inch dials, 0-100 scale, long cables and senders. Ex Military NOS. (2)£40-£60
482NO IMAGE ROLLS-ROYCE - An original period deco style desk Ink Stand in green onyx, the oval base 8 ½ x 6 ½ inches on small chrome ball supports, and having pen recess and lidded chrome-edged ink container with R-R logo.£120-£150
483NO IMAGE WINSTON CHURCHILL – Composition Bust Cigar Lighter, signed Tallent. black painted, 8 ¼ inch.£20-£30
484NO IMAGE A dark wood rectangular Tray carved with Art Nouveau style foliage and 'R.A.C. 1906', turned wood handles on brass brackets, 30 x 21 inches.£40-£60
485NO IMAGE FORD Cortina Days, Symonds Yat -10 Commemorative Tea Mugs. (10)£10-£20
486NO IMAGE Thirteen unused Bone China Mugs with Vintage Vehicle decoration principally tractors. (13)£20-£30
487NO IMAGE AT, Paris, Speedometer, 85 mm silver dial, with 0-100 scale, and total mileage window, in brass case. Moving coil type.£160-£180
488NO IMAGE Eagle Calormeter Wings, in brass, 7 ¼ inches between wing tips.£70-£100
489NO IMAGE 'Viceroy' WILMOT Calormeter, 7 inches tall with bevelled glass, one marked FREEZING: COOL: NORMAL: BOILING. Mounted on MORRIS Radiator Cap. All nickel plated.£80-£100
490NO IMAGE 'Viceroy' WILMOT Calormeter, 7 inches tall with bevelled glass, one marked FREEZING: COOL: NORMAL: BOILING.£60-£80
491NO IMAGE 'Prince' WILMOT-BREEDEN Calormeter, with bevelled glass, one marked COOL: NORMAL: BOILING£40-£60
492NO IMAGE SMITHS MA Sidelights, brass cases and rims, with domed glass lenses, sidelight and main bulb holders, and spade mounted. (2)£80-£100
493NO IMAGE EUREKA Fuel Pressure Gauge, 2 ¼-inch black dial, 0-6 lbs scale, with silver numerals in nickel plated brass case.£120-£140
494NO IMAGE SMITHS MA Rev Counter, 3 inch silver dial, with 0-6,000 scale, and correct drive fitting. Reconditioned.£180-£220
495NO IMAGE John Pinches 'The 100 Greatest Cars Silver Miniature Collection' fine silver ingots, housed in green case and corresponding booklet.£60-£80
496NO IMAGE S. SMITH & Son Ltd Rev Counter, black 5 inch dial with 0-6,000 scale, a/f.£100-£150